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  1. An 8th grader who will be a freshman in the fall, Ty Simpson has received an offer from Harbaugh's Wolverines. Simpson who hasn't even taken a high school snap yet impressed Harbaugh with his skills and size at a camp in Nashville. Simspon is 6'1" 170 and has a great arm with accuracy to boot is also the son of UT Martin's head FB Coach Jason Simspon. It will be a very interesting next 4 years in Martin to say the least.
  2. Coach Morris is stepping down

    Been pondering this situation for Milan. I say if you go with anyone from the West Tenn area it should be the man at Union City. I personally think it would be a great fit and the man wins.
  3. Greenback 2017 state champions

    Good job Kees. As anyone who's been on these boards all year knows I thought there was no way the east was winning this year. You guys went out and shut me up. Happy for you guys. I bet most out east are happy for you too. Feels kinda the way it did in 09 when UC beat SP. Even though most ppl didn't give a dang about UC out here, we were just glad they broke the streak of losses. Enjoy it! Nobody can take it from you!
  4. 2018 Class A

    How much does Cornersville return?
  5. 2018 Class 2A

    Yep I'm with you again. Peabody and Wavo will likely battle it out for the west.
  6. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    One can't help but notice the body of work Coach DB is putting together. 4 Championships in what..9-10 years at UC? Holy smokes ya'll. Can we borrow him and the staff a season or 10?
  7. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    Good job UC, you guys had my heart racing over here. Especially the 4th qtr and OT. Good job guys, glad you got #4
  8. Catholic vs Beech

    Awesome name.
  9. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    Union City is crap! Theys a bunch of cheaters. Them boys on testosterone and hgh. Paying the refs. I saw! They also crootin kids to come play. And absolutely nothing of what I just said is true but dang this thread is boring.

    Well Covington here I am eating my crow.
  11. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    I have UC adding another gold ball to the case. Darren Bowling has taken this school to the next level. UC has always been a school rich in talent but DB is the only one to turn it into gold. A few silvers for you guys though and no disrespect at all to the coaches to come before him...Namely coach Barnes
  12. I honestly think if Dresser didn't go to the private school his sophomore year then Dresden wins back to back his Jr and Sr years. NCS was loaded though
  13. *Cough cough* Dresden athletes last yr *Cough cough*
  14. 2A State Title Union City vs Tyner Academy

    Dang I thought Albea was a Senior. He'llbe a big boost next yr
  15. Lake County @ Cornersville

    Good season LC. Not a thing to hang your heads about. You'll be back next year. Representing the west. Called it this past spring and I think you reinforced my pick. Well wishes to you hosers in Skeeterville, see ya in 2018.