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  2. That first paragraph is EXACTLY what I was saying. I agree 100%. Recruiting takes time. Relationships with these recruits are built over time. Her only shot at grabbing some top kids quick was taking some top assistant coaches that already had the relationships established. Even that would be hard for her because it’s hard to bring a top coach or assistant to a dumpster fire. That’s exactly what we have been for the last several years. If she can coach then she will recruit well at UT. Winning fixes everything.
  3. Today
  4. Why did they not play last year? Because they transferred!!
  5. That’s an untrue statement. SP has 2 new kids. Unless you want to count the ones that were already in the school, but didn’t play last year. I can assure you that SP doesn’t have anything close to the numbers that Greenback has as far as transfers.
  6. That's funny Roy only sound we ever heard him make was when an employee from the skillet factory walked behind and he said " ROOYYY"
  7. Bass has zero room to complain . His pirates have more new players than GB he is just not admitting it or is less in the know than he claims to be!
  8. One of the best qb/wr combos maybe in 1a-2a
  9. Roy Dillard you need to get your goat to find us some more studs. Greenback University has brought in so many key pieces this season that they are going to again be deadly. The Pirates are going to have a really good team this season, but I think it’s going to take a special effort to unseat Greenback University. They rightfully should be going for their third consecutive state title this season and fifth straight trip to Cookeville. The ONLY reason they didn’t win it last season was that receiver that they have being hurt. Roy, he’s big enough to play in the SEC. He also has several teammates that will be playing in the SEC. You need to find us a boy or two that can play in the SEC to even the playing field.
  10. I’m sure he is. Greenback U will have the best QB/WR connection in 1-2A. The Carnes Deal has been coming for quite some time. It was hush hush until the time was right. It was lucky for Jr though that he got him a QB that is an absolute stud for his senior year. I don’t know what you folks do, but you created some stud football players from your DNA. I won’t lie it is disappointing for SP and the rest of the state. Greenback was on pace for this to be a down year because you lost the best senior class in the history of your school, but somehow all the pieces fell into your lap to quite possibly have the best Greenback team in school history this season. What can I say? Y’all are just better at getting kids than Sp and the rest of 1A right now. Maybe one day we can catch up to you.
  11. Everyone tell how many and what positions they got. SP got 2. Neither played last season. One got hurt in the first game and the other wasn’t on a team. One is a runner and one is a blocker. Next..
  12. He’s got multiple 300 pound linemen. He’s got TWO receivers that are 6”4 range. He was the missing ingredient for them. They will now be able to move that other cat they got to another position. 2019 Greenback will be better than the 2018 version.
  13. So on a side note....has Starz ever crossed paths with Roy??
  14. Stars I wish you would have went with the Rebels on their mission trip to Costa Rica. You might of picked up some recruits, I mean transfers.
  15. Yeah you gotta watch out for ole muskox man!! He has been stocking up on Red Bull’s and fudge rounds to lure that goat back in.
  16. Congrats two ole Mason Shelton.......Committed two Coastal Carolina...
  17. I garuntee you that aint all that muskox man and helmet man and o&b man did to my goat. Ever since I got him back he gets real fidgety when you get near his tail especially when you get him near a pickup truck. You think im joking but im not.
  18. Good quote for most part. Rocky Top’s faithful will not give her 3 years is the heartbreaker. Another big draw you are missing is the immediate playing time you would get with graduating and transfers. I have seen girls switch in a minute to get immediate playing time especially if a their buddy going too. I know she can coach just expected more out the gate.
  19. Good quote for most part. Rocky Top’s faithful will not give her 3 years is the heartbreaker. Another big draw you are missing is the immediate playing time you would get with graduating and transfers. I have seen girls switch in a minute to get immediate playing time especially if a their buddy going too. I know she can coach just expected more out the gate.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Bonafide, Certified, and full of pride... you go Hevy!!!
  22. Let me ask you a question Roy... do you think that they hypnotized your goat when they kidnapped him? South Pittsburg was getting some good kids until that happened, then Greenback started getting some kids who can play in the SEC, and SP stopped getting transfers. You better warn Murphy, or they will kidnap him and make him let them on top of his pole, and I ain't joking neither.
  23. I guarantee you Greenback fans will be happy with Braden Carnes. I remember 2 seasons ago Dylan Hopkins got hurt in the 1st game. Braden Carnes 1st start was on the road vs Oakland. While Maryville lost Carnes played with a lot of poise in a tough environment. He also played the whole 2nd half against Alcoa because of injury. Carnes is a darn good passer and has a lot of poise.
  24. I garuntee Barney is the one talking about this mess. He is real mad. You need to get him in the back of that pickup truck if Grider plays at that Ryan mans field. You think im joking but im not.
  25. Can't agree on the recruits. Holly followed Pat,she was still on the bench as "coach emeritus", and the Lady Vols were still a "player" on the national stage... the program was in a much better state then than now (just removing the rose colored glasses and stating the hard, cold truth). KJH comes in late to turn recruits with their minds already pretty much set on their destination, and who to be honest, she had no shot to lure to Missouri State (therefore no relationship). If she does the coaching job at UT that she's done everyplace else and the program is trending upward, the next class of recruits will be a much better gauge than the current one, and the one after will genuinely be her first with sufficient time to go after the elite kids on a level playing field with Stanford, ND, UConn, Baylor, ect… Those type kids have been in contact with schools since they were Freshmen, and to "turn" just one or two next year will be a major accomplishment for her. As for the "weak conference" and "easiest bracket", they were (are) the weak conference, and easy team to face... she still was a 13 seed, and finished in the sweet 16 (top four in the easy bracket). The days of Old Dominion, UT, Stanford, USC, and Louisiana Tech walking through to the elite eight because everyone else wasn't very good are over, and if you can't play, you get exposed pretty quickly. The teams KJH beat in the tournament were supposed to beat her, but couldn't get it done... if she can replicate that, she and the Lady Vols will be OK.
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