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District 11AA 2017

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Fan15    1

No way Creekwood finishes 1.


1. Camden

2. Waverly

3. M.C.


5. Creekwood

6. East HIckman

7. Stewart

8. HIckman

9. Fairview


Creekwood seems to always play tough and are well coached so we will see but I have saw them play and this Creekwood team is down.

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Beagle    7

1. Creekwood

2. Camden


4. M.C.

5. Lewis

6. Stewart

7. E.H.

8. Hickman

9. Fairview

Camden ran Creek Wood out of the gym tonight . 67-44 and Creek Wood had a  6 point half time lead. Worst half of Basketball Camden has played all year.


#22 for CW had college scouts there watching him and he did himself proud. Hunter Vick who is already signed guarded him man to man in the second half after he abused us in the first half .and I would call it a draw. Vick cut his production way down but the young man still scored.  




He got a bit frustrated late in the game and gave Vick a love tap to the groin with the back of his hand away from the play. Scouts notice these things ^_^   These did for sure because they were sitting right in front of me taking notes on a lap top . He is a very good player and they thought so too if anyone cares to pass that along to him

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TheStuff    5

After the first week of district games:


1) Camden  (2-0)

2) Creekwood  (1-1)

2) East Hickman  (1-1)

2) Fairview  (1-1)

2) Hickman County  (1-1)

2) Lewis County  (1-1)

2) Montgomery Central  (1-1)

2) Waverly  (1-1)

9) Stewart County  (0-2)


This week:


Camden v. East Hickman (TUE) and v. Stewart County (THU)

Creekwood v. Fairview (TUE) and @ Lewis County (FRI)

East Hickman @ Camden (TUE) and v. Hickman County (FRI)

Fairview @ Creekwood (TUE)

Hickman County @ Stewart County (TUE) and @ East Hickman (FRI)

Lewis County @ Montgomery Central (TUE) and v. Creekwood (FRI)

Montgomery Central v. Lewis County (TUE) and @ Waverly (FRI)

Waverly v. Montgomery Central (FRI)

Stewart County v. Hickman County (TUE) and @ Camden (THU)

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Can't wait to see Waverly and Camden play. Camden has the edge on talent but the coach at Waverly is one of the best in the state and will have something up his sleeve. The Womack kid for Camden was very impressive the one game I saw them play.

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