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Seeds for the Johnny Drennan Inv.

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Johnny Drennan Seeds


1.       Union Charles Escalera

2.       Bradley Wesley Devaney 

3.       Summit Zach Thomas 

4.       Clarksville Christian Isbell  

5.       Braircrest Maverick Rorie 

6.       Ryan Paul Killian 

7.       Mba frank Perazzi 

8.       Caldwell Dylan Wall




1.       Bradley TJ Hicks

2.       Ryan Christian Simpson 

3.       Union Gabe Adams

4.       Catholic Joe Jones 

5.       Athen Trent Young 

6.       Christian co Austin Gant-hill 

7.       Summit Brady Woodward 

8.       Franklin  Juwan Chalabi 


1.       MBA Gabriel Elkin 

2.       Franklin Job Dooley 

3.       Union Sam Bacon

4.       Lawrence Luke Dezember

5.       William Blount Calvin Martin

6.       Pulaski RT Noel

7.       Christina co Jakerion Merritt

8.       Summit Logan Power



1.       Ryan Ray Eason

2.       Franklin Jack Shrader 

3.       Pulaski Michael Crocket

4.       MBA Michael Elkin

5.       Union Payne Carr

6.       Bradley Ethan Anderson

7.       Mt. Juliet Austin Plumlee

8.       Summit Cole Klingensmith



1.       Union Saul Erwin

2.       Bradley Ryan Mclehaney

3.       Alcoa Michael Mora-Colon

4.       MBA John Glover

5.       Summit Nathon Porter 

6.       Webb Tieng 

7.       Clarksville Justin Brenot  

8.       Christian co Ishamel Griffie



1.       Bryce Sheffer

2.       Fort Campbell  Louie Regalado 

3.       Bradley Andy Robinson 

4.       Catholic Jacob Roset

5.       Alcoa Anthony Jones

6.       Ryan Joey Vogelpohl 

7.       MBA Blake Andrews 

8.       Webb Badgett 

9.       Ensworth Seve Ortale 



1.       Bradley Knox Fuller

2.       Union Chance Oxford

3.       MBA Bryce Wittman

4.       Kingsbiury Dontae Johnson

5.       Catholic Kevin Roach

6.       Summit Sean Butler

7.       BGA Connor Mitchell

8.       Hopkinsville Zlatko Skuljan

9.       Fort campbell Rey Vela




1.       Ryan Eli King

2.       Union Micah Ervin

3.       Bradley Austin Mathews

4.       MBA Perry Mathews 

5.       Catholic Cameron Boardman 

6.       Trigg Colin Stevens 

7.       Lebanon Ryan Brown 

8.       Franklin Jonah Albert



1.       Pulaski James Noel, James

2.       Caldwell Dylan Gray 

3.       William Blount Dawson Satterfield

4.       Bradley Caleb Adkins 

5.       Fort Campbell Corbin Ryder 

6.       Catholic Josh Ayliffe 

7.       Summit Kobey Desselle 

8.       Kingsbury Ndayambaje John 

9.       Ryan Anthony Hagey 



1.       Summit Sawyer Knott 

2.       Union Mathias Ervin 

3.       Franklin Nick Galbreath 

4.       Bradley Jackson headrick 

5.       Farview Jackson white 

6.       Ryan Patrick Clements 

7.       Christian co Diion Leavell

8.       Brentwood academy Thomas Butler



1.       Athens Thomas carter

2.       Alcoa Noah Evans

3.       Union Avery Buckman

4.       Clarksville Bradley Williams

5.       Summit Zach Carney

6.       William Blount James Hartgroves

7.       Briarcrest Ian Tiatia

8.       Hoptown Anthony katyvi

9.       Farview Josh Derrick 



1.       Pulaski Layne  Hatcher

2.       Nate Walling Mt. Juliet

3.       Ryan Andrew Wesnofske  

4.       Bradley Kevin Gentry 

5.       Athens Jackson Prater 

6.       Catholic Ethan Bennett 

7.       Union Ross Hicks

8.       Franklin Christian Moolman 



1.       Alcoa Grant Brace 

2.       Ryan George Hooker 

3.       Briarcrest Josiah Fahhoum 

4.       MBA Wyeth Patton 

5.       Kingsbury Eladio Martinez 

6.       Pulaski Ford Aguiar 

7.       Bradley Devin Gibson 

8.       Franklin Jack Booker 




1.       Alcoa Sam Evans

2.       Brentwood ac Airin Spell

3.       Fort campbell David Nikalao

4.       Briarcrest Alex Green 

5.       Pulaksi Allen ammuimuia

6.       Ryan John Hayes 

7.       Union peyton synder 

8.       Fra Tymon Mitchell 



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From the looks of the seeds, it appears the Father Ryan Tournament has stepped it up and it looks like a great tournament.


Good luck to all of the wrestlers.



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cbg    113

There are a few wrestlers with very good records that will probably get their feelings hurt.

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marathon    0

 CBG : If you know so much about these wrestlers, who's going to get their feelings hurt?

Can you name some wrestlers who have great records that won't live up to their high seed?

Love to here your input with specific names

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Agree with CBG here.  Posted in another thread are some of the individual rankings.  According to that post at 120 lbs there are 9 or more wrestlers ranked in the Top 4 of their State Classification.  Tourney looks to be loaded and not often that a Top 4 wrestler in the State doesn’t place in an individual tourney.  Can’t tell you which ones will be disappointed, only that there will be some strong competition and some of these great kids won't get to the podium.

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Bump11    34

I checked for brackets and they havent been released. Looks like a stacked tourny so i would have to agree there will be some top end kids who go home without a medal. But thats just what happens with a loaded field! Gonna be a very fun tourny to watch for sure

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