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    Trump couldn't care less if folks attended church or not. He doesn't even attend himself. He's just throwing raw red meat to part of his base that'll gobble it up. We are a few months away from Election Day in November. Sit back and watch how ugly this gets. Watch Trump attack, divide, and spew untruths with every syllable that comes out of his mouth. And there will be a lot of folks that will absolutely enjoy the process. I for one believe the Governors of each state will do what they deem is necessary to keep folks safe with the help of each State Health Department. I would trust them before I would this President. Do I think worshipping God is essential? Absolutely. Everyday. Every minute of the day. But we don't need brick and mortar to worship God. You know as well as I do that God is worshipped in Spirit and Truth. Don't get me wrong, congregating with Christians is a blessed thing and something that I enjoy dearly. And it's necessary, especially for new believers. I for one have grown spiritually during this pandemic. Even if this pandemic isn't real in some folks mind or not as bad as some thought, I have grown. I have reached out to the older folks in our neighborhood and community and seen that they have the essentials in their households because some have not been able to get out as much as they would like. I have connected with a lot of folks that I wouldn't have known other than a friendly wave as we passed each other otherwise. I don't think God is as concerned about such and such building not being open for whatever reasons as much as He is about how we are treating each other and lifting His name in everything we do. Everyone of us should find ways to grow spiritually no matter the circumstances.
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    Is it just me or does the T$$AA response sound like a Democrapic 'MAYBE' or 'WHY' ?!?!
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    Welp Mr. ED iz smart and evurthang.....Butt he down't no hit all.....
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