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    BPM, Old Pirate gots a question fer you! Do you know there is No evidence regarding the subject yous keep mentioning? NO, you don’t, so what your opinion is jest subjective yapping. It is No doubt the TSSAA has regularly ignored hard evidence of wrong doing. Whitwell player a great example. Did you know about that violation? Most likely not. Point here is, RD is going to rattle that cage until a better one comes along. Get use to it......! Ole ROY will catch another ride to come feuding time. BTW, coacht fellers sees he is still rattling yous cage bout training schedules. As fer Old Pirate, recon this feuding season has come to an end. See you fellers come Earholing time.
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    So you want Roy Dillard and Old Pirate to verify someone else is full of mess? I find that comical. It let me be clear about something. I have no problem if South Pitt gets 100 transfer. I just find it extremely hypocritical that some SP posters get their panties in a wad when someone mentions their transfers when those same posters gave Greenback hades about their transfers. And they accuse of illegal recruiting with no evidence. Extremely disrespectful to the families and football program.
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    Transfers?? Haven’t heard of them. I won’t believe it until they enroll in school and come out for practice. Our practice regime and the intensity it is ran tends to scare people off. However, to talk about the line. We have Stone back at OT and Cagle at TE. We also have Walters who should contribute possibly at Center, OT, or OG. We have several upcoming Junior linemen that seen a lot of 4th quarter playing time that need to hit the weight room HEAVILY but come from a great pedigree. Reynolds, Lewis, Garman, the younger Gamble, Huntley...just to name a few. We may see some bumps in the road against Meigs and Red Bank, but it will only help them come playoff time.
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    Loudon County Line Rule will be an obstacle for most. Rutgerson and Blake Fields transferred from WB last year and both made ALL-County this year and played in the state championship game, may be enough to motivate families to relocate across county line. (Rutgerson also won state championship in baseball with GB last spring)
  5. 1 point
    Doesn't hurt that Eric Gray was just named MVP... recovered the onside kick and scored the winning TD! Big Orange needs to have someone in Memphis every weekend, there's enough talent there to keep a recruiter hopping all season.
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    That's why I recruited a ton of football players for our wrestling team. I mentioned in the Wrestling Mat thread, a bunch of our wrestlers were in Cookeville and every year we get a late start. #don'tstopdeceiving #belowaverage
  7. 1 point
    Anyone else find it ironic that someone felt courageous enough to type what they did but not tough enough to leave their name? Mr. Reiniche, on behalf of the wrestling community.. my apologies. Good luck Mason.
  8. 1 point
    I have several friends as coach, some of whom are HC's. They wholeheartedly endorsed Cunningham. Yes he's an alum, but he made his bones on some pretty good coaching staffs. He's seen up close what it takes . He's taking a pay cut and the potential of taking over his own program in RuCo eventually to come back home. Young enough to relate to the kids. This was the best FC could do
  9. 1 point
    We count track as a sport. I know you are a baseball guy.
  10. 1 point
    Well said Sir. I don’t personally know Mason, but the couple times I met him he was very respectful and seemed like a fine young man. It absolutely blows my mind how people will put down kids and hide behind user names. If you are gonna speak bad about someone on a forum like this at least have the guts to say who you are. I don’t have any respect for keyboard tough guys. Sid Mason
  11. 1 point
    Ok. I simply cant be the bigger person here and not say anything to defend my 19 year old son. Yes I am Masons Dad. I’m sure I’m biased but I do try and view both my boys objectively and call it like it is. I feel it’s the only way to prepare properly for life. I certainly don’t think either are perfect angels and do everything right. How could they…..according to what I know….there is only one perfect being, and its none of us! First Mason is not the “Crown Prince of Tennessee Wrestling” as it was written. There have been numerous wrestlers from Tennessee, with accomplishments/accolades far greater than Mason. I can name a few right off….Jordan Leen, Matt Keller, Simpson, Kevin Ward, Nick Marable (all from different schools) that have gone on after high school and accomplished great things. Mason is just starting his post high school career. I would however, include Mason in with some of the best Tennessee high school wrestlers. I would not say he was the best or even close to the best. There are numerous 4 timer state champions, and two 5 timers. Mason won only three. But, he was a 5 time state finalist and OW once. He was a 3 time National Prep finalist, 3 time NHSCA finalist 1 time Champ, Fargo double AA. He had the the great fortune of competing on a cadet world team. He received the State Dave Schultz award. In my opinion he was a pretty good high school wrestler. These accomplishments in high school mean absolutely NOTHING at this next level. Mason has just started this chapter and yes it has not been pretty thus far. Without being able to see in the future, I cant tell you what hes going to accomplish or not accomplish at this next level. But I assure you he wants to make the line up at Cornell. Hes experienced a couple of setbacks with injuries actually starting with a completely torn PCL and slightly torn LCL and posterior corner ligaments damaged in his knee back from summer prior to last season. He was off the mat for 6 months then. He reinjured the same LCL (no tear) at fargo again this summer. Missed another month plus before heading to Cornell. Had a great preseason of training there and then came down with something that rendered him unable to even snap his fingers with either hand. After numerous dr visits and another month off the mat, that was cleared up with medicine and gratefully not returned. 2 days after returning to practice, he injured his ankle spraining ligaments. Another 2 plus weeks off the mat yet again. Finally on December 16th after getting home for the break he got back on the mat to try and prepare the best he could for the Scuffle. Obviously I knew he was not prepared for this tournament, but he was not going to miss it for anything. It was apparent he doubted his readiness as well and was intimidated to wrestle Joe Smith right out of the gate. No question he was gassed very early into his second match. I agree with the comment for calling injury time to catch his breath….not acceptable in my book either. But im not the one out there competing knowing a lot of eyes are on him hoping he fails, confused and scared of what happens if he loses again. I can only assume he truly felt he couldn’t breath, panicked and called for injury time. I disagree with the fact he does this frequently. Hes wrestled big time situations like this before and should have been able to overcome this. But he didn’t….so we have a discussion and point out his faults and where he needs to improve. Believe me there are a lot of areas needing improvement. Like I said previously, don’t know the future, but I know him…. He will not give up on what he really wants! I realize my post may be viewed as a parent offering up excuses for his child, and that’s fine if it is. That’s not why I responded though. I just thought IGNORANT people might need some enlightenment, so the next time they attack the character of someone they do not obviously know, they have all the background. They might still have the same opinion of Mason after getting to know him?? Again I am his dad and maybe blind to some of his faults, but I most definitely do NOT think he is the villain some have attempted to make him out to be. I have told him to view these comments. I hope he does it in a way he can learn from them, make it positive and not only see it as a personal attack from individuals hiding behind screen names. Hoping only to see him fail. I thank you once again for another learning opportunity for Mason!! Please let me know if you would prefer my thank you in person. Darren Reiniche
  12. 1 point
    For the one millionth time glenn odaniel is no longer wrestling for Bradley
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  14. 1 point
    He’s a kid and your obviously a old man whose son or kid on your team got beat by him. Mason is a GREAT kid!!! Very respectful and loves the sport. He’s at Cornell.... if he never starts, he will still be winning ha.
  15. 1 point
    I don't know the principal from Eve, but I do know several boosters and alums. They do not speak highly of her attitude toward athletics. Too often principals lose sight of what gets the publicity. You can have great academic success and few people will know. You win a state football or basketball title, a lot more people will recognize your school.
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    Riley at Jefferson County shut out Siegel twice in the state and allowed 3 runs in their 4 wins. Captured the AAA Title. 2021 Class.
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