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  1. Yes, West did win in 9 innings. Kid for West was incredible. Great high school game. Very well coached on both sides. Hope Delmonico is OK. Seemed to hurt his elbow or arm in a collision with the left fielder. Great job Rebels.
  2. Anyone know how all of the teams stand? Have not seen many scores or games this year. Please fill me in.
  3. Coach Wright from West did not apply for the job. A West football coach gave me that information. West had tryouts Thursday and Friday
  4. The coach from Karns would be a good choice. I wonder how the Bearden family took the news. RebelPride, did you play at West? Pretty tough words about their coach. My kid had several friends that played for Coach Wright and they loved him.
  5. Who's seems to be playing well? It looks alot like last year
  6. I can tell you that the West team is not too bad. There top two pitchers are juniors and are good. They are 2-1. They won 10-0, 12-1, and lost 7-4 to Kingston. West walked a ton that game. They play hard and hit the ball very well. Hope that helps. Not going to the tournament, but go rebels.
  7. Anyone seen Hardin Valley play or know how they will compete this year?
  8. Anyone have a clue who the new coach will be?
  9. The West v OR game should be another good one. Anyone know who pitched for OR on Friday?
  10. high school rule : It's a dead ball. West had 14 hits 7 doubles 3 homeruns Halls had 10 hits I think and 2 homeruns. but Halls was pretty guttsy in the end Ump behind the plate was pretty bad. The second balk that was called in the seventh was a bad call. That put the winning run on second. West's pitcher has the same motion everytime. You just can't make that call in the bottom of the seventh. Great High School game though.
  11. Karns 3 Central 6 West 6 Oak Ridge 2 What does all of this mean? I believe West plays Halls Friday for 1st place now. After that I do not have a clue.
  12. West plays Science Hill today at 5:00 at Oak Ridge. This should be a pretty interesting game. Anyone know what the scenarios are for first and 2nd place to be wrapped up.
  13. Halls 9-2 or 8-2 Don't know if they played Central for the 2nd time. West 1 Powell 2 West 8-3 to play OR-2 Halls-1 OR 8-3 West-2 Central-1 Karns 8-4 Central 2 Powell 7-5 Halls 2 Thats the best I could figure.
  14. what are the scenarios for the tournament? Does anyone have a clue?
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