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  1. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Add Union County Tn. Boys as well
  2. Looking for MS Dates

    Are you by chance an AAU affiliated middle school program?
  3. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    Drop Fort Campbell Ky. Add Union County Tn. Girls
  4. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    I know its early but I just cant help myself. Teams committed. Greenbrier. Hunters Lane. Rossview. Boys and girls. Hume Fogg. Boys and girls. Watertown. Clarksville Northeast. Boys and girls. ?Whites Creek. Boys and girls? Clarksville "B" Wilson Central "B" Nashville Christian. Ft. Campbell Ky. MLK.
  5. Goodpasture coach gets 600th win

    Great job Coach Dearing. You can be proud of that accomplishment
  6. NCAA xfer shake up

    HCWCC coachv I think you are wrong about that coaches link. According to an email I have from Mark Reeves the coach link only applies to kids already in high school. If a kid is coming from middle school and does not have a high school record he is not effected.
  7. 2 piece uniforms

    In my opinion there is no difference between compression shorts and a singlet. I don't believe compression shorts would be more accepted than a singlet. Board shorts may be the better option.
  8. Goodpasture Invitational 2018

    We will be adding girls for the 2018 tournament. Top 4 girls will medal. Top 4 teams to receive a trophy. Let me know if you are interested. [email protected]
  9. Mats for sale

  10. Brentwood High Head Coach vacancy

    Ummmno, I am curious. Where will you be coaching next season?
  11. Jeff Jordan camp coming to Goodpasture

    Update: The camp will be held in the high school gym instead of the middle school gym. Enter the complex through the elementary gate and proceed to your right behind the elementary school building. Once behind the elementary school you will be looking directly at the high school gym. There is only one entrance to the gym and there will be a sign to guide you in the right direction. 2 spots left.
  12. Coaches, Goodpasture will host its second annual Goodpasture Invitational Tournament January 13, 2018. We will be opening up the tournament to more teams than what we had for 2017 and and we will be changing the team fee to accommodate smaller teams with fewer wrestlers. We have added 3 teams already in addition to 9 teams that have already committed from the 2017 tournament. We will increase the team trophies from top 2 to top 4 and the medals will have customized stamps on the back to reflect the event and placement. We will still be doing the championship finals on a single mat in the middle of the gym with tournament lighting. In addition we will offer 4 wrist bands per team instead of 3. We look foreward to hearing from you. Let me know if you are interested and we will add you to the list. You can email me at [email protected]
  13. Jeff Jordan camp coming to Goodpasture

    We are going to open up 10 more spaces for this camp.
  14. TenWay State Championships

    Now that the dust has settled who can tell me which boys will represent Tennessee at the Nuway Nationals and at which weight classes will they represent? According to nuway there are 17 weight classes at 12u to represent but at the Tenway state tournament there were only 8 weight classes. I understand the reason for bunching kids together to get matches but does this not create complications when it comes time to fill the actual weight classes for nationals? Who makes the decision now who to put where? I am sure Nuway nationals will not create new weight classes to accommodate the Tennessee state tournaments weight classes so who at Tenway gets this job and by which standards will they use to determine who actually earned what?