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  1. Sequatchie FB

    He's a good coach. Not great but certainly not average. I think his best coaching job was last season. Not many expected it after losing some studs after their semi final run in 2016.
  2. Sequatchie FB

    From what I've been told there will be no list. They have their man and it's a name people who have followed valley football for years will be familiar with.
  3. Lake County/Westview scrimmage

    I understand. I don't think we start until May.
  4. Sequatchie FB

    It will take 6 figures to get SF out of Georgia. Not sure SC can swing that.
  5. Lake County/Westview scrimmage

    Do you guys normally do spring practice this early?
  6. Sequatchie

    That next coach might be eating at the Pizza King too.
  7. Any idea who becomes Grundys new coach?

    No plans for a new high school in Grundy is what i was told.
  8. Sequatchie

    Good possibility from what I've heard.
  9. Sequatchie

    I would say no. He's making over $100k in GA. Next SC coach may already be on campus.
  10. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    From what I've been told by a few SC parents, this is not sad news.
  11. Why doesn't Van Buren.Co have football?

    I'd say they are satisfied with thumping all of us in basketball.
  12. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    I was misinformed about our own Jacob Saylors signing with Berry College. He will be signing his scholarship players and furthering his football career at East Tennessee State University. Congratulations and well deserved!!!
  13. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    Best team will be between Seq and SP.
  14. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    Very good chance that the Whitwell game gets back on schedule next season. The reason they were dropped is gone. The kid that went to AL will probably be back before he graduates. Have to learn the hard way that they promise things they can't deliver. They are also after one of the young SP kids as well. Big surprise in store for MC opponents next year. BIG SURPRISE!!!!!
  15. Talent in the Seq. Valley

    Whitwell should have the strongest senior class this season but will be a huge drop off for 2019. Seq will be stout and SP will field a very good team. MC will play a lot of young kids this year but starting in 2019 will be the start of some very good years.