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Boys & Girls 2013 District & Region Tournament Brackets

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CoachT    47

(Edited and Updated for 2013)


(Note from CoachT: I am posting this message from jim314)


First, thanks so much to all of you that post scores, check data, and love the game enough to make this possible. You all are fantastic and are the only reason I'm able to put anything online.


The post-season tournament brackets will be available again this year at jim314.com. There's some other information on jim314.com as well that you're free to check out, but just click on the 'brackets' link and you'll be in business.


This year you can follow CoachT and receive all of the final scores, as soon as they are entered, by following twitter.com/coachtcom as well as twitter.com/CoachTScoresTN


A few guidelines:

1. Check to see if the information you're about to post is already up at jim314.com


2. Don't post unless you know the data you are posting is correct


3. Contact the tournament directors in your area to see if you can get an electronic copy of the district tournaments and then forward to me at [email protected]


4. Please post the following information:

* final district regular season standings (not the wins/losses, just the final rankings--I use Excel spreadsheets to keep all of this straight and my brackets auto-populate based on the regular season district rankings)

* dates/times for district games

* corrections for any erroneous data on the brackets at jim314.com


Other notes:

Brackets should be able to be printed and viewed in all major browsers on jim314.com. If you have compatibility issues, please email me at [email protected]


Best of luck to all the teams,



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