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  1. 11 points
    Only two I hear CRY about it is you and your older sister.Give it a break.Everyone on here is tired of your constant embarrassing whining.Pirates where always a proud bunch you two are giving them a terrible reputation of whining.If Greenback has done ANYTHING illegal or broke any rules turn them in and quit ruining our site.Families moving and making legal change of addresses leaves nothing to question it has happened at your school for years and to alot of the top 5 this year.Get over yourself.You guys are making it hard to even read these threads.
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    Ok. I simply cant be the bigger person here and not say anything to defend my 19 year old son. Yes I am Masons Dad. I’m sure I’m biased but I do try and view both my boys objectively and call it like it is. I feel it’s the only way to prepare properly for life. I certainly don’t think either are perfect angels and do everything right. How could they…..according to what I know….there is only one perfect being, and its none of us! First Mason is not the “Crown Prince of Tennessee Wrestling” as it was written. There have been numerous wrestlers from Tennessee, with accomplishments/accolades far greater than Mason. I can name a few right off….Jordan Leen, Matt Keller, Simpson, Kevin Ward, Nick Marable (all from different schools) that have gone on after high school and accomplished great things. Mason is just starting his post high school career. I would however, include Mason in with some of the best Tennessee high school wrestlers. I would not say he was the best or even close to the best. There are numerous 4 timer state champions, and two 5 timers. Mason won only three. But, he was a 5 time state finalist and OW once. He was a 3 time National Prep finalist, 3 time NHSCA finalist 1 time Champ, Fargo double AA. He had the the great fortune of competing on a cadet world team. He received the State Dave Schultz award. In my opinion he was a pretty good high school wrestler. These accomplishments in high school mean absolutely NOTHING at this next level. Mason has just started this chapter and yes it has not been pretty thus far. Without being able to see in the future, I cant tell you what hes going to accomplish or not accomplish at this next level. But I assure you he wants to make the line up at Cornell. Hes experienced a couple of setbacks with injuries actually starting with a completely torn PCL and slightly torn LCL and posterior corner ligaments damaged in his knee back from summer prior to last season. He was off the mat for 6 months then. He reinjured the same LCL (no tear) at fargo again this summer. Missed another month plus before heading to Cornell. Had a great preseason of training there and then came down with something that rendered him unable to even snap his fingers with either hand. After numerous dr visits and another month off the mat, that was cleared up with medicine and gratefully not returned. 2 days after returning to practice, he injured his ankle spraining ligaments. Another 2 plus weeks off the mat yet again. Finally on December 16th after getting home for the break he got back on the mat to try and prepare the best he could for the Scuffle. Obviously I knew he was not prepared for this tournament, but he was not going to miss it for anything. It was apparent he doubted his readiness as well and was intimidated to wrestle Joe Smith right out of the gate. No question he was gassed very early into his second match. I agree with the comment for calling injury time to catch his breath….not acceptable in my book either. But im not the one out there competing knowing a lot of eyes are on him hoping he fails, confused and scared of what happens if he loses again. I can only assume he truly felt he couldn’t breath, panicked and called for injury time. I disagree with the fact he does this frequently. Hes wrestled big time situations like this before and should have been able to overcome this. But he didn’t….so we have a discussion and point out his faults and where he needs to improve. Believe me there are a lot of areas needing improvement. Like I said previously, don’t know the future, but I know him…. He will not give up on what he really wants! I realize my post may be viewed as a parent offering up excuses for his child, and that’s fine if it is. That’s not why I responded though. I just thought IGNORANT people might need some enlightenment, so the next time they attack the character of someone they do not obviously know, they have all the background. They might still have the same opinion of Mason after getting to know him?? Again I am his dad and maybe blind to some of his faults, but I most definitely do NOT think he is the villain some have attempted to make him out to be. I have told him to view these comments. I hope he does it in a way he can learn from them, make it positive and not only see it as a personal attack from individuals hiding behind screen names. Hoping only to see him fail. I thank you once again for another learning opportunity for Mason!! Please let me know if you would prefer my thank you in person. Darren Reiniche
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  4. 9 points
    We are at the mid point in the season for a lot of teams. The region races will start playing out and it will be play-off time before you know it. I just want to look at each region and start looking at who is a contender and who may get to be a dark horse. 10 teams in 5A are still undefeated Beech, Cherokee, Gallatin, Knox Central, Knox Halls, Powell, Summit, and Knox West at 5-0 and David Crockett and Rhea County at 4-0. Region 1 vs Region 2 picture Region 1 has a 3 horse race for the top spot at this point with Cherokee, David Crockett, and Tennessee High. The battle for 4th place in the region will sort its self off since the 4 teams that are battling for it will play each other. Region 2 Like Region 1 region 2 is at this point a 3 horse race for the top spot between some teams that could make some noise in the playoffs. Knox central, Knox Halls, and South Doyle will battle out for the top 3 spots. Knox Carter and Knox Gibbs will be fighting it out for 4th in this region. If the playoffs started Friday (based on current standings) Cherokee vs Knox Carter Knox Central vs Tennessee David Crockett vs South Doyle Knox Halls vs Daniel Boone Region 3 vs Region 4 Region 3 at this point is a 2 horse race between Knox West and Powell for the top spot. Oct 18th will pretty much decide the region. Oak Ridge could challenge for 2nd but they are going to have to have some luck and play a great game on the road at Powell. 4th place currently is Karns. Karns still has to beat Campbell and Clinton to seal the deal but things are looking good for the beavers. Region 4 its pretty simple Rhea vs Soddy will decide the region. I’ll admit it Rhea has surprised me a little starting 4-0. Soddy has also surprised me with the lack of offensive production in 3 of their 4 games. I look for WV to beat Lenoir City for 3rd. If the playoffs started Friday (based on current standings) Powell vs Lenoir City Soddy vs Oak Ridge Knox West vs Walker Valley Rhea Co vs Karns Region 5 vs Region 6 Region 5 I think Page and Summit will be the game that decides the region. However, the rest of the region will be interesting to watch how it plays out with Columbia, Shelbyville, Lincoln County and Franklin County. Region 6 Is pretty much a 2 horse race between Gallatin and Beech which is going to be a great football game. Hillsboro I think is a solid 3rd but could get 2nd if the beat Beech. Hunters lane I think will round out the top 4. If the playoffs started Friday (based on current standings) Summit vs Hunters Lane Beech vs Columbia Page vs Hillsboro Gallatin vs Lincoln Co Region 7 vs Region 8 Region 7 I believe Henry County has this region won. Kenwood is off to a 2-0 start in region play but there is still a lot of football to be played. Dyer Co, Northwest, Clarksville, and West Creek will decide 3 and 4th. Region 8 Region 8 is a two horse race with Southwind and Ridgeway. 3 and 4 in the region will probably come down to Mumford and Kirby maybe Overton too. If the playoffs started Friday (based on current standings) Henry Co vs Kirby Ridgeway vs Dyer Co Kenwood vs Munford Southwind vs Northwest
  5. 8 points
    Waste of your time buddy. They think they have the greatest fans and also the greatest coach in the history of sports. The living legend grider has got out coached the last 3 times he has faced greenback. I will admit that as a whole unit south Pitt had the upper hand in total talent. But that sweep left and sweep right will eventually get stopped against good teams. If he is the greatest coach ever why are you guys not a balanced team. With those kind of athletes you should throw for 200 and rush for 200 every game. Do any of you ever wonder how many gold balls you might have won the past 10 years if you had a coach who could draw up more than five plays
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  7. 8 points
    Thank you to all who have served! We enjoy (and take for granted) freedoms that few societies have ever experienced since the beginning of civilization, and it's due to those who have fought to secure and preserve our independence. Within my lifetime, our boarders have never been threatened, nor our freedoms to worship as we choose, pursue financial security, or gather with whomever we wish been infringed upon... for all that our society owes our military a debt of gratitude that can never be overpaid. Sincerely, thank you all.
  8. 8 points
    Lets make a story up that'll help you understand. A few years back in a far away land was a Ferrari dealership. The Sales Manager could do no wrong. Sales were off the charts. Sales ability mattered not. He was selling Ferrari's for shadsake. Things were going along swimmingly until whispers and rumors caused an audit of the company books. As Law Enforcement dialed in the Sales Manager quickly left the area. No hard feelings by the dealership and stock holders the problem was gone. Before long the Sales Manager interviewed at a new dealership. They sold Yugo's and Daewoo's. The Manager convinced the CEO he could turn them into a powerhouse dealership in a very few years. The CEO listened as he sipped a Cupp of coffee. He knew several of the other applicants but was mesmerized by the Ferrari salesmans promises of the future and dreamt of the glory and adulation that would come his way for making such an astute hire. Several years have passed since that day and the results are abysmal. The CEO has painted himself into a corner by his inaction and failure to take the reins and restore order. The dealership is now the town joke and all who know the management know them as weak and ineffective as they watch their key employees leave for other dealerships. The Sales Manager sees the writing on the wall again and wishes to use his charlatan skills to dupe another dealership but alas the word is out and he finds nobody ready to entertain him or his services. Did that help GWAVE1?
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    The liberal media is ruining this country. They have created wide spread panic over the flu. They will try anything say anything to regain power and get Trump out of office. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. In 6 months we will all look back and see how idiotic this was. It’s a scam put on by Democrats and their media counterparts. So y’all just keep listening the political hacks on CNN and MSDNC and they will ruin your lives!
  10. 7 points
    Van Ness wrestled just fine against Delbartons 132 in the dual prior to the dual with Baylor. Blair chose to send Coliaocco out to wrestle 132 and not Van Ness. Why can't we as supporters of wrestling in TN, not support each other on the national stage. Why does it have to be an excuse that Baylor won one match against Blair? Why can't you just congratulate the the team on competing with some of the best teams in the country today? Let me say that it was a great day of wrestling at Blair. Very proud of Baylor for getting the invitation and representing TN as the best team in TN this year!
  11. 7 points
    Congratulations Lake County!! I know Dylan is up there in heaven giving a shout out the whole world can hear! He would be super excited for y'all! Way to play football all year! We couldn't be more proud for y'all. Great job coach Puckett and the rest of the coaching staff!! Forever 23!!!
  12. 7 points
    Great game to watch. Heartbreaking game to be a part of at the same time. Congrats to the Cherokees and good luck next week. It was good to meet a few of you Greenback guys before the game as well. Congratulations on another good season for the Pirates and thank you for the memories that this season brought. We could talk about missed opportunities in this game but then you would have to talk about the missed opportunities that Greenback had as well so in the end it all balances out. Hold your heads up boys, it was a great ride. Good luck to the seniors on your future endeavors. And for those returning, hit the weight room and let's make some more memories next season.
  13. 7 points
    Again my thoughts on the game. Huntland played inspired ball. They just didn't have the horses up front to keep up with the Mustangs for 4 quarters. Plus their lack of a passing attack kept them one dimensional for the most part even though they completed 2 passes over the top. It is true that Region 5 Class 1A was a close battle this year. Not much difference between the top 3 and Fayetteville as well. I don't think Fayetteville would have fared any better if much at all. Huntingdon was by far the better team. They reminded me of Meigs on offense somewhat but not as big or had as much depth as Meigs County. Huntingdon started out very slow and that may have been due to the long drive and don't forget it was played a day earlier than normal. We are all creatures of habit and anything out of the norm can and does affect us. Huntland controlled the tempo early on. And the helmet to helmet call at the end of the first half was definitely a good call. Ensley seemed to be sitting on the ground for the most part after a couple defenders had him brought down and wrapped up. Then another defender came in late and delivered a shot that drew a flag from every official out there. That 15 yard penalty accessed on the 2nd half kickoff set Huntingdon up on a commanding 2nd half performance. They just muscled up and had their way for the most part after that. I was glad towards the end that no one got tossed from the game. You wouldn't want to see it against your team/school so why would you want to see it called against another? Playoffs are heated and rightfully so. Everything you've work for all year is coming down to the wire. Emotions flare. Remember to be led by emotions and not controlled by them and you'll be better off for it. Huntingdon didn't throw a long pass at the end. Just a 10-15 yard out pattern. A couple of broken tackles a juke here and there and a reverse of field and the kid took it to the house. If Huntingdon is to advance next week I believe they'll have to play a more sound game defensively. Of course now they have an extra day and will be hosting. Already clinched their semifinal game. So all is good on that front. As for Huntland they had a really good year. Much impressed with the way they have improved over the course of the season. Huntland is a small and very proud town. Reminds me some of South Pitt. It's just that Huntland lacks enough players. But I will say they get the most out of what they've got. Very nice crowd last night. Good to see other schools represented from across the State. So I don't want to hear anything about being soft and not playing the game in the rain tonight. As for myself, a fan of high school football, I'm very glad the game was moved because I got the opportunity to watch another quarterfinal game. I'm selfish that way I guess. Good luck to Huntland as regroup and start looking forward to next year. Also congrats to Huntingdon for clinching a semifinal berth. There are 6 other teams playing tonight in 1A that are trying to accomplish that feat. So good luck next week. And to the other top 3 out there, let's get it on!
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  15. 7 points
    The Rebels practiced at 6:15 this morning. Not because of the heat though. Coach Hunt invited 30 of our friends from the special education classes in Maryville City Schools out to a camp at the Skeeter. I was blessed to get to watch my 6 year old godson who has Down syndrome have the time of his life. All the kids got to wear Red Rebel jerseys. Walk through the tunnel from the locker room, while Back in Black played over the speakers. Then they ran through the M that the Cheerleaders hold. Then the coaches and football players helped them throw the football, do tackling drills and then an obstacle course to the end zone. And they got a T-shirt. His momma texted me and said I will cry when I see him in it in the morning. I will never forget this. It is truly great to be a Maryville Rebel.
  16. 7 points
    This has bothered me tonight. Apparently Greenback suffers from the same geographical problem that Meigs does, but did anyone notice any news/press crews outside of local papers? These two teams are ranked in the top 5 of their classifications, playing in an awesome environment in front of a packed house and there were zero news Crews there to report the game from Chattanooga or Knoxville? Can’t even send a cameraman to shoot a few highlights? There were plenty! Greenback has a couple players with power 5 offers, Meigs has a Mr Football winner that has committed to the naval academy, and they’re just going to be a box score. These teams have combined to go 75-9 over the past three years and all you’ll get to do is read the stat line. That’s downright sorry in my opinion. Missed a great opportunity to report on what was by far the best matchup on this side of the state, ESPECIALLY in the smaller classifications.
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    Jacobi Wood from Cleveland. Belmont Bound, averaging 30 ppg. Currently 22-0 in AAA and I believe the only undefeated team in the class with the 4th toughest record.
  18. 6 points
    Eye wood like two wush tha entarr CoachT famlee a vurry vurry Murry Christmas...... Just remember we all need forgiveness and thank God, He sent us a Savior...!!!
  19. 6 points
    I read earlier that Lake County doesnt compare to Huntingdon's History when it comes to football and vice versa. So out of curiosity I did some "research". State Champions for LC- 1980, 1985 State Champions for HHS- 2003 State Runner Up LC - 1977,1979, 1994 State Runner Up HHS - 1999, 2004, 2012 Playoff Appearances from 2019 dating back untill 2000: LC has missed the playoffs 4 times, HHS 1 time. Not including this year: LC has been eliminated in the Semi- Finals 2 times (2018,2017) HHS has been eliminated in the Semi- Finals 2 times ( 2000,2005) LC has been eliminated in the Quarterfinals 3 times (2014,2008,2006) HHS has been eliminated in the Quarterfinals 4 times (2018,2017,2011,2009) LC has been eliminated in the 2nd round 2 times( 2011, 2009) HHS has been eliminated in the 2nd round 6 times ( 2016,2015,2013,2010,2008,2007) LC has been eliminated in the 1st round 5 times ( 2013, 2005,2004,2001,2000) HHS has been eliminated in the 1st round 3 times (2014, 2002, 2001) Lake County combined record since 2000- 139 wins 78 losses Huntingdon combined record since 2000 - 177 wins 59 losses. I know these stats dont mean much to anyone, but to ME it shows 2 EQUALLY tradition rich teams, 2 EQUALLY GREAT teams this year, 2 UNDEFEATED teams, 2 teams that even though we are great at talking smack to each other, greatly respect each other. I for one am under the impression that this is the longest week of my life and Friday can not get here quick enough. Huntingdon Fans, I STRONGLY URGE you to show up and be proud, and LOUD! Bring your noisemakers, bring the air horns, bring the signs, the confetti, the flags, etc... Lake County... Guess what.. I STRONGLY URGE you to do the same! The more exciting we can make this game for these boys the better! BOO the refs when they throw a flag against your team, cheer as loud as you can when your team scores, BOTH TOWNS lets show our boys how much we support them. After the game, We can all hit the field and congratulate the winners, and console whosever boys have lost what I know will be a hard fought game. Its a shame this game couldn't be for the State Title. Lake County Fans, safe travels, and see yall Friday!
  20. 6 points
    I personally have been really hesitant to post anything about this situation. I live in the area, and I have nothing but respect for Milan football. They really are a blue chip football town. They are also our biggest rival. Anyone that says Teddy got a raw deal, or this is because of the color of his skin is stupid. Teddy failed at his job, did not have his boys ready to win, offense was a mess ( to say the least ), and the chemistry of the team did not have the heart that is expected out of a Milan team. Going behind a legend like coach Morris was going to be a tough job. If Teddy did not think he could do it he should not have accepted or applied for the position. He regressed in the teams performance over the 2 years. Finishing 2nd in the region.... He was 1 game away from being eliminated completely from the playoffs. Yes, Milan plays a super hard schedule. That does not matter to Milan. They are Milan for a reason. They want to play the toughest games because they are absolutely used to making deep playoff runs year in and year out. Teddy knew this when taking the job because he has been a coach for 15 year prior to taking the head skipper position. Also, no one has mentioned that former coach Jeff Morris had stepped in and helped Teddy get things together. After Morris stepped in things got clearly better. Some of you may disagree with this but I know this to be true so save it please. I personally wish Teddy nothing but the best. He is fine man and one heck of a coach. He knows along with all of us now that he does not have what it takes to be the head man. That is Okay! ( have seen several companies go bankrupt because they were not ok with being #2 ). He should have bowed out gracefully and stepped down. Instead, he attempts to burn the entire house down on his way out the door. I think that it is going to be impossible for him to ever get another shot at a head coaching job because of the way he handled himself on this departure. ( I've had 10 plus calls already?? what a joke. Word does not travel that fast even in the internet age... ) No admin anywhere is going to want this mess on their hands. The race thing is so outdated, overused, and simply not the case in most situation. This is a slap in the face to fine people that actually have be a victim of racism. In closing, I wish Teddy nothing but the best. He is a really likable person, has heart, and integrity. He is simply off base on this pulling the race card. Just my 2 cents.
  21. 6 points
    And the only reason he won two state titles was the two players from LaVergne he 'found' and a Coach from R'dale AFTER Rankin was gone!
  22. 6 points
    Fayetteville is in the right. This all hinges on the definition of ‘territory’. Here is the TSSAA definition. *** Territory – For a public school, the “territory” of the school is the geographic boundaries and bus routes of the area served by that school as established by the local board of education. For a system-wide public school or a home school student participating at a public school, the “territory” of the school is the geographic boundaries of the school system. For a non-public school or a home school student participating at a non-public school, the “territory” of the school is the area within a twenty (20) mile radius from the school. *** Now, the ‘bus route’ specification is quite clearly meant to apply to ‘zoned’ school districts, with multiple high schools (NOT system-wide schools) in specific and enforced zones within a system. The territory for a zoned HS among multiple High schools in the system is within the bus routes of the particular zone and also within the geographic boundaries of the system that fall within that zone. The territory for a ‘system-wide’ HS is only the geographic boundaries - bus routes do not apply (they are intended to define the zones for multi-school systems). Fayetteville is clearly a system-wide school, since there is only one HS in the system. By the TSSAA’s rules, Fayetteville’s territory is defined exclusively by the geographic boundaries (all of Lincoln County acc’d to the school board, which the TSSAA recognizes has full authority in this matter). I don’t know if this was an attempt by the TSSAA to subvert the rules or simply an inability to correctly understand and apply them, but it’s quite clear that the previous ruling is incongruent with the published TSSAA rules and definitions.
  23. 6 points
    Ever seen a bear eat crow? tee hee hee
  24. 6 points
    If your school win's, then kid's want to come there and play, especially if there team has about 50 or less fan's to come watch a game. I've seen some team's come to SP that it didn't look like there was anybody over in the visitor's stand's. Seriously, what kid want's to play for a school that has no backing? I don't blame them for wanting to leave. All I have heard this year is about GB and SP, well. they both win and kid's want to go there. Our coaches can't help it if they want to come. I am sure all coach's would not turn down a good player that want's to come to there school the legal way.
  25. 6 points
    Dearest Mother- By the time you receive this letter I will have almost swam the length of the River from New Hope to Decatur Creek. While the Captain is taking his Band of Pirates north of the Fiery Gizzard to do battle with the Yellow Jacket men of Coalmont, I have been given a special assignment to gather vital information on two upcoming opponents of ours. Those being the Flying Tigers of Decatur and the Cherokees that seem to be from every tribe known to man. It is an honorable mission, of which I wouldn't have had the strength or courage had it not been for your provisions of possum cakes with squirrel butter and the life lessons Poppa has instilled in me, your youngest son who is of sound mind and strong body. Even though I'm on my journey into hostile territory rest assured Sweet Mother of mine that I shall take care and shall survive to write another day. Relay the word to Poppa that Captain Victory was once again victorious over the Squatch people of Dunlap. Also pray for Coach Victory and his Band of Pirates as they head beyond the Fiery Gizzard into the mountainous regions containing Yellow Jacket men who seem to be leaderless and without much of a stinger at the present. Love to all- Sargent Southtowner
  26. 6 points
    I hate these kinds of posts which in the tech world are called flames. But i do also wish this nonsense would stop as it's beginning to get boring. Funny at first but now turned into a broken record of you stole my season so to speak. I'm pretty sure everyone is aware that these kids aren't coming to Greenback for the academics. We can all just assume that's not true. Biggest problem is you guys didn't make a big fuss when someone transferred out of Greenback that mattered on the highest level of football and advancing their team as you all know what he would mean to any team Breeden Gilbert was the player.Your ok if they lose an all state player to another team but your obviously firmly against them getting any transfers of perhaps similar quality. Now thats said you only care because it may knock you out of your assured trip to Cookeville. If your worried about it have your team try harder, practice harder, work out harder. If you think posting here and ruining people's fun on the T will help your cause by all means proceed. But your only causing what's considered strife. If you believe in reaping what you sew you are officially on notice as the accountability partner has informed you of your status. Last but not least Whitwell wasn't suppose to win it all last year Greenback was the clear favorite from the East followed by South Pitt and Whitwell 3rd as I recall and this is from the East side, Not including West teams and their hopefuls. So what is moaned about here doesn't matter in the least considering preseason favorites Rarely ever win it like they are "supposed" too ( unless you are alcoa ). Both have transfers why does Greenbacks transfers matter more? If you believe they are in reality breaking the laws of school transfers prove it. Quit talking about it and prove it otherwise you are being just like the ignorant "Fake News" infested Democrats and the T deserve better than that, and our Country deserves better then what the Antifa and far left Liberals are all sewing as far as hate in this country. Thank you for your time, good day.
  27. 6 points
    My older son did not have a good experience with the high school team he played for. Mainly due to coaching/program culture issues that I became aware of after the fact. My younger son went to a different school. Loves it. He goes to school happy, he comes home from practice happy. My two son's experiences are night and day different. While I am proud of my older son for sticking out a tough situation, in hindsight, I should have transferred him. If I had been aware of the culture situation before he graduated, I would have transferred him even if I had to rent an apartment in another school zone. As a dad, you have to do whats best for your kids, football is a small part. You have ask yourself "What's the best decision I can make for the overall character development, future, educational experience and happiness of my child?"
  28. 5 points
    Unpopular opinion coming in.... Mr/Miss Basketball, Mr. Football, really doesn't matter. Way too much importance is put on it and there is absolutely no way anyone is watching a majority of the teams in the state play to build their opinion. It is a great honor if you win it, and all are deserving of the honor. However, not winning doesn't make your contributions any less valuable. We have many districts and regions that can't get their MVPs correct, why do we expect that they can do it on a state level. That being said, there are a lot of fan bases that are unrealistic about how good their own players are. Most fans watch their own team all season long and struggle to view everyone through unbiased lenses. Just because your player had a great year, doesn't make them the best. Doesn't take anything away from them, but is just the way it is. Too many people in this world think the "system" is out to get them.
  29. 5 points
    Good grief, who invited Roy’s sister?
  30. 5 points
    Jacobi Wood, Cleveland. Over 1500 career points, multiple 50 point games this season. Has the 2 highest scoring games in Blue Raider history. 22-0 record, has won 43 of last 44 games.
  31. 5 points
    Pigeon Forge might want to make sure Scott Meadows isn't at Littons anytime soon.
  32. 5 points
    Don't sweat it. Like you said, if his wife has indeed passed, you had no way of knowing it. He throws punches below the belt on here all the time, but doesn't like it when people reciprocate. I'm straight forward and I call a troll a troll. You guys feed the beast when you come back at him. Most of what he posts is for the sole purpose of hitting a nerve with someone. I don't like childish games so I try my best not to provoke him because he gets off on it. I'd suggest you do the same.
  33. 5 points
    So one of the best moments of the whole season was immediately after the win....Tanner Snyder runs over to the stands to see a young man with disabilities, takes off his jersey and gives it to him just as the clock hit zero! The young man was moved to tears his mother and all that saw were in tears...it was no show it’s just Tanner! Class act Snyder...your still my family’s Mr Football! Way to make Nicks day special too! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a viral sensation...there are several videos and it was NOT for show
  34. 5 points
    I hope you have a great day. To say I’m proud of my two sons is an understatement. God has truly blessed my family and I’m so thankful for what he has done and is doing and is going to do.
  35. 5 points
    Lost to a better , bigger, stronger, team. Plain and simple. Refs were a non factor, coach swenson opened The playbook and did all he could. The other team was just better. So proud to see both teams hugging each other after the game. This game was fought hard on both sides. To our seniors, thanks for a great season, you will be missed! Shame on you for blabbing one kid for the loss. ... Yes 3 fumbles hurt... But so did the block in the back in the kickoff return for a touchdown, so did the 2 - 80 yard touchdowns on the first play of the drives. So did the interception. We lost due to several reasons. Snyder is the real deal. The coach is the real deal. The entire falcons team is the real deal. Great atmosphere for both sides tonight. Best national anthem I've ever heard. It was a great night for football. Lastly, if the rumors are true and this truly is the end of the swenson era, I say THANK YOU!,, you have served us well and it will be a shame if you are coaching else where due to the ignorance of some spoiled fans we have. Good luck lake county, bring home the gold.
  36. 5 points
    Y'all don't need to come back to Alcoa until you're serious about competing. I say that to your coaches, not the players. They are horrible playcallers. I realize your team was outmatched from the first play, but that playcalling was so predictable and vanilla. No excuses. I know Jeff Harig is a better coach than that. He should have also put a muzzle on all the social media chatter his team was putting out there because it hurt them big time tonight. 13-1 is nothing to be ashamed of, but I feel like the moment was too big for the coaches. It doesn't help when you don't schedule quality competition during the year. Alcoa plays above their classification year in and year out non-district. Loudon plays down 2 classifications to start the year and doesn't do much more until the playoffs.
  37. 5 points
    Good job FME!It would be nice to just enjoy the best week of football to date and have grown up discussions.Thank you.
  38. 5 points
    California is always wrong about everything. Never, ever follow a California example.
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    Not Trolling....I have always visited the 1A threads every time I am on Coach T because I love the smaller community schools, there is so much more passion for these teams. For many years I have respected SP and their program, it was on my bucket list to attend a SP / Marion game and a few years back I drove two hours to see that game and even though I didn't know a soul it was one of the best HS environments I have ever witnessed. I have been coming to the 1A boards long enough to know that SP has been accused of doing very similar things that you and Roy have spent two months accusing GB of doing. At the end of the day, if you have a great program there are going to be outside kids and families that want to be a part of it, and if those families are willing to make the move within the rules of TSSAA, I don't know of any school that is going to turn them down. I am sure SP has benefitted from transfers on more than one occasion because a kid and his family wanted to be a part of a great program, so why do you see the need to do all the bashing that you have done because kids want to be a part of GB. I will bow out of the conversation and let you go back to doing what you feel like you need to do. Good day....
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    Well, Mr. Horse, I probably watch a bigger variety of football than most folks who make these votes. Apparently you aren't familiar with us or you'd know that. Not many people are able to travel from Memphis to Knoxville to watch a potential Mr. Football candidate (or vice versa) so I was trying to provide folks with a way to at least get some information about their candidate out there. Any name that shows up here, if I don't know them, I will be digging for video on them. I'm sorry my method of gathering information didn't meet your approval.
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    Don't know you man but I lost my dad when I was 35, I'm 41 now. We left some stuff unsaid, I've regretted some things literally every day since April 7th, 2013. If you're able take my advice and make sure y'all say anything that needs saying. I'd like to have another turn at that. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours.
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    If we were 6-0 right now i seriously don't think our team would be where they are RIGHT NOW.Sounds stupid to you but i am EXTREMELY happy with this team right now.Adversity builds character and boy did we need it-Players-Fans-Coaches!The way this team has grown over the past 7 weeks i can honestly say i have never seen it before here.In my opinion in the "polls: right now undefeated teams SHOULD be ranked higher they deserve it RIGHT NOW.But i assure you we are the team everyone is looking at going I HOPE THEY GET PUT OUT BEFORE WE HAVE TO PLAY THEM!Whether you are honest or not.Defense is just plain hard nosed,line play has improved EVERY week and that darn passing game gets better every week also.We have a slew of WRs not just one,the one is one of a kind that makes all the others better not to mention we can run it too.Not many teams can prepare for the way we play offense.It will take a team like SP to knock us off just because of all the ATHLETES and depth you have but it wont be easy!
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    I think the Red Bank administrators looked at the empty home stands and the full visitors stands and realized they had lost any home field advantage.
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    Living 5 mins from LC high for 28 yrs (Thankfully back home for the past two years),i remember when my oldest son played Basketball at GB and we played LC at Maryville college basketball camp and beat them and one of the mothers was soo mad (our boys actually played together at North middle) and she said i cant believe we just got beat by a freakin (PG version) middle school team!I have waited for this day for a very long time,i would love to win this game badly!Game day boys get it done!!I know GFD agrees we have heard how bad they would beat our little team forever.WELL HERES YOUR CHANCE,COME A GET IT! Also my niece is a cheerleader for Lenoir City I love her to death but I pray she has nothing to cheer about tonight LOL!
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    Here's to focusing on the next game...not beating up teenage players...coaches...or other fans. It has been quite a while since we had a perfect season, team, group of coaches or fans. We do share common interest in Oak Ridge football. While it's fun reminiscing about the old days, those or us alive today should enjoy the moment, and what we have to look forward to. The good...bad...and ugly. In a world where contact sports are increasingly frowned upon, and where more teenagers like sitting and staring at phones, we should build up the kids who work hard to play a physical game. A kids game called football. I have questioned many kids over the years about sports they play. "Why do you play_____?" The common answer I have received is "I love it!" Awesome answer! My next question is for you... Why do we have these forums and the myriad of threads? My answer is...Because we love it! I also know most or all of us care about and support the teenagers who joined the team...practice and play. For those who love the sport and can... help. Those who can't help... build support however you can. If you won't help...I have no words for you. Remember it is not, nor will it be the Year of the Dragon. RWR!
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    Dear Mr. Cupp Here is your chance to get off the Titanic before it goes down. There might be an AD opening across town after next year. All you have to do is upgrade the concession stand with a better menu such as grilled hamburgers and get rid of the snake problem in the press box. The football can take care of it's on self. Thanks Barney.
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    Croz has been one of the most respected posters for years. He gave his assessment of the scrimmage. Forrest is stronger (traditionally) in every sport besides Football! Girls softball has been their trademark for years. Your a good poster as well, General, but your really coming off as a A** in this argument. Not trying to pi$$ you off, friend, just suggesting you let it go. He don't have to agree with you and you don't have to agree with him. Just agree to disagree.... Can't we all just get along?
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    The New Word of the Day at William Blount Friday was Climate. Shad informed the staff if he loses another player to Greenback they may need to build a tall fence at the county line and if they want to go there that bad they'll have to Climate.
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