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  1. silencekit

    Money for state

    geez...if your team has one athlete competing do you take your whole team to the 'boro?
  2. silencekit

    A-AA Sectionals (East)

    that was in the middle sectional-east subsection..
  3. silencekit


  4. silencekit

    Vol Classic

    it's at eagleville if he's talking about the same middle tennessee conference..i think there's six schools in all: ehs, station camp, page, macon county, trousdale county paid their fees but haven't sent in any entries so i don't know if they're planning on coming or what, and i think maybe MLK?..i forget the last school
  5. silencekit

    a/aa high jump

    my bad i meant to quote the guy from jo byrns. just curious, what does HV stand for and which section is it in?
  6. silencekit

    a/aa high jump

    lookin for a new state record? what's the kid's name?
  7. silencekit

    Pick The Final Eight IN 1A

    can someone post a link to a bracket?
  8. silencekit

    region 5a

    Eagleville's zones were a great answer for Heritage's very patient offense. I think Eagleville only missed 3 free throws in the game, and only gave up five fouls in the second half. What happened over at Nashville Christian, I fully expected Van Buren to take that game pretty easily??
  9. silencekit

    Region 4A Tournament

    which is the one with the hops?
  10. silencekit


    Anyways..semifinals Tuesday at Eagleville.. Eagleville v.s. Forrest at 6:00 East Literature v.s. Nashville Christian at 7:30 What're everyone's thoughts?
  11. silencekit

    Region 4A Tournament

    what's pickett county's big guys name? anyway, i say pickett county V friendship in the region championship. i'd like to see how teeter matches up with pickett's man in the post and if friendship can run with pickett...
  12. silencekit


    Come on everybody, let's hear some accounts of the games...i only know what i've heard from word of mouth.. Eagleville beats Heritage 54-44
  13. silencekit

    Middle tn single A teams

    don't know any names, but two guards that shoot the lights out, a very solid post, and great team play. i'll be surprised if they don't go far.
  14. silencekit

    District 9A - Friday night - Dec. 8th

    I got Eagleville over Boyd by how ever many they want. Cascade over Community by 10+, 20+ if they can remember how to score. Forrest wins by however much they want, even if fresh is constantly arrogant.
  15. silencekit

    District 9A - Tuesday night

    eagleville had 96 with about a minute and a half left. i believe they could have but they ran slow down offenses. congrats to forrest and community