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  1. 2018 Class 2A

    This is a likely scenario. Tyner loses a lot and we will be rebuilding for 2019. On a side note: Rememeber how we talked about the east and west dominance runs in cycles? Barring 2A the East dominated the West this year in the title games. I was somewhat surprised at how easy some games were. You never know when the tide will turn. All the Memphis talk last year and you have 5 titles from the Knoxville area this year.
  2. Lausanne vs Notre Dame in the Gold Ball Contest

    Booger... good luck to your green machine from us MC fellers. Pullin' for ya.
  3. Saylors is hard to lose. Bigger role for Nelson and Nunez in the run game next year.
  4. Lol I said at the beginning of the season i thought SP was a year or two away. I will stand by that. You guys had a great year and return some good kids. I really believe the few that you lose will be missed more than a lot of people think. Hopefully the east rolls this year.
  5. Congrats 'Kees from Marion Co. Go ahead and print some Back to Back shirts up. You guys have a great team, coaches and fan base.
  6. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    MC had an uphill battle all year just trying to get young kids some experience. We lost 16 starters last year and many of them were 3 year starters. For the last 4 years to get to Cookeville you had to beat us. Tyner was able to do it this year. When they went up 21-7 you could tell our kids felt it slipping away. I actually thought MC would take that game and after watching film on Meigs and Rockwood I felt confident in a semi final game too. We will use that to help us get better for next season. I am pulling for the Rams but I do realize it will be a tough battle. The ground game for UC is methodical.
  7. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    It's actually a safety issue. I would say you will see less of the drones next season.
  8. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    Sounds like this game was a classic. I haven't seen anything on Cornersville this year but I have seen both GB and Huntingdon on film. I'm pulling for the east but anybody that can beat that Huntingdon team is no joke. Don't sleep on Cornersville. I guess I will look at some Cornersville film tomorrow.
  9. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    That would have had to been settled before the game.
  10. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    The radio guys said it was theirs.
  11. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    You're actually not supposed to fly them over stadiums. It's usually up to coaches and the refs. I guess they didn't want it flying.
  12. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    It's all because that GB coach grounded Pegleg's drone.
  13. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    What little I have seen of GB the qb is a player. Good arm and quick running the ball.
  14. Semi final South Pitt at Greenback

    Sounds like SP is moving the ball very well. Turnovers have hurt both teams.