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Wood Memorial Summer Wrestling Slam

Friday and Saturday July 28-29

Wood memorial high school, Oakland city indiana


Friday- High school duals, $150 team entry

Saturday- middle school, high school, and senior division individual tournament

$20 dollar entry per wrestler


More details coming very soon, great high school gym, concessions, tshirts, raffle for a new set of singlets or 2 pc uniforms for your team, great list of officials coming to ref


Here is the link to the event page, check it out. Scroll down a few posts on the event page to get tourney details




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The First Annual Wood Memorial Summer Wrestling Slam


Friday and Saturday, July 28-29 @ Wood Memorial High School (943 Franklin St. Oakland City, IN)


Friday, July 28-

High School Folkstyle Duals

Team entry fee- $150. Every team will get 5-6 dual matches.

No USA card required, teams can be made up of kids from your school, or a mix from several schools. Eligible wrestlers are incoming freshmen (starting '17-'18 school year) to seniors (class of '18)

No headgear required

5 lb weight allowance

Periods will be 1:30 minutes each

Weigh ins- 8:00 am central time

Wrestling begins 9:00 am central time


For team registration, contact coach John Thompson- [email protected]


Saturday, July 29-

Individual Tournament

Middle school division (incoming 6th-8th graders)

High School division (incoming 9th-12th graders)

Senior division (anyone who graduated 2017 or before)


Entry fee- $20 per wrestler

The tourney is no eliminations. Depending on the amount of kids in your weight will determine the type of bracket and amount of matches you'll have.

If your weight has 1-7 wrestlers, it would be a straight round robin, allowing you to get 6 matches. 8-15 wrestlers would be in pools the. Crossover for a champion.

16-32 or more wrestlers in a weight would be a bracketed tourney. Winners move on to keep wrestling for a championship, but those who lose in a round would still wrestle. The goal is to get every single wrestler in the individual event 4-6+ matches


No USA card required, no headgear required.


Middle school 1:00 minute each

High school 1:30 minutes each

Senior division 1:30 minute each


A registration link will be up and ready soon. If there are any additional questions, contact coach John Thompson- [email protected]


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Teams from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida committed to the duals on July 28. If you want to bring a team, contact me here or [email protected]


For the individual tourneys on July 29, if you are one of the first 50 paid participants on the trackwrestling link, you will receive a free tourney tshirt


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Things moving along well for the Summer Wrestling Slam!


we have our officials set and they are a pretty solid group


we will be doing a raffle on Saturday the 29th for a brand new set (14) of either traditional singlets or newly approved two piece uniforms. Tickets will be $20.00


fantastic concessions for the fans, and hospitality room for the coaches and healthy snacks (fruits, vegetables, granola bats, etc) provided for the wrestlers


tourney tshirts available. Can't wait for this event. Be sure to like the Facebook page Wood Memorial Summer Wrestling Slam and register for the individual tourneys on July 29th with the trackwrestling link


http://unapproved website/registration/BasicPreReg1.jsp?tournamentGroupId=269881009




hope to see you there!


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