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    hes probably a good choice considerin the lack of numbers and application competition for capable coaches that can keep Central on the positive side of .500 for a bit...Hamilton County want deny it Booger just ssayin
  2. Sequatchie FB

    Booger dont think so Sam.......try that google thing.....then get back with us all on that Booger just sayin
  3. Coach Mac Bryan resigning at Ooltewah

    dont u know it Booger just sayin
  4. Sequatchie FB

    ok...maybe your right with the athlete thing...just cause Dunlap is a hair bot nore whity tighty than Baxter....but that resource comment is way off.......for example the fields......Dunlop like playin on carpet and the last time the Irish were upon the plattoe, ....we had to bring our on bags of sand to fill pot holes so our speedsters wouldnt brake ankles Booger just sayin
  5. Coach Mac Bryan resigning at Ooltewah

    oh, its finally done....and intrestin....best of luck to all u hootin annies up there in N Collegedale Booger just sayin
  6. Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye

    now thats sum laughin stuff right there...dont care what u r Booger just sayin
  7. funny how that stuff happens.. ..dont forget that FB number bein moved from the original 450 plan to 530 after that big deal cuttin pow wow with that Webb HC board member and all them brain trusters had down at the redneck riviera......also dont forget that Lipscomb AD feller board member who was sittin on the board with 518 students, now is under that 530 after the happy hours maneavers and can now avoid AAA ..... how did that work out for them in that first year.....NOT TO GOOD Booger just sayin
  8. Ensworth

    the one that should b gettin that big payday is the one up the road a BA thats been doormattuin them ......and everyone else Booger just sayin
  9. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    it is the cerebral wizzards that r suckin up our precious air at the T$$AA show that your talkin bout here......wait til all them wheeelin and deelin braintrusters get down to the red neck riveierra at those gifted beach condos for that annual meetin.... ......3 for one happy hour and who can stuff the most beach sand in their speedo contest at the Pink Pony Pub.....thats when sum of them TSSAA board members get sum real common cents life decisions made Boogaer just sayin
  10. Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye

    Reaction nose better than that......they will b a very large portion of them PUBs that will always b fightin nasal drainage bout sumthin unfair...even munks themselves.....but what sum of them will dearly miss is that massively grand celebration and breast poundin moment when they once in a blue moon can defeat one of them uppity cheatin privateers...then its not unfair play on that night ..Booger can remember when everyone and they brother, and sister were door mattin ND year after year after year..... never heard peep nare one outta them PUBs bout it....then the likes of them Lanes from Dunlop begged and begged to get the Irish on schedule so they would have that almost guaronteed Beat a Private moment that would make they season every year ...then Fant arrived Alcoa never balled their eyes out bout havin to knock us out of the championship run every year Booger just sayin
  11. Sequatchie FB

    not in Baxter Booger just sayin
  12. Sequatchie FB

    for sure void one of them nitials...there may b a bad itch for a senior spot, but it ant hapnin in the north valley Booger just sayin
  13. Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    every hire is the most important, except for maybe the first one.....but this one could very well b...considerin that Christian of Franklin and for sure Columbia soon joinin the D2-A frey.....and with them decision makin cerebral wizzards on the T$$AA BOC hackin out the idea to make into 3 regions like ours......Columbia will b at the top of the food chain in that classification and for sure that middle region where yall will most likely be together Booger just sayin
  14. Coach Mac Bryan resigning at Ooltewah

    glad to see PA outta that padded celler...Booger nose u been overstressed bout that Owl FB......u takin that time up there at collegedale north cause it is slim pickens and had to rethink that Hamilton County only thing,....so go ahead and put that retread thats leavin signal south back on the payroll....yall shoulda let that retread that just filled that gig back inside the fence when he was on his way to signal south to meet with all them women runnin the show over there hey jack....that cupboard over on Vermont Ave ant no slim pickens....now it might could b soon if all these schools dont quit hirin them away from us ....it for sure could b considered a assistant coachin carousel because of that Fant tutelidge; but not an empty cupboard.....its full enuff to b gettin the job done lately in iur little ole classification PA better take control of that show and set that hirin board strait.....them Oaklands, Maryvilles, Farraguts Bradleys, Cane Ridges and Blueraiders ant no joke up there in that big boy club...it contributed to your last rethinkin his plans Booger just sayin

    the dude that just left has made his livin on one year stints...tho he did park at Harrison for 2 seasons.....but that was his first HC gig.. couple positives up on 58 for sumone with a HC itch...one is that Hamilton County PUB teachers just got a raise along with being able to add another year or 2 of state tenurin before bein run off before another 2-8 or 4-6 seaon shows up second is that the region has Madisonville, Collegedale South, Hixson, and Howard School of Academians and Technologist in that region......Anderson or ER probably wins the region every year and with 4 teams in that region gettin a first round state game.....even Booger could trip into that one post season game then as the Great Ambassodor from the home of Skillets and Cornbread says.....you gonna get the likes of Greenville or Elizabethton to end your season in the 1st or second round every year...or Anderson the Harrisonites ant gonna stand for no one to hang around their long enuff to get that once in every 15 years 8 win season..... Booger nose sum fine folks over there in Harrison and would like to see them enjoy sum consistant winnin seasons FB.....but just dont nose bout that happenin.....proven coach killer......then again could be wrong.....look what Fant has done for ND Booger just sayin