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    You just caused PeabodyPride to start playing his new theme song from Uncle Joe Diffie. “Poor Me” !!!!
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    MORE Murphy Fair Information... Oak Ridge is listed as one of the five teams with the best chance to make it to the 5A Title game in Cookeville by Murphy Fair . The other four in ABC Order are Beech, David Crockett, Henry County and Knox. Central. The State Coaches' Preseason Top 10 5A is as followed: 1. Knox. Central 2. Beech 3. Knox West 4. (tie) Henry County 4. (tie) Powell 6. Summit 7. OAK RIDGE 8. South Doyle 9. Gallatin and 10. Kirby. Also receiveing votes Southwind, Tennessee High, Dyer County and Shelbyvill. Oak Ridge and Knoxville West are predicted by the Region 3 - 5A Coaches to tie for FIRST. Powell THIRD. Fulton FOUR. Campbell County FIVE. Karns Six. Clinton Seven. Wildcats making the murphyfair.com Academic All-State Team are... Cole Adams Jaxon Adams Mitchell Gibbons Robert Hill Cameron Mlekodaj Trey Rowe Jonathan Stewart Matthew Swigert Vinny West
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    That's not Swarm's logic MainEventMan. We couldn't have gotten out of the 3rd round most likely in quad 2 4a the last decade. Quad 3 4a?? Absolutely. That's what I was referring to. Geography is friendlier to some than others. That was my point in all this. Glad to see some good discussion here. Sure hope we get to see some football before long! I enjoy your shows. Keep up the good work.
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    That why I am a big believer in athletes playing every sport in every season. Enhances and works different set of muscles and skills which have carry over and value .
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