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  1. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Great year Cards!! Congrats Peabody!! Good luck next week!!
  2. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Coming down to the wire!! What a game by two great teams!!
  3. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Looks like we might be running out of juice again!! Come on defense!!
  4. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Crazy! Defense with a great stand & turn it over on the next play!! Man!!!!!
  5. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Negative bruh!!
  6. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Good luck tonight my Cards!! Play hard, enjoy it and leave it all on the field!! Pray for no injuries and a good clean game!! Go RedRage!!!!!!
  7. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Thanks man!
  8. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Good luck to the Hog Herders this Friday!!
  9. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Very doubtful! Shoulder was much worse than the MRI showed! Unless the pain goes away by Friday I'll keep up from home!!
  10. Round 2- Adamsville @ Peabody

    Looks like the weather will be better for this game!!
  11. TCA at Douglass 2A Round One

    Good luck to you guys tomorrow night!! Just go play hard and leave Mempho with a W!