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  1. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    gate money may b the case in Knoxville.....but you can b assurd that ant the case around the chattanooga area.....its all bout what happens on that scoreboard Booger just sayin
  2. D2 Results jan 13th

    very decent win for sure....great way to come out after havin to miss the Drennon tourney Booger just sayin
  3. D2 Results jan 13th

    195p D2 Doogan Boyd (ND), Sr. over #3 D2 Walker Robinson (McCallie) 17-9, Sr, Booger just sayin
  4. Webb Vs. ECS at Vandy on 8/17/18

    kickin the season off with a team that ant won more than 7 games in the 3 years is a safer player than gettin sum more ashville, NC football Booger just sayin
  5. Johnny Drennan `85 Memorial

    yep...its definately gonna b a good weekend of wrestlin...gonna b cool havin Catholic Center and Catholic North visitin Vermont Avenue at same time inside the Mullin room.....been nice to add Catholic west to the massin ...its also Alumni night at ND sum great matches last night with the Yuppies next door and St Elmo Christian on deck Booger just sayin
  6. Johnny Drennan `85 Memorial

    yeah....them buncha pansies Booger just sayin
  7. D2 All Region/ All State

    it wernt publish....thinkin it may still b in the office over at the scool with the endzone pool Northwestern now after big boy Booger just sayin
  8. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    well of course yall would......even with one win.....right Booger just sayin
  9. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    like it takes sumthinh special for u skilletheads to make playoffs at your level Booger just sayin
  10. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    nobody over here in the elite sector cares what Dunlop and their PUB whinin T$$AAA Board Memberin Lane's, lil pipesmokin teepee dwellin deerskin loin clothe warin sidekick thinks what DII is doin........yall whined and sniffled nasal drainage for years when we were hangin out in your ranks increasin the PUBS Scools State report cards now that yall kicked us out to sum good competition......lil enos wants to sujest how we ex 1.8 x smarter than PUBS shood structure our fights......LBBO how is lil and big Lane's Football program lookin these days Booger just sayin
  11. D2 All Region/ All State

    this is what Booger will tell you.....and its not exactly tru, but then it kinda is.....the east wernt set up to have an official all-east team selected.....the head huncho at Haslams School of Knoxville kinda wanted an all-east list and so they kinda did an in house selection....maybe like on a napkin or sumthin guess these opinion awards r all well and good for these east middle west regions; but for gods sakes...at least in the eastis case....they ant noi stinkin need for no 2nd and 3rd teams and honorable mentions when they only 5 6 or 7 teams......and over half of'em with losin records and 2 or less wins.......like the all-state thing ant nuff......this ant no stinkin toybowl....no participation medals needed.....and if we have to do this make only 1 team....and forget 2s 3s & honorables 2nd team honorable mention and Booger mama makes the all-trampeeze list Booger just sayin
  12. D2 All Region/ All State

    well; dont b shy..... let that quoter rip Booger just sayin
  13. thats a little late of announcement Booger just sayin
  14. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    not totally true.....they shall b positioned in DII in all ther sports except for bowlin and restlin.....the cerebral wizzards over at the T$$AA HQ's decided that all D2ers could all fight together for them 2 gold balls.... if RCA at 127 students could field a restlin team; they would have to fight FRA at 920 students.....Genius over in that office Booger just sayin
  15. Knox Catholic requests move to D2

    praywhileuraisem dont have to b sweatin any additional contest from no extra Catholics.....Catholic North walkin bout 650 in the Cardinals hallways up there......that saves u from havin to fight them Northern Catholics in all sports except for Bowlin and Restlin Booger could just see all u Karns snake handlin keglers on the maple tryin to outskid them Catholic North keglers over at the the Strike & Spare Booger just sayin