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  1. William blount offseason thread

    It's go time.
  2. William blount offseason thread

    I can see it now: BarneySox grand opening of the William Blount Word of the Day full service filling station. Be careful Barn. Somebody might hate your cans.
  3. Most Annoying Thing at High School Games

    And shriveled up hot dogs.
  4. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Silence of the Fams
  5. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    I'm gonna have to quit standing down by the wall & following Griders ball up & down the field and yelling at the white hat. I need to get one of those members only seats like you got.
  6. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    So, if I'm related to someone on the Jasper team, I can get myself kicked out and get them kicked out also? Hmmm. Would this ejection carry over to the next game also? Edit: Alright, I see that it is a 2 game suspension. Ennuristin'.
  7. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    I still can't believe Tyner didn't go for the 2 point conversion. I guarantee you ALL of Union City breathed a sigh of relief when Tyner kicked the PAT.
  8. This Rule NEEDS to change TSSAA!

    I'll get to the Skeeter one of these days. Wouldn't mind seeing the home opener.
  9. TSSAA Agenda Item - Unsportsmanlike Conduct

    Lock em up.
  10. How about this playoff plan??

    Where would you get these selected media members that would have no affiliation to any specific team or region? North Korea?
  11. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    From the Butler-Snow Investigative Report #1 TAB 29 Bernard Childress Interview Summary To: SCS/Mackin File Subject: Summary of October 16, 2017 Interview of Bernard Childress, TSSAA ExecutiveDirector The Butler Snow investigative team interviewed Bernard Childress (“Childress”) via telephone on October 16, 2017. Below is a summary of the relevant issues discussed. Trezevant Enrollment Classification Childress is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA). He is specifically charged with school classification. Childress read Ronnie Mackin’s (“Mackin”) letter prior to his interview on October 16, 2017, and stated that Mackin’s allegations on misrepresenting Trezevant’s student population were unfounded. Specifically, Childress stated that it was impossible for a coach to have any influence on those numbers. When describing the process, Childress stated that the TSSAA does not take enrollment numbers from individual schools; rather, the district’s Superintendent submits attendance reports to the State Department of Education and to the TSSAA. Per Childress, enrollment would not be taken from a principal. Childress further stated that it is unlikely that the district’s Board or Superintendent would underreport its enrollment because it would directly affect state funding on a per pupil basis. Childress further stated the TSSAA did not see any classification issues at Trezevant and re-verified the attendance record after Mackin’s allegations. There was also an independent verification in which the TSSAA called the Tennessee Department of Education to verify that it received the same enrollment documents. Player Eligibility under TSSAA Concerning the grading scandal that surfaced in 2016, Childress stated he received a call from the Shelby County Board of Education, and the Board requested that the TSSAA send a list of every student eligible to play athletics from 2015-2016. Eligibility under TSSAA standards requires six passing grades. TSSAA requires verification for a player’s eligibility. For each athlete, an online form must be filled out listing how many credits the athlete has. While there were grade changes, where passing grades were changed to higher passing grades, it did not affect an athlete’s status under TSSAA requirements. Per Childress, Mackin called some time later to state that no students’ grade changes rendered any of them ineligible.
  12. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    It's gonna take a little while to read all this.
  13. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    Butler - Snow Investigative Report #1 : http://www.scsk12.org/communications/files/2017/Butler-Snow_Investigative_Report_Exhibits_public-report.pdf Ogletree Investigation Report #2: http://www.scsk12.org/communications/files/2017/Ogletree-Investigation.pdf
  14. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired

    Findings: http://www.scsk12.org/newsroom/#/article/654 Excerpt of Findings: The evidence establishes that Coach White did not misclassify student enrollment numbers in order to play in a more favorable TSSAA football division. All TSSAA determinations based on enrollment numbers are obtained from the Tennessee State Department of Education. Timeline: http://www.scsk12.org/news/ckfinder/userfiles/files/TREZEVANT-TIMELINE-DEC-2017.pdf
  15. Former Trezevant coach Teli White fired