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    Jeremiah Batistie Tyner Academy J.D. Dixon Waverly Central High School Aaron Swafford Meigs County High School Congrats on being named a finalist
  2. 3 points
    Only if they’re deciding the state championship winner on a game of dice.
  3. 2 points
    Wilson Central does not dodge competition. They took a loss on Thursday at Father Ryan, then came to pat Walsh and wrestled the best teams available. Taking losses to Cleveland, Baylor and McCallie. No one can say that Wilson Central dodges competition! I'm sure it's not the start to the season that they want, but they are making the team better by wrestling the best competition available.
  4. 2 points
    This kid sounds like an NFL QB doing interviews....very impressed by this young man’s words and actions. I wish him all the success he deserves now and in the future. Sounds like a good role model for the younger ones.
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    What in the world is going on? A kid transfers from Knox Halls to Alcoa in the middle of the season. A kid from Brentwood transfers to Indy in the middle of the season. A kid plays football for Centennial, but is going to be playing for Franklin in Basketball. I am sure there are other examples across the state. WTH! What are we teaching our kids? Daddy, I am not getting enough touches at school A, will you buy a condo across town so I can get more touches at school B? I have already talked to the coaches on the other team. They are ok with me coming in in mid season and taking another kid's spot who has busted his butt to play. My coach is mean and I want to leave. He actually expects me to be a team player and play by his rules. Please Daddy? Sure son. I will take care of it tomorrow. If I am missing something, someone please enlighten me. TSSAA may have to change their eligibility rules. It doesn't seem right that a parent can just up and buy a condo or house and move a kid because they don't like the circumstances of school A. Most of the parents across the state cannot afford it, but a select few can and take advantage of it? Come on Man!
  7. 2 points
    Not going to wish my friends at Alcoa luck because they don't need it.I will however hope it's an injury free game and look forward to seeing another championship victory in a couple weeks for the Tornadoes!
  8. 2 points
    Why did the kids have to be KICKED OUT? I don't think it's that type of party over there but I definitely don't know for sure. Smh lol, Ya'll small town folks slay me
  9. 2 points
    Stop just stop !!! If you dont care to talk football then go away !!!! LC is a great program,there are children of all ethicities on that team, these boys love each other no matter etnicity !!! I for one will not allow the T to become a race baiting thing !!!! Its a insult to all of our young men that suit up and work hard with amd for their brothers in battle !!!!! LC is a proud school in a economically down trottin area, Dressimg in those green and white unis mean more than skin color ever will !!! I usually dont even to respond to things of this nature but right is right !! Good Luck to tye young men of Freedom Prep and LC and leave it all on the field between the whistles men !!! Character is defined but what you do and how you act and react to adversity in the heat of Victory or Defeat !!!!!
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    @FridayMainEvent i think the second year illustrates that just because you're a large school doesn't mean you're going to have a good football team. Ultimately did this "study" to show that too many teams make the playoffs. either need to take less per class or have less classes. I personally think 4 blanket classifications across all sports for division I would be best.
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