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  1. Westmoreland' s New Girls Coach

    Pretty much what I have been saying. Of course my glasses are not Westmoreland rose covered...................
  2. Westmoreland' s New Girls Coach

    I have seen Westmoreland girls play every year since Stacia Blackwell Dean was coach and all through the Stivers-Abner era. I have absolutely no dog in this hunt and I can tell you this year's team is not as talented as years past. It is what it is. Your best "post" is about 5'3". She plays really hard and fouls a lot, but she is still short. The taller girl is no threat to score. Guards do not shoot near as well as past years. The team as a whole is undersized quite a bit. They still play hard but the ball pressure is not the same as in the past. I have no idea what your local boy coach is like on a daily basis. Maybe he is arrogant, maybe not. He didn't give that impression the two games I saw. I DO know that he is a homer in a small town and that goes a long way. Fan 15, you hit the nail on the head.
  3. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    Under current guidelines, Catholic will be d2AAA in football and D2 AA in everything else.
  4. Why doesn't Van Buren.Co have football?

    VanBuren is one of the poorest counties in the state. It sits on top of a hill. There is not a lot of flat land around suitable for the school to purchase for a field location. There is nowhere around the school for sure. Plus football requires a lot of continuous funding. The county simply doesn't have it. Not much "industry" or anything else in VanBuren. Most work outside of the county.
  5. Westmoreland' s New Girls Coach

    He is a homer. He will be fine. He and Abner have different coaching styles for sure, but no crime in that. Talent level seems down to me, but I have only seen them twice.
  6. Thoughts on 9AAA season so far ?

    What did he quit for? Middle of your senior year?
  7. District 9AA 2017-2018

    Cheatham didn't make it. 2003 was the year that White House dropped down from 9AAA to AA. They came in 8th in 9AAA in 2002.
  8. District 9AA 2017-2018

    State bound? If White House is losing to Greenbrier you don't have any Region teams. When was the last time a team from this group made the state tournament?
  9. TSSAA please help with Officating

    Also the TSSAA has nothing to do with hiring and firing of officials. That is done by your local officiating association. TSSAA uses what is brought to them.
  10. TSSAA please help with Officating

    Every referee association is hiring. Why don't you sign up? There is an extreme shortage of refs over the entire state. You get what is available.
  11. Cannon Changes

    Pretty sure Molly is saying they will not have any players at Cannon if the coach returns.
  12. Franklin

    12 days since you posted. Not sure how you think that is not a week, but whatever.
  13. Franklin

    Been almost 2 weeks.....................
  14. Hope they can find whatever it is they are looking for.
  15. District 9AA 2017-2018

    They need more than that. I have seen Greenbrier, Heritage and Sycamore so far and none are a threat for the region. Is White House that much above everyone else? Could be a complete sweep by 10 AA.