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  1. "Humility in victory and grace in defeat". I read this in the recent Sports Illustrated in the context of the recent Masters golf tournament. Having seen many sports events in East TN, not just soccer, I'm happy to say that I've witnessed humility and grace most times. Maybe that's what makes a departure from this so noteworthy?
  2. Pretty shocking result. To Halls: Congratulations and best of luck in your next series of games. To OR: particularly the seniors, sorry for the ending that I'm sure was sooner than you expected.
  3. Well, there you go Bean! The definitive source of TN Girls's HS soccer rankings (Mr. Mjuhb)ranks Knox West #5 in AAA and # 6 overall. Congratulations, young ladies.
  4. hamlet7478

    Week 3

    We could call tonight's game between GPS and Oak Ridge the "Academic Bowl". Two of the State's best academic programs, public and private, are playing. I am sincere in making this point. I think it's great that these terrific academic schools have terrific soccer programs as well.
  5. I read one Canes post where he claimed that the expression "great officiating calls" is an oxymoron.
  6. Yes, definitely! Sounds like a courageous young lady! Let's hope she returns to action soon. I'm sure her teammates miss her.
  7. hamlet7478

    Week 2

    Only half right? Does that mean we'd be just as well off to flip a coin for calls?
  8. It's like the rapper / actor: Ludicrous
  9. Cary Lieper was another huge loss.
  10. pk..is HV going to be as good as I think they might be? Last year, they really showed signs that they would break out and become one of the better teams in the area. Now with the high school finally being filled out and the the team not so thin in the upper classes, they should be pretty good, right? They seemed to be well coached last year and the athlete base seems to be be pretty deep.
  11. I was a little surprised recently to read the rusults of a poll which showed that fans in Europe and Latin America favor electronic monitoriing / replays even more than Americans. And a solid majority of Americans favor some electronic replay. I predict that at the very least you will see electronic confirmation of goals in the next world cup.
  12. Canes, Several big mistakes in recent games obviously. My first reaction is that the WC needs to be "Americanized" by instituting US rules for electronic review. But on second thought, we have to try think about the other countries who may not feel the same way about instituting these changes. We (in the US) may be extremely indignant about the injustice associated with these obvious errors, but the rest of the world may be more comfortable living with injustice. Add to this possible cultural issue the issue of the long, unchanging history of soccer around the world, and you can start to understand the massive momentum that needs to be overcome. Having said all this, a reasonable first step that would be acceptable to anyone (I would think) is using electronic means to verify a goal.
  13. Good luck Hville and Centennial.
  14. hamlet7478

    2010 Season

    One of the bigger stories of the 2010 boys season is the emergence of the new Hardin Valley Academy as a team to be reckoned with. I think the same thing will happen with the girls team. I'm not saying they'll win the region, or even the district, but I do think they will increasingly press the traditional E. TN Region 2 AAA powers (Bearden, Oak Ridge, Farragut).
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