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    I go through this every week when preparing my show. The amount of programs that don't get their kids stats out there online is AMAZING! I also have a Mr. Football vote, but I use word of mouth as much as anything as a determining factor since I speak to so many Coaches and fans each year. The Stats are either unavailable or only reflect 1/2 of a football game in many instances. I'm not gonna reward a 3-7 team's player who racked up a ton of 4th quarter stats against the other teams two's while dominant team like Whitwell or Cornersville has kids sit out the second half. I really feel the TSSAA should create a committee of media involved STATEWIDE to determine these awards and have no bias to any particular area. Just my two cents.
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    155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited) An open letter to all the dads with current or future ballplayers:   Gentlemen,  YOU are the CEO of Your Son Inc. This position bestows on YOU an enormous weight and burden. There is no one to help you with your decisions, YOU are an island. The decisions YOU make will be part of the formation of YOUR son for the rest of his life. YOU are the wind in his sails YOU are his navigator most importantly YOU are his rudder to steer him in calm seas and gales as well. He is blessed with all the knowledge YOU have shared with him. His heart and mind are strong and his eyes are clear. He looks up to YOU and observes and stores away to the tiniest detail of YOUR actions. He will certainly be the man YOU form him to be. He has generally only four years of High School eligibility. As the CEO of Your Son Inc. YOU MUST guide him YOU MUST put him in the best situation to be successful! Anything less is abject failure. If YOU decide to stay in an abysmal situation then throw away your scabbard and stay and FIGHT for him to your last breath. If YOU decide to journey to a different land, run don't walk. They're are great adventures to be experienced on the other side of the mountain. YOUR young warrior will be welcomed by the army there.  The sand in the hour glass ebbs away even as YOU read this. Make haste make a plan. Make the decision that ensures YOUR son, YOUR flesh and blood the best opportunity to be successful. Listen not to the fools that would call YOU a coward. Remember, The weak and the timid will stay back and defend the past while the brave and aggressive charge headlong into the future. I wrote this post some moons back on another thread. It is relevant here as well I feel. Hope this helps with YOUR decision. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edi 155 posts Report post 155 posts Report post P 155 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited)
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    Another mythical win for D-B. Kudos.
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    LOL at the topic of this thread. LOL at the suggestions for classification. LOL at this being a topic EVERY season. LMAO that no one has a suggestion that would be agreed upon by 30% of the people who would even stop to read this thread.
  5. 3 points
    Sounds like a great idea and I hope it works, but my bet is that he won't go for it. It is important to understand that a lot of what drives Bowers is to be perceived as important. He wants to be seen as being in charge and in control. It makes him feel like he is somebody if he thinks he is getting accolades for something that kids are actually accomplishing (I know, weird and sad right). And yes, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, these things have come out of his mouth. It is not hearsay or slander.
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    Once again I am going to jump in here and offer you a little help. The Wave Wrestling Club run out of CBHS is inside of 240 (or right on it). We will happily coach kids from anywhere that have an interest in getting started with the sport or continuing their off-season development. I can't even begin to name the number of schools that kids from that club have attended as youth or high school. We have donations of shoes and headgear that kids can use to minimize cost and I can gladly say we have never turned away an individual from the club or an event because they didn't have funds. You talk a lot about needing to find the balance between family and wrestling. Let others in the community help shoulder the burden. No coach has to do it all if folks band together and pool resources. You want to stay involved? Great, come out and help during those practices.
  7. 3 points
    None of this matters to me but I know for a fact in Benton county each sport supports itself.Through the gate fundraisers or the Band running concessions for both the HS Jr,HS and minor league football I do not know how they do it a Waverly but what matters is the kids.Do they have what they need to play ball and prepare for success at their chosen sports?More importantly after they graduate are they prepared for life? I would say that the kids who played football the last 5 years at waverly will never have a problem with hard work, discipline or authority. The credit for that goes in no small part to Coach McConnell . Say what you want the guy is a winner A lot of folks on here talk tough but Wouldn't ever repeat the talk on here to any mans face much less Coach McConnell's
  8. 3 points
    The deciding match vs Centennial was at 106. SH's 106 came out hard and fast early and was gassed after about 1:30 and the Centennial kid got a takedown and almost a turn and it was very much clear from the stands the SH kid was gassed and done. So clear that the SH coach went to the table to argue something and even after the refs walked away he stood there in order to ensure they wouldn't restart the match. He spent more time standing there than the entire first period lasted. It didn't matter in the end bc the SH got pinned quickly into the second period. Hats off to the Centennial coach for keeping his cool after trying to get them to hurry up and get back to wrestling. SH got beat, plain and simple. If there is one thing I know by now its that you toppers get on here and make excuses for every little thing. Just accept you didn't make the podium and don't deserve a trophy this year and move on.
  9. 3 points
    Only if they’re deciding the state championship winner on a game of dice.
  10. 3 points
    The same place UCF bought there National Championship trophy's last year.
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