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    I don't think Coach Simpson would have thrown in non-starters at 126-145 if he didn't have the winner of Brentwood and DB in the next round. I also don't think that he went into the dual with the intent to throw those kids in there. I think that he was hoping Lewis would pin at 195 ; the hwt would pull out the win; and that Canon would at least get bonus points. Once those three things did not happen he knew the only reason to continue was to get the rest of his wrestlers some matches, and why risk injury to starters when you have another big dual coming right up. I do agree the optics of it are not good, but it was all strategic. I feel pretty strongly that had this been in the finals or a regular season dual he would not have done it. OW basically said as much but I just wanted to add that I don't think this was the pre-determined plan going in. Had things gone differently through the first six weights I think he would have continued competing. That said, this is all speculation on my part.
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    Dear Lord, Let New England lose the Super Bowl. Let them lose Bigly. Amen.
  3. 1 point
    The split did nothing but water everything down, heck with the split I would have been a high state placer, fact is the kids that have went on to be really good nationally started at a VERY young age, they didn't start in high school or really in middle school either. To grow the sport the best way is to get kids into kids club wrestling. My son went last year to a free beginners camp at Bradley, there were a ton of kids there and it went really well and I am sure Bradley picked up some kids to wrestle. My son liked it but ended up not wanting to wrestle. Those free camps would do more for growing the sport than having 12 extra teams join in the high school ranks and have 5 wrestlers and not a one of them ever wrestle in college, but they can call themselves a state champ while beating no one of significance. Don't get me wrong, there have been some really good wrestlers in A/AA win states and a few of those would have won in other divisions, but I have seen some of those kids last few years that wouldn't have went past round of 16 in AAA or a round or so in D2. The split didn't do anything to bring TN to the national level, that's being done at the youth level!
  4. 1 point
    I would have paid double to have seen a Knox Fuller vs Eli King matchup last year.
  5. 1 point
    You would not get the D2 state champions because they qualify for the National Prep School Tournament at Lehigh the week following the TSSAA state tournament. If you want to do the right thing just put everyone back together in not only wrestling but all TSSAA individual sports. It's funny how everyone wants to reinvent the wheel and talk about a dual team or a grand championship tournament. The problem could be solved with everyone being placed back together and competing at one unified state tournament. What is wrong with a single division state wrestling tournament? Tennessee does not have the population base to have multiple state tournaments in wrestling.
  6. 1 point
    It was a penalty. If you add up their points from the matches, it adds up to 34, yet their score shows 33 because a point was deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct. That made the score 33-33, and the first criteria is unsportsmanlike conduct, therefore giving Brentwood the point and win 34-33
  7. 1 point
    I have started no fight! I was simply defending myself against DaBears smart comment about SH fans. All season long I have simply supported my team. I have not fought against anyone and tried to keep it positive but as others have pointed out DaBears trolls everyone who is not Region 4. Last year he as Bradley through and through, this year he bleeds blue and on occasion, as long as they were winning, was a Soddy guy. I'm here to support Science Hill and will continue to do so. I will defend my team to the end. We dropped a close one in the finals but we could have easily turned 3 matches and made a who different dual. We will show up ready at individual state and give Cleveland and everyone else a battle. I stand by my comments and we WILL finish ahead of several Region 4 teams. If you have a problem with anything I've said, come find the Science Hill crowd and we can talk about it.
  8. 1 point
    Give it a rest with hahaha and lol’s (what are you 14 yrs old)....they were by far the best team, all year....but you act like YOU actually were out there Wrestling. I’m a little embarrassed for you. it is just impossible for some grown-#### people to act like a grown #### people. Please let me know who YOU beat this weekend? What weight did you wrestle at? Congrats to Cleveland...they are/were outstanding! Congrats to SH....so glad you are re-writing record books over there. Congrats to WC....well deserved and great things to come. Congrats to Brentwood....what a wonderful surprise, to some...not all of us. Also, what a great AAA tourney....wonderful parity, this year. Finally, congrats to Gibbs (East), CB’s (West), and Cleveland (Chattanooga). To whoever the chirping bird from Chattanooga was, that starting chirping to early...as the chirpers usually do.....NO, you do not have 3 champions from Chattanooga....you have one from 3 different regions. Great job with this thread.....it was well-timed and informative. Good luck and good health to all of wrestlers, out there.....you have the next 2 weeks to make your dreams come true....you got this!
  9. 1 point
    Lol!Lol my raiders taking Science Hill to the woodshed!!!!!! It was all a business trip!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 1 point
    I dont think they do that in junior pro lol. I watch Friday Night Tykes on Netflix and they dont play everybody
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