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    Elizabethton vs South Greene/Happy Valley vs Grainger

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    #201 gcfball



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    Posted 05 March 2013 - 01:36 PM

    I do not believe that Betsy fans are the only ones who complain about officiating. I cannot recall watching a ballgame when I was for a particular team or just there to enjoy a game with no special interest that I have not seen missed calls on both sides of the court. It can be extremely frustrating and people in general tend to recall the missed calls that hurt their team more than the other but you don't win or lose on a single call - it takes an entire game. The same goes for the Elizabethton/Grainger game - the officiating was terrible. The complaint regarding Grainger's actions that night was that several parents were saying things to the Elizabethton players after the game while pictures were being taken - that was uncalled for. I would say the same if it had been Elizabethton fans saying things to Grainger players. I have at times seen/heard our fans say and do things and I was ashamed for them. Even the students at times say and do things they shouldn't but they are kids - adults should know better.

    CycloneMom nothing I posted was directed towards you. You are sincere and relevant in your posts.
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