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  2. West seems to be doing alright this season...the West v Powell matchup seems to be unfolding to be a big one!
  3. I haven't been keeping up with Maryville these past few years and sorry if this is way off topic but how different (in anyone's opinion) is this team now that they have had new leadership for the past few years? Is the culture still the same? Still getting the same talent? Sorry if off topic but I was curious.
  4. WAIT....I just noticed your name....I saw the movie, i thought your personal friend and confidant shot you???? and you were such a beautiful young lady on an amazing rise to the top of the music world with your dazzling salsa moves and your heart melting ballads about heart wrenching love for another human. Its amazing how much those Hollywood people deceive us with their lies. Selena, Im glad to see you alive and well after all, and wish you would have performed at halftime for us. Between you and the outstanding performance from the solo singer with Greenevilles band, it could have been the most amazing high school halftime ever....oh well, maybe next time our teams meet. Until then, please tell Edward James Almos that Im not a big fan of is acting....just saying
  5. Hang on Clinton Fans, just five more games.
  6. I think Clinton will be ok. But I do think their HC needs to get some of that chaos under control. That's the second time I'm hearing about him and his DC going at it. Hard to be an effective HC when you have too much going on trying to control your coordinator. It doesn't matter how good a coordinator or a coach is, if it interferes with the HC 's ability to run his football team it's a definite cancer. Then your HC and entire team is handcuffed. I think I could tell which one was the DC and if I'm right then I can see why they have fought in the past. If it is who I think it is his body language was terrible. You could definitely see when he disagreed with any call the HC was making and if you can read lips the words coming from him we're not very kind. But like I said I think Clinton will be ok. From what I know about the HC is that he has the ability to make it happen he just needs the support. He has a lot of decisions coming up in my opinion.
  7. Does a cat really have nine lives? I surely hope so! I’m a Haywood fan, and I want HHS to win. But in my opinion, the Cats were lucky to escape the Dyersburg game with the win. A different Tomcat team better get off the bus in Medina, or it could be a long night for Haywood.
  8. im curious what "TAPE" was shown to the refs and when? ive got "TAPE" of the"FIGHT" that wasnt a fight but more so a pushing contest. the one kid on the field when it happened got tossed for throwing a punch that never happened....like everyone else in the fracas, all #50 did was turn around and push a kid that had just pushed him....the whole think looked worse live as it happened, than it did when i watched my video of it. ofcourse i didnt get every video of every single pile, but i got enough to see that aside from kids running on to the field from the bench, it was all over blown IMO.....and it all started over a"punch" thrown on the play before that wasnt seen by the refs and when our kid pancaked the AE kid on the next play, i guess said AE kid felt comfortable enough with said pancaker, that he decided to grab hold of him tightly and refuse to let said pancaker up off of him, thusly causing a frantic rush to the action by teammates of both teams, in an effort to show their love for their team and mates by shoving players with different colored jerseys than their own, also thusly, causing a semi bench clearing non brawl of coaches and players grabbing their fellow teammates and pulling them away from the horrible incident. please note the sarcasm in this post, so i dont have to make another post after yours or anyone elses reply to this. This was a knee jerk attempt to lighten the mood in reference to a big deal in a game that really wasnt a big deal afer all, but rather a bunch of teenage emotions flaring up during a game in which the primary goal is to slam forcefully into the opponent, in an attempt to either score points or stop the other team from scoring points. Breaking news....teenagers sometimes exceed their personal limit of how many times the opponent makes violent contact with them and then can no longer control their personal threshold of said contact and as a result, then occasionally surpass the line of what is deemed acceptable conduct on the field, ending up in some kids being removed from the game. But what the heck do i know anyway...im just a fan that loves this violent game and all the sometimes craziness it entails.....Have a good day everyone and dont forget to watch today as my VOLS systematically demolish all hope of Florida Gator fans enjoying another year of "rubbing it in", by playing unlike any of us thought they would, and coming back to East tennessee with a big fat shocking earth shattering W.
  9. When we scrimmaged them before season the HC and DC were going at it.The ref asked another coach to settle them down,i was on chain crew and heard it first hand!No way is this the future of CHS football
  10. You don’t bother me, a third string Oakland poster is the least of my concerns.
  11. #5,#1,15 stepped up big time this week.5 is really coming into his own.#1 just a solid baller.End and tackle play is really helping out LBs get to the ball quicker.Proud of the way our boys handled the adversity at ending of game.Still have to remember to walk away and the second guy always is the one who gets caught! And yes GHSBlackHelmet OS needs a sleew of new chin straps helmets fell off all night.
  12. How could you have been so wrong? I felt like DB would beat them by 3 or more TDs but was surprised a bit myself. There is real improvement in this team for sure. So, at this point DB still has not been really tested. As it is turning out, it may be either Science Hill or Farragut that is rhe 1st test.
  13. What!!Me and GFD never hot a hug after you all waxed our behinds??New approach Jimmy Swaggart?
  14. I hope your right!LC will be fired up not to lose to our little guys so im expecting their best game,seems like thats what we always get in games like this.
  15. If South Pitt would have played RB game 1 i would agree with you but Pitt is loaded and playing well this deep in the season.Loudon in NO WAY would want to replay game 1 with us right now,we may not win but we wouldn't get embarrassed!SP will give RB all they want and more.
  16. Today
  17. Who wins this county rivals game?
  18. Old Pirate says the Pirates ain’t got a 60 man roster fer a spell. The number of bench warmers certainly is not nearly as teams being ranked solely because of orchestrated transfers to even be ranked. SP was expected to be highly ranked. The TSSAA has got to address the short cuts to success.
  19. Cascade played well. Watertown has speed but didn't look good passing the ball. Cascade may have had a chance if center wouldn't have snapped it over QB several times. #11 is a player for Cascade.
  20. Old Pirate spent some time a visiting kinfolkes up Knoxville way due to some illness. Leastways, OP ain’t a nary bit interested in the continued stroking often times seen on coacht and the feuding is real slow. Figure a feller knowds, too much stroking leads to rawness. Yep, recon so!
  21. 9 out of 10 of the most talented MJ athletes will find a way to still play for the Bears anyway. They won't fall like people may think.
  22. Old Pirate suspects this feud will be full of fireworks. The Pirates’ strength thus far has been special teams & defense. The running game has displayed the bloody nose approach sparingly and Red Bank will certainly be big and fast. Pirates must stay healthy while gaining experience and limiting foolish penalties.
  23. Elizabethton has not played good the past 2 games but the schedule and conference is very weak. Elizabethton 35 to 15
  24. Good luck to the Pirates, steep hill but y'all have some climbers.
  25. Old Pirate says, This proposal would certainly help the northern kinfolkes.
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