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  1. Why are you coming on here trying to be negative about Oak Ridge?Do you have something against Oak Ridge or Coach Cummings.Who is your team? Just trying to figure out where all your comments are coming from?I seen where somebody said something about Clinton to you but surely a Clinton fan wouldnt be trying Oak Ridge
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  2. Children, women, and Africans. Take a minute to re-read what you posted...I don't even have to point it out to you. Your ignorant, inflammatory rhetoric is nothing but hate based in every post, and I'm done responding.
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  3. To be fair, isn’t that the case with any Coach? What would Gaddis in his heyday been without Lussier as DC, Rankin without Nix, Quarles in his heyday without Jimmy Gaylor, Ditka without Buddy Ryan? And the list goes on………A HC is only as good as the coaches he has surrounding him. That has always been the case, and today it’s no different.
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  4. We will have enough players left to beat Clinton.
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