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  1. Da Haven

    Whitehaven 2018-2019 OL Melvin McBride has received an offer from UT Chat.
  2. Da Haven

    Devin also got an offer from Southern Miss and Kent State.
  3. Da Haven

    Southern Miss has also offered Keveon Mullins.
  4. Da Haven

    Whitehaven's 2019 TE, Cormontae Hamilton has received an offer from UT Chat, as well as, from Southern Miss and Tenn. Tech.
  5. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    That was a very classy move by coach Marshall.
  6. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    East High star Alex Lomax granted release from Wichita State JOHN VARLAS | USA TODAY NETWORK – TENNESSEE Updated 1 hour ago East High basketball standout Alex Lomax has been granted his release from Wichita State, apparently clearing his path to join his high school coach, Penny Hardaway, at the University of Memphis.Wichita State's student newspaper, The Sunflower, reported on the move Tuesday, hours after Hardaway was announced as the Tigers' new men's basketball coach. Wichita State has released East star Alex Lomax from his National Letter of Intent. HELEN COMER/DNJ "I have a lot of respect for Alex Lomax and his family," Shockers coach Gregg Marshall said in a statement released by the school. "When they chose Wichita State in the fall ... my staff and I were honored. "Obviously, we take commitments to the Shocker program very seriously, but this is a very unique situation where a young man's mentor and coach since the fifth grade has become a Division I coach. Allowing him him out of his NLI (National Letter of Intent) without any penalty is the right thing to do at this time."
  7. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    I just heard a caller on the radio on a local sports talk show say that Greg Marshall at Wichita State has released PG Alex Lomax from his LOI, so he is able to sign with the U of M and play for coach Hardaway. Has anyone else heard this? Nevermind ... Mark Gianotto via John Varlas to the rescue. Alo's Release.
  8. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    Is that a fact or hearsay?
  9. AA state tournament

    Do it up big tomthetiger ... Do it up BIG!
  10. Memphis BB

    Well, it's on to track season and spring practice in football. 2 gold balls and 2 silver balls. Not bad!
  11. Penny to University of Memphis??????

    Penny is the only person they can hire that will bring back the fan base. That's what got Tubby fired. If the U of M tries to get cute and hire anybody else, it will be chaos. They really don't have a choice.
  12. AA state tournament

    That's the plan. To enjoy this one.
  13. Memphis sweep this year???

    We will take luck. And whatever else we can employ. To do what these young people did is special. It's very very hard to do. Therefore, we will celebrate their accomplishment. About football, I'm in anticipation, like you. 2016, four (4) Memphis schools brought home gold balls. One (1) division II, and three division I. The entire City celebrated that accomplishment then with a parade sponsored by the Mayor. That was another rare occurrence. When these guys do something that is unheard of, we will celebrate them. Just like every other town will celebrate the accomplishments of their young people. To even have an opportunity to win 3 gold balls is amazing. Bringing 2 gold balls and two silver balls is an accomplishment worth celebrating. It's a rare thing.
  14. Wow! Very impressive.
  15. Memphis sweep this year???

    You know something. You are entitled to your opinion. But, just because you don't like a teams style of play doesn't mean they aren't a well coached team. Hamilton has only lost one game this year. They are one game from perfection. They got there by playing the style of basketball you just witnessed. Its controlled chaos. Its not your standard fare. Fundamentalists, such as yourself, may abhor this type play, but it works for them. There are others who will think that the best team in AA just won the championship. To each his own.