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  1. NEW 126 AAA RANKING????

    Was that in response to my question?
  2. NEW 126 AAA RANKING????

    Whos running from whom?
  3. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Due to weather conditions we have been forced to cancel this tournament. We are trying to reschedule for the 27th if we can get the gym. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Cleveland at Bradley

    Jeff Jordan State Champ Camp. Try it!
  5. Johnny Drennan `85 Memorial

    I watched a coach kick a returning state champion off his team because he was breaking team rules. They won a state title without him. It happened again about 5 years later with a different kid. That team also won a title. To him it was about motivating the others to make the sacrifice to work harder. He also set an example. It was always about the team. That coach will soon be inducted into the National Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame. His name is George Hamblin, Richmond Blue Devils, Richmond Mi.
  6. Kids club/middle school coaches

    I think we have already forgotten why we started the beginner events after 1200pm last season, and maybe even why they were instituted to begin with. I will have a number of kids miss this event because the parents won't put their wrestling before their church. They will hold out for Mt. Juliet in hopes they don't cancel their beginner event.
  7. Kids club/middle school coaches

    The people doing the duels will already be there. How many beginners wrestle in the top 100? This strategy only benefits the folks who live near Chattanooga. Would you be one of those?
  8. Kids club/middle school coaches

    Something you may want to consider is travel for folks not in the Chattanooga area and the possibility of a lack of hotel space with so many other folks being present for the top100. If there is no place available to stay Saturday night people will have to travel early Sunday morning. Maybe you switch the order and have the duels early and give people a chance to get to Chattanooga Sunday morning. Just a suggestion
  9. Kids club/middle school coaches

    That's a great idea. Thanks for supporting the beginners!!
  10. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    We still have room for a couple more teams. Email me at [email protected]
  11. Kids club/middle school coaches

    Will there be a cap put on the beginner portion of this event?
  12. Help me out

    Where are you located?
  13. New out of bounds rule

    That is what we were told as well. So in a pinning situation while the opponent is inside the circle you can come up on your toes but if his shoulders are out if bounds you have to stay on your knees.......
  14. New out of bounds rule

    Be easy on the refs. They were just as baffled as we were.
  15. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Add Tullahoma girls