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Softball Midstate who is favored? Road to Murf AAA,AA,A DIV2 AA,A

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Well seems there is no teams that are head and shoulders above the rest I guess lol. Yes MRNOITALL needs to drop by and give some insight. Anyhow let me start this with some of the Midstate teams that have a shot to make some noise this year! AAA- Stewarts Creek, Clarksville

AA- Of Course prob the best team in the State White House Heritage(Loaded), Waverly. A- Columbia Academy, Summertown. D2AA- Baylor, GPS D2A-Kings Academy, Friendship.


Teams to possibly shake things up- Lebanon, Greenbrier, Goodpasture, PJP, Davidson Academy

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MTSN    1

AAA is certainly a headscratcher. Dickson, Siegel, Oakland, and Gibbs, among others, graduated their ace pitchers last year. I don't know if anybody really stands out at the moment. Stewarts Creek will likely make it back to State; Clarksville, too. But who else? Coffee? Wilson Central? Someone unexpected like Blackman? Might Soddy make it back? What about Ooltewah? Their ace pitcher is only a junior, but she didn't have any bats around her last year; that's why they fell one round short of the promised land.


I don't think the picture will be very clear until at least early April. Not to me, anyway.


(And yeah, I know you said Midstate, but I'm looking at the bigger picture.)

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Anyone know if Gordonsville will be in the mix? I know Watertown should be good, but Gordonsville lost 6 seniors. And out of the Chattanooga 1A I heard silverdale lost their coach???

With Marion Co pitcher graduating who will be favored and 1 and 2 seed out of that region??

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Can't comment on Gordonsville or that area, but Silverdale is loaded. Will definitely be in the mix in class A tourney. Marion graduated a strong senior class. Whitwell returns a talented bunch. They should be favorites in that district with Sale Creek also in contention.

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Well I got out and watched the Friendship Playday this weekend. Dekalb is loaded with pitching, hitting, speed and depth. They will make murfreesboro if they stay healthy I believe. Friendship has everything but the pitching. The team in 1A to look out for is going to be Goodpasture dont let their size fool you.They have a pitcher that is a freshman 6'4 at least and she can spin it pretty good and was hitting high 58 59mph consistently got her at 61 mph once , but they are well coached very disciplined. Got some good hitters. Just giving a warning they are back I believe. 

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