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  1. I am not talking about when you go to church, I am talking about putting football on a sunday and pushing back sunday services so the football teams can be on ESPN. The powers that be should have said we will play on thursday or friday or saturday night or not at all ! Sunday is God's day !!
  2. Is this the best you people can spell or do you really talk baby talk ??? LOL
  3. It is sad that football would come first but it is even worse that churches would back up church services for football. I guess its 1. Football 2. Family and then 3. GOD,for a chance to be on TV !
  4. Must be too much for them to figure out ! Pea brains !
  5. Lets see if this comes true in 2013 ! Region 1 Daniel Boone D-B Morristown East Jefferson County Science Hill Sevier County Could this happen ? We will have wait and see !
  6. In District 2 AAA championship game: Jefferson County 11 Morristown West 0
  7. Rankin and Ballard are two good picks ! Maybe someone out of sw virginia on up to Roanoke.
  8. If D-B fans could choose the next football coach, who would it be, realistically ? (sp)
  9. Lets put it this way, when Morristown West needs a call to go their way, they will get it ! I have seen this for years and you can expect to get hosed in Morristown !!! Especially if it is close game !
  10. dvp4life, I have never seen the truth spelled out better than that ! I for one have heard some awful things said about coach Cobble and it just drives me up the walls. People expected a 8-2 or a 10-0 season even after all the injuries sent a lot of players to the sidelines! Not only does JCHS need a strenght and conditioning coach, we also need a QB coach. As dvp4life said, just as before coach Cobble is hamstrung having to keep the coaches that are already here and has none of his own choosing except maybe the RB coach. Coach Cobble is THE coach that can turn this program around, but he needs time. My understanding is that he has a few, 2-4 players, that walk the halls that are coming out for football next year. Lets all (patriot fans and parents) get behind coach Cobble and we will have a team that everyone can be pround of, and finally the '87 curse can turn into something that is nothing more than a cherished memory, not continued YARDSTICK that all future teams are measured by !!! GO BLUE !!
  11. All West Greene has to do is out-coach Grainger. Which should be easy after what I saw friday night!
  12. It is best to keep your eye on all of them. You never know when someone might get de-cleated!!
  13. So you are saying that Jefferson County is only 14 points better Johnson County ? I think the Patriots will provide a little more firepower than that ! It all comes down to "We Shall See" !!
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