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    I promise I’m not stalking you, haha. I believe they graduated around 30ish seniors. That’s a lot of talent and leadership gone. Not to mention losing their head coach. They will have talent coming back though, they always do.
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    This tournament will be loaded for he most part. There are numerous state tournament teams, two state champions, seven players in top 200 of their respective class, numerous girls being recruited heavily and 15 teams of the 18 that won 18 games or more last year. It will be a totally new format and will be a five day event instead of four.
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    Haywood hires chris smith from Germantown
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    ok purple, here it is, quoted from this post. It's on the first page of this thread in bold print no less. Also, the things I stated are not generalities, they are specific, literal things that have happened. Perhaps it is you that is too uninformed about this situation to comment.
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    Man wish she could of come to the secret club's Good Fridays Luncheon! My Trophy Bride and MommaSTARS cud a talked bout being married for 30 years.
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    yeah its not like he was run out of Cleveland or anything. I've never ever heard of him having issues with parents or wrestlers, especially last year at the junior duals. Not to mention nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about him. but by all means, just because YOU like the guy he should absolutely stay in his position.
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    I love it RR… when it was public's griping about privates, these same people took the high road with " just strap it up and play". Go back and read some of the infinitesimal details and complex formulas devised to keep away from BA and Ensworth. #justplay
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    South Pittsburg Pirates 2019 Aug 24 Sequatchie County Aug 30 @ Grundy County Sept 6 Lookout Valley Sept 13 @ Jasper Sept 20 Huntland Sept 27 @ Red Bank Oct 4 OpenOct 11 Meigs County Oct 18 WhitwellOct 25 @Sale CreekNov 1 @Copper Basin
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