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    That's why I hate the "news". Feel good stories sell to the few people interested, controversy and unrest sells to most everyone. All TSSAA's rules were apparently followed to the letter of the law, yet your coach gets painted as if he's running a sweat shop with child labor in a foreign country. I agree that kid's arms need to be protected, but I also believe that the best available team needs to be on the field in the championship game... according to TSSAA, your coach was able to do that (even from the losers bracket) while staying within their guidelines.
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    Thanks BPM! It’s been a great week!
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    Thank you Stars! I wish I was 39 again but I’m thankful Our Heavenly Father has blessed me and kept me safe on this Earth for 50 years!
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    He's making an excellent decision with his choice. My son graduated from Annapolis In the 90's and it was valued at $250K and no debt. Guaranteed job after graduation!! Congrats to Aaron Swafford and best wishes!!
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    Forrest runner up 2nd straight year
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  7. 1 point
    Thats when the Bees get hammered by the F5 Tonadoes!
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    Anderson County did graduate a great class, but they have graduated great classes for many years. They have a junior QB, Stone Hatmaker who took a lot of second half reps last season as a sophomore and has had a great 7v7 circuit this spring. I have watched skill players this spring in 7v7 League play here and White, Miller, Thomas, Williams, Elliott, Terry, Seidner can score anytime they get the ball. Incoming Freshman class is loaded as well with Vowell, Noe, Russell, Braden etc.... Up front, the Mavs will be big and strong again led by Stone Cummins, Murphy, Russell, Gage Terry , all played every game last year. Big question is how quickly Hatmaker and the receivers gel. They have proven in 7v7 that they can put up big numbers quick, but we all know 7v7 and Friday nights are different. Mavericks picked up two top notch teams next year in Powell and South Doyle to go along with the Chattanooga Region they play in. I know this Mav Fan can't wait to see the opening kick and see how this group follows up the last two seasons. Look for the Mavericks to be right in the thick of it again as the Playoffs begin. I know Greeeneville will be loaded again, and I look for E-town to be back at it as well.
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    To order your individual copy of this year’s TENNESSEE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL, please send $16.00 (covers shipping & handling) to the following address: Murphy Fair Publications 121 April Lane Readyville, TN 37149 Your order will be mailed out the day after the order is received.
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    Yes. You are definitely the oz. Thank you.
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