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New club team

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Osage    1

Back to the original question, what's the back story? A couple years ago, the owner (or just operator?) of the Franklin Fieldhouse, being a businessman, was in the market for a tenant. He generated some interest from Munciana, one of the premier volleyball clubs in the country, and started issuing press releases to the effect that Munciana would be launching a satellite organization based out of the Fieldhouse. Curiously, those stories were also accompanied by wonderment from Munciana about the costs of club volleyball, and how expensive it was here, and their new program would be keeping costs way below that of competing organizations.

In parallel, he also went to the press with lots of stories about how A-Game was going to have to close down. Shrewd on his part, timing these releases to create the impression that he is in the midst of building the only nationally competitive volleyball community in town. But then both stories quietly went away. To be fair, A-Game is still in some sort of limbo, but it doesn't seem to be slowing Alliance or Upward Stars down any.

A year later, basically the same scenario played out, only this time with Sports Performance. Hence this. By the way, TP is every bit as expensive as every other club in town.

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clifford20    3

So I have thought about club expenses a lot.   The rough cost for Alliance is $3800 for a national level 1 team (I think)  (not including travel, food etc).  I have no idea how much Munciana, SP etc are, however I am not sure how much less the dues could be and still run a top organization.  Coaches have to be paid, there needs to be a full time director-who can make a good living.  The facilities are expensive.  So I ask, what could be different?  We are not basketball, so I don't see a scenario like grassroots aau basketball teams are sponsored and kids play for free.   Unless the club owns their own facility--I am not sure how that expense could be reduced--even then there are major expenses to owning a building.  I would rather pay more money and practice at A game, then to pay a bit less and practice at the Fieldhouse.  In the end though--I will go where the best coaching is 1st, and facility second.  Also, not to mention the club that get's the athlete the most exposure--which is massively important.  Bad tournament do no one good. What do you think?  

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Osage    1

I thought the amazement about club costs was feigned. It's not like Munciana is ignorant about what people at other national-caliber clubs are paying. Perhaps they were just taking a swipe at paying that kind of money for lesser training and level of competition.

Munciana is a very different situation. They own their facility, and the overall COB is much lower there than almost anywhere else in the country.

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