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  1. Memphis East

    Stats from East's big four from the game tonight against Webster Groves. Malcolm and Alo both had double doubles. J Wiseman was 1 rebound shy of a double double. https://twitter.com/lynden_o/status/941485507476971520?s=17
  2. Memphis East

    Chandler Lawson is also playing lights out. Even his younger brother isn't imtimidated in the moment. Nor is the other freshman ... Brown.
  3. Memphis East

    It works. That's two corroborating stories from two different sources.
  4. Memphis East

    Memphis East's James Wiseman, Ryan Boyce to continue to play, but legal battle not over John Varlas, USA TODAY NETWORK – TennesseePublished 3:26 p.m. CT Dec. 13, 2017 | Updated 3:30 p.m. CT Dec. 13, 2017 (Photo: Mike Brown, The Commercial Appeal) The season will go on for East basketball players Ryan Boyce and James Wiseman. Chancellor Jim Kyle ruled Wednesday to grant a temporary injunction that allows the two to continue playing. The injunction will be in place pursuant to a scheduling agreement on another hearing. “I’m just happy for the kids,” East coach Penny Hardaway said. Boyce, who transferred from Houston, and Wiseman, who came from Nashville Ensworth, were initially ruled ineligible last month in an apparent violation of the TSSAA’s prior link coaching rule. They have participated in the last six games after Kyle issued his temporary restraining order. Boyce and Wiseman have been playing since Nov. 22, when a Shelby County chancellor granted a temporary restraining order allowing the two to return to the court until at least a Dec. 7 hearing. That hearing was continued until today. In November, Chancellor Jim Kyle issued the ruling in response to Shelby County Schools officials seeking relief from a Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association's decision that the two players are ineligible because of transfer issues. Boyce, who formerly played at Houston High in Germantown, and the 6-foot-11 Wiseman, who came from Ensworth in Nashville, both played for Team Penny last summer. Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, a former star at Memphis State and the NBA, is the coach at East. The TSSAA contends there is a coaching link between Team Penny and Hardaway as the East coach and such a connection would prohibit the players from playing at East under the association's rules. Attorneys for SCS dispute the relationship between Team Penny, an AAU team, and Hardaway constitutes the coaching link. This story will be updated. Hot off of the press from the Commercial Appeal!
  5. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    No ill will here. I understand, just like all of the D2'ers on here understand why the seperation occured. I don't know anybody with Maryville or Oakland for that matter. However, I bet both would welcome a home and home with BA or MBA or even both. It would be logical because they are in close proximity of each other. It doesn't happen, for one reason or another. Something always gets in the way. It's a shame really. Oh well.
  6. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    You just keep doubting L. Your assumption that L's enrollement size is directly corolated to what coach Locastro has assembled as a team is your biggest error. One has nothing to do with the other. I understand the erroneous thinking though. It's understandable. L has plenty of D1 players from linemen to skill position. Kinda like Ensworth was back in the day, except, they play in a smaller classification. All things being equal ... next year, barring any unforseen season ending injury to the Gatorade GOAT, L three peats. Next Year when Whitehaven invades east Memphis for the return game ... it will be a war, once again. Pretty nice psycho analysis you got going. Doesn't change the fact that not everybody is in agreement. So, now i'm being passive aggressive. OK, so be it all wise one! ... again ... We're not woooooooooorthy! as we bow to Mt. Olympus praying that we don't get struck down by mighty Zeus himself. Such blasphemy is intolerable.Let me correct myself. All hail the omnipotent BA! ... All Hail D2! That should supplicate the all mighty ones.
  7. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    The Gatorade football Player of the Year huh? Good for him. Couldn't have happened to a better young man. The next time I see him i'm going to call him the Gatorade GOAT! I bet he turns beet red in the face. LOL.
  8. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    The rhetoric goes past just this year and it's mainly how BA is the bastion of football itself in Tennessee. This actually started last year, at the end of the year to be more exact. But, it exist non-the less. BA and MBA are end all be all in high school football in Tennessee and to question that authority will get you in hot water on this D2 board. How dare someone say that BA wouldn't dominate the lowly ole' D1 teams. How could one even think that Maryville or Oakland or 'insert D1 team of choice here' could compete ... let alone even, dare we say it? ... beat them? Uh ohhh ... I done gone and done it. Purgatory for me for even mentioning such a thing. I must banish myself from ever returning to the boards forever for even thinking it! Egads!
  9. Memphis East

    Didn't know that. Thanks for the info. I would think that the SCS legal team will persue it if the decision doesn't go in favor of East. This is coming up to a critical juncture in the the East schedule that will influence their status nationally. December 18th through Decemebr 23rd is when they play in the City of Palms Classic in Ft. Myers Florida. That is when they will most need Wiseman and Boyce. The Penny Hardaway Hoopfest is Janueary 5th and 6th. They will play nationally ranked teams in the City of Palms and probably in the Penny Hoopfest as well, but I would say that the City of Palms holds more weight and clout. This will be interesting indeed.
  10. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    So freaking what! To the bolded section. That's right, L beat a three loss Whitehaven team. That three loss Whitehaven team is a very good team and it was a signature win for Lausanne. It's not home bias, even though I do have that. It's reality. We just don't agree. That's why they play the games .... OOPS, this is IFL, my fault ... thats why they IMAGINE the games. Now, as is custumary when entering the hallowed halls of these D2 boards, we non-D2 supporters bow to the omnipotence that is BA and the rest of the D2 teams. <chant> We're not worthy ... We're not worthy ... We're not Worthy ... (ad nauseam)
  11. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    Whaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!? Hush yo mouf! I hear thunder a'rumblin' in Mount Olympus! Beware! ...
  12. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    LOL @ Puff the magic dragon!
  13. 2017 Best Teams In The State (All Classes)

    Shhhhhhhhhh! That kind of talk is shunned on the D2 board. It is definately FROWNED UPON! LOLOLOLOL!
  14. 2017 Autozone Liberty Bowl - No. 1 Video 2017 Autozone Liberty Bowl - No. 2 Video 2017 Autozone Liberty Bowl - No. 3 Video
  15. #2 Whitehaven @ #1 Cane Ridge

    LOLOLOLOL ... don't do it BHS! Just breath deeply and say ... wooossssssaaaah!