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  1. District 9AA 2017-2018

    Sycamore is going to have a long painful year.
  2. Franklin

    50% attrition is completely normal over 3 years with today's teens. You have kids who all think they are going pro as freshmen. As the years go by many figure out they are not and just quit because they don't want to "ride the bench". Others decide getting a job/car is more important to them. Any time you have what is basically a "no cut" roster, you are going to have a high rate of attrition. Brentwood having 40 seniors is quite out of the ordianry for sure. Look around. There are many schools, even 1000+ student populations, that are lucky to dress 50 kids total.
  3. Mt. Juliet Golden Bear and the Mount Juliet Team is still out of it. BAM
  4. John WIld makes his Franklin coaching debut at East Nashville tonight.
  5. #4 Riverdale @ #1 Mt Juliet - Rd of 32

    I am all for that. And yes MJGB, after further review you guys are still out of it.
  6. Metro Rankings

    They also struggled with a 3-7 Stratford team. So what. Every matchup is different.
  7. #4 Riverdale @ #1 Mt Juliet - Rd of 32

    MJGoldenBear, just wanted to make sure you knew that Mount Juliet's season is still over with. Didn't want you sitting out there at the stadium tonight by yourself.
  8. Metro Rankings

    It has been that way for at least 15 years. Very few kids that lived around Hillwood actually went there when I was there.

    Got voted down handily. Never had a chance
  10. Metro Rankings

    What about Whites Creek? 650 kids in a building built for 2000. Charter schools are chomping at the bit to get that one. Stratford was down so low they moved the middle school in over there to make it look better. Maybe even close that tired Maplewood building and split the kids half to Stratford and half to Whites Creek?
  11. Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    Most coaches would not want to start their season with what would probably be their toughest match up of the season. Football coaches tend to want to build up momentum for those type games. The whole point of having a week zero was to help in scheduling.
  12. Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    Riverdale was loudest and proudest. Jasper was 2nd. Lewis County 3rd. Funny how he calls about every private school opening he thinks might be a 6 figure position. Even asking that. And yes, Goons, he DOES make those calls.
  13. Metro Rankings

    The part about schools not having football and choosing Co-op is you can only have a co-op agreement with one other school So if Glencliff dropped football they could not co op with Pearl, Hillwood or East for sure. Also, once you enter into a co-op agreement you cannot start a program back up at your school for several years after. I guess to keep them from just going back and forth year to year. Deciding to co-op a sport basically means you have no thoughts of ever having that sport on campus again. Pretty big decision for a large school to make.
  14. Metro Rankings

    Hume Fogg kids play for Hillwood. Have since at least 2002. Lead Academy kids co-op with East Nashville.
  15. Has Ricky Bowers lost the team at Ensworth

    His combination of success in both sports is untouched.