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    155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited) An open letter to all the dads with current or future ballplayers:   Gentlemen,  YOU are the CEO of Your Son Inc. This position bestows on YOU an enormous weight and burden. There is no one to help you with your decisions, YOU are an island. The decisions YOU make will be part of the formation of YOUR son for the rest of his life. YOU are the wind in his sails YOU are his navigator most importantly YOU are his rudder to steer him in calm seas and gales as well. He is blessed with all the knowledge YOU have shared with him. His heart and mind are strong and his eyes are clear. He looks up to YOU and observes and stores away to the tiniest detail of YOUR actions. He will certainly be the man YOU form him to be. He has generally only four years of High School eligibility. As the CEO of Your Son Inc. YOU MUST guide him YOU MUST put him in the best situation to be successful! Anything less is abject failure. If YOU decide to stay in an abysmal situation then throw away your scabbard and stay and FIGHT for him to your last breath. If YOU decide to journey to a different land, run don't walk. They're are great adventures to be experienced on the other side of the mountain. YOUR young warrior will be welcomed by the army there.  The sand in the hour glass ebbs away even as YOU read this. Make haste make a plan. Make the decision that ensures YOUR son, YOUR flesh and blood the best opportunity to be successful. Listen not to the fools that would call YOU a coward. Remember, The weak and the timid will stay back and defend the past while the brave and aggressive charge headlong into the future. I wrote this post some moons back on another thread. It is relevant here as well I feel. Hope this helps with YOUR decision. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edi 155 posts Report post 155 posts Report post P 155 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited)
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    Another mythical win for D-B. Kudos.
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    Regardless of who wins they will be a first time 1A champion. Congratulations to both teams having made it this far.
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    This friendly debate/topic has officially been ruined by grown men who rely on insults as a debate strategy. Very mature guys....
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    It helps that I have idiots wanting to argue. If I had someone on here come at me with some sort of wit and intelligence, I might tuck my tail. But no, I’ve got Huntingdon fans who drive to McDonald’s to use the free WiFi so they don’t go over their data plan, just to reply to ME.
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    The only thing we have won this year so far is a chance just like Haywood.Sorry brother,there are enough folks blowing smoke up our Devil behinds already.I'm the one guy that says win the game first and then talk the shet if we just can't help ourselves.I know we have a great team but we have one win left before we can say we had a great year.
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    106 AAA Trae Mcdaniel of Cleveland showed why he is ranked in all the major national polls. The Fargo AA simply dominated his way through the bracket to a state title. Everybody was saying that Brayden Ivy of Morristown West v Mcdaniel semi should have been the finals but after watching Chris Calvin of McGavock performance against Trae in the finals, I am not so sure who wins in a Calvin v Ivy match up. 106 D2 Man, Jackson Bond of Baylor had one impressive tournament in the deepest weight classes in D2. I would have like to have seen a Dayne Dalrymple of Christian Brothers v Bond final as I’m not sure how that match turns out even as impressive as Bond’s performance in this tournament was. But, Dalrymple lost to Keyveon Roller of CAK who is one dynamic wrestler in the semis. This weight was all about style match ups. This was imo the deepest weight in the state with Bond, Dalrymple, Roller and Brooks Mcafee of Father Ryan all at this weight in this division. 113 AAA This final was one of the best of the night. Hunter Borders of Wilson Central won neutral and dominated on top against Jackson Bradford of Cleveland, in fact I probably would have slapped the mat when Border caught Bradford rolling and had him on his back. I still not sure why Borders went down in the 3rd when he was up 4 against Bradford who is one of the best in the state on top. Bradford just dominated Borders on top in the 3rd and ended up winning 7-5. Sammy Shires of Rossview was clearly better than everyone else in the bracket at this weight but the freshman just didn’t have the horsepower to topple either Borders or Bradford. 113 D2 You have to feel for3 time finalist and 1 time Champ Cade Holloway of Notre Dame. 2ndyear in a row he loses to a McCallie wrestler in the finals. This year it was to Jack Braman of McCallie who is quietly developing into an elite level wrestler. 120 AAA Other than a scare to William Witt of Cane Ridge in the semis, Reed Cannon of Arlington dominated this weight as everyone thought he would. Andrew Artiles of Collierville had the tournament of a lifetime which is why he is a state finalist. 120 D2 Emory Taylor of McCallie dominated this weight like everyone predicted he would, scoring 49 points and giving up only 6. This was 2nd state for Taylor as he also won a state title last year as a freshman. 126 AAA The Clarion signee Brayden Palmer of Beach, showed why he is nationally ranked as he had 3 pins and 15-0 tech fall in one of the most dominating performances of the night. Impressive run by Sophomore Braxton Mann of Science Hill to take out both Luke Dezember of Lawrence Co.and Stephan Fisak Wilson Central to reach the finals. 126 D2 Noah Horst of Baylor, the Fargo AA has never lost a state title from youth through high school and he dominated his way to another one this year by pinning in every match. This was Horst 3rd State High school title. Everyone was predicting a Christian Morris of McCallie v Horst final after there SV match at regionals last week that Horst won but Evan Anthony of Christian Brothers said not so fast. Anthony who is one of the hardest working grittiest wrestlers in the state took it to Morris in the semis and made the state finals for the 2ndyear in a row. 132 AAA Christian Isabell of Clarksville was on a mission to win a state title and he found a way to will himself to one. The SV match in the semis between Logan Whiteside of Cleveland v Isabell should have been the finals even though Luke Kerns of Arlington looked very impressive on run to the finals and gave Isabell everything he wanted in the finals. 132 D2 With a pin against senior Nathan Wysong of McCallie, the freshman Garrison Dendy of Baylor showed he going to be a force in this state over the rest of his high school career. This was a tight 1-0 match going into the 3rd. Why anyone would ever go down against Dendy is beyond me. It’s like going down against Whitworth, you simply just don’t do it. You have to feel for Senior Wysong after he had to sit out last year. 138 AAA Everyone was predicting a Job Dooley of Franklin v Cam Henderson of Smyrna finals but someone forgot to tell that to Dillon Pendley of Tennessee High who knocked off both Henderson and Dooley to win the state title. 138 D2 This weight was the Garrett Bowers of Christian Brothers show as he pinned his way to his 2ndstate title. Houston Crouch of Father Ryan pulled off the upset in the semis against Zach Ward of McCallie to make his first finals. 145 AAA Grant Lundy of Cleveland showed why UTC signed him as he cruised to his first state title after having to sit out last year. Alex Pergande of Wilson Central dominated the other side of the bracket but he was no match for Lundy in the finals. 145 D2 The Harvard signee Andrew Pace of Baylor won his 2ndstraight TN title. Jacorey Miller of Father Ryan for the second time gave Pace a very tight match in the finals but came up short once again this week. 152 AAA It is back to back state titles for Austin Sweeney of Cleveland who has never had gotten the credit for being as good as he actually is. 152 D2 This weight was the Alex Whitworth of McCallie show as he won the D2 OW with his dominant performance. This was Whitworth’s 3rd State title as he won it as an 8th grader and last year as a freshman. Whitworth is one step closer to becoming a 5X in TN. You have to feel for Lawrence Madson of Father Ryan who is a great wrestler who has now lost back to back state finals to Pace and now Whitworth. 160 AAA Everyone predicted a Dominic Fields of Tennessee High v Josh Pietarila of Hardin Valley finals and that’s exactly the way it turned out with Fields dominating Pietarila in the finals. This is 2ndyear in a row that Pietarila has lost in the finals after losing to Sweeney last year. 160 D2 Everyone was predicting a Eli Hodge of Christian Brothers state title but that’s only because most people haven’t seen Gavin Gagle of CAK wrestle. Gagle maybe the best athlete in the state and he used his athletic ability to knock off Hodge who is technically one of best wrestler in the state in the finals. 170 AAA This was one of the most anticipated finals of the night between Chase Diehl of Science Hill the SIUE signee and Landon Fowler of Blackman who I’m not sure where he is going to wrestle but he a D1 caliber wrestler too. Diehl ended up winning the 3-1 match that could have gone either way. 170 D2 The was the Mason Reiniche of Baylor show and the Cornell signee and #3 ranked wrestler in the country didn’t disappoint by dominating his way to another state title. I will have to give credit to Sophomore Parker Peterson of Father Ryan who didn’t back down from Reiniche in the finals and even though he ended up getting majored, it was a bloody war in a drama filled finals. 182 AAA Another weight where everyone was expecting two wrestlers in the finals and that’s exactly what happened with Austin Antcliffe Arlington and Brooks Sacharczyk of Blackman both reached the finals. A match that Antcliffe won 6-1. 182 D2 The match of the night was between Thomas Sell of McCallie and Connor Duffy of Baylor, two close friends that have traded matches back and forth this year. This match went all the way to tie breaker that Sell ended up winning 7-6. 195 AAA Senior Bradley Williams of Clarksville was undefeated with a 49-0 record and he cruised to the state finals where he held off a spirited fight against Isaiah Perez of Cleveland to win the state title. 195 D2 Freshman David Harper of Baylor showed why many nationally are calling him the best young big man in the country as he dominated his way to his first of many state titles. You have to feel for Senior Montana Doty of Christian Brothers would have easily won a state title had the freshman phenom not showed up in his weight. 220 AAA Skylar Coffey of Brentwood was predicated to win this weight and he did that by just walking through his bracket with his closest match being a 13-3 major in the finals. 220 D2 I had never seen Al Wooten of Christian Brothers wrestle before but wow just wow. This young man is an exciting dynamic wrestler. He dominated this bracket and this young man will be an absolute force next year as a Senior. 285 AAA Chubb Chubb enough said. Michael Kramer of Wilson Central showed why he is ranked in the top 10 nationally as he pinned his way to another state title with the longest time he was on the mat being 1:13. Just an absolutely dominating performance by the Lindenwood signee. 285 D2 This sudden victory battle between Rhino Jackson of Friendship Christian and Thomas Gore of Brentwood Academy was one of those matches where you didn’t want either kid to lose because both kids laid it all out on the line. Gore got the takedown in SV to secure his state title.
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    None of this matters to me but I know for a fact in Benton county each sport supports itself.Through the gate fundraisers or the Band running concessions for both the HS Jr,HS and minor league football I do not know how they do it a Waverly but what matters is the kids.Do they have what they need to play ball and prepare for success at their chosen sports?More importantly after they graduate are they prepared for life? I would say that the kids who played football the last 5 years at waverly will never have a problem with hard work, discipline or authority. The credit for that goes in no small part to Coach McConnell . Say what you want the guy is a winner A lot of folks on here talk tough but Wouldn't ever repeat the talk on here to any mans face much less Coach McConnell's
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    Only if they’re deciding the state championship winner on a game of dice.
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