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  1. This should be a good one. With it being the only one on this side of the state . I think a lot of Georgia kids will be coming too along with a lot of middle school kids.
  2. Two of the best ever!!! Prayers to their families and former wrestlers
  3. Wow! I'm not sure who gave these summary's but its pretty clear based on the verbage used in these rankings. . Normally I wouldn't post something regarding my Buccaneer Wrestling Club on a public forum but given the passive aggressive nature and the underlining theme these summary's are trying to imply I feel the need to clarify some truths that whomever posted these rankings is trying to avoid. To imply that my Buccaneer team won because of out of state wrestlers is the most asinine and idiotic statement that I have ever heard. My kids won last year and the year before and 6 out of 8 years before that because they outwork everyone and we have great coaches and parents. Let me give some real facts since there is no way to clarify the statements made on the pintn site. Below are the results from last years state tournament. Bucs 506 Hammer 365.5 Wildcats 347 Knox Elite 288 Higher Calling 285 Wave 280 This was a pretty large amount of points scored and margin of victory for a tournament with 93 teams.I'm pretty positive it doesn't come close to the points scored with my old Red Raider club though. Now to address the statements made that implied we won because of out of state wrestlers. First when you make untrue statements like that you belittle the effort and hard work my kids have put in and if you truly believe your statements then you aren't being honest with yourself and simply making excuses. My club resides in Chattanooga which has had the most out of state wrestlers of any region by far. Something like 35% of the wrestlers in our region were from out of state clubs. If we didn't have out of state wrestlers in our region my club would have qualified even more kids for the state tournament thus increasing our chance for more points scored. I think I had 1 kid from Ga on my club that scored 1 point the entire tournament. That's correct... out of 506 pts scored my lone out of state kid scored 1 point contrary to your statements that " we dodged a bullet "by out of state kids being grandfathered in . I suggest you do some research before posting statements like you did. Here is the reality . There is no team in the state adversely affected by out of state wrestlers as mine. We reside in the region with the most out of state wrestlers thus making it harder for us to qualify for the state. I didn't look up the exact number but we had something like 25 state place winners. If there weren't out of state wrestlers from other clubs across the state many of my kids would have placed even higher and won more state titles and blew the 506 points out of the water. I know some of the Hammer , Wave and Higher calling studs from out of state knocked my kids down lower. I have never whined or complained about it. I tell my kids and parents to work harder and in the long run this will only help them. So why do I continually support out of state wrestlers even though my club is probably the most adversely affected in the entire state? I do it because despite whatever past success my clubs have had I truly want my kids to become better as individuals regardless of team score., I want our entire state to improve bett and this is done through more quality participants plain and simple. So if allowing 100 out of state border residents to compete in our state hurts my kids placement I'm fine with it because I want my kids to get better by wrestling tougher competition. As far as this years rankings go the results this year will more than likely;y be different. This is probably the biggest rebuilding year Ive ever had and some of the teams that finished below us are returning a lot of wrestlers and have been working hard. Look for Higher Calling to make a big move up the rankings along with Wave and Wildcats all battling for the top spot. Knox Elite and Hammer will both be in the mix as well.
  4. Ive been involved with youth wrestling for a long time and I find the opposite to be true. There are always late bloomers or new comers who make an impact on the high school scene but its been my experience that the extremely talented and accomplished middle school kids continue to do so. These kids and parents have vested a lot of time over the years and the ones that have risen to he top have done so because they love the sport and that usually doesn't change when they get to high school. To be honest the kids that have traveled the middle school national circuit have wrestled tougher competition than they will in their Tssaa state tournament unless they come in at one of the middle weights or higher. The Aau state tournament has upwards of 1000 kids , 14 mats , no public / private split or classification. Its 140+ teams battling it out for 1 single champion. These kids aren't going to feel any undue pressure in my opinion as they are used to it. You can go back and look at the Aau middle school Team Tennessee from years past and those same kids are the ones winning multiple titles in high school for the most part
  5. They are both extremely talented and among the best without question. I wasn't sure where they were going to school either or if they were Tennessee residents. They will be on the podium without a doubt in February
  6. Very spot on Scott. This is hands down the most talented group of kids to ever enter high school in Tennessee and its not even close. 106 will be the toughest that weight has ever been. A few others I think are going into 9th grade ( but could still be ms kids) are: Justin Bradford Steven Fisak Caleb Wolfe Tetoe Boyd All of these will be great high school wrestlers
  7. Calvin Eason will also be at Father Ryan and is a beast. Baylor will also have Garrison Dendy who is also a national level wrestler. The Paynes at Boyd will be in middle school and not on the high school team.
  8. Ill try to get it turned on. Coach Lauderdale set it up on track but unfortunately his mother passed away and he has been having to handle all of the arrangements. Last time I looked there were 170 kids signed up for the beginners.
  9. I started the beginner tournaments and certainly haven't forgotten why I did so. In fact that's why we are holding a beginners state tournament so these young wrestlers can experience a big event geared just to them as opposed to the way most beginner tournaments are ran. Unfortunately in our sport we are limited by the availability of venues large enough to host events such as these. We have to schedule around basketball, Tssaa events, etcc. This is why we are wrestling on Sunday morning. I hope your little guys can attend but if they chose not to I certainly understand and respect their decision.
  10. yes, that's the plan unless otherwise notified
  11. Unfortunately, its going to affect someone no matter who wrestles first. We toyed with the idea of running the two Sunday tournaments at the same time but some clubs will need their smaller beginners to fill their dual lineups so a lot of these kids will wrestle in both tournaments. We will knock it out as fast as possible and hopefully be done with both tournaments by 6:00 pm
  12. We will have all the details ironed out in the next 3-4 days. The beginners will be on Sunday morning on all mats. We will be able to knock it out quickly in one session on that many mats, The Club state duals will begin following the beginners state, roughly around 11:30-12:00. We will run straight thru on the duals and tentatively be done around 6:00. More details will be posted later in the week.
  13. Sorry Scott, I just saw this. Im so busy with work and my club team I haven't had time to post results. You pretty much nailed it though. This was a k-8th grade tournament with 25 teams. We had a last minute cancelation at 1 weight, Coach Laxtons son Arlo was injured and we felt it just wasn't worth risking further injury for him to continue to compete. One kid didn't make weight. We were able to pick up a fill in for one of the slots from another teams backups, he wrestled his heart out for us but we missed a lot of potential points there. We started out strong and won our pool going 4-0 with a 69-15 win of Battlezone Grey (ohio), 74-16 win over Indiana Outlaws, a 66-28 win over Omp Gold (Pa), and then we closed out the pool with a 46-30 win over undefeated Team Virginia. This put us in the Gold bracket against the other 5 pool winners. We felt we had a chance to beat Battlezone Black (oh) if we adjusted the lineup . I asked the affected kids what they wanted to do and they all agreed to insert our wrestler who didn't make his original weight and bump up from there. The move paid off and we won 42-24 to put us at 5-0 and ensure a top 4 finish out of 25 teams. I was extremely proud of the kids that decided to put their personal records aside and bump up a eight for their teammates. Its one thing to do it in Tennessee competition but a whole other matter to do it in national level competition. I don't have the exact scores of our next matches but we lost to 3 teams from Nj and Pa. With our full lineup we would have had a good chance of beating Nj but probably still not enough at this point to have beaten the Pa teams that finished 1-2. When I first started coaching our state teams 12-13 years ago we were getting shut out against the Pa,Nj Oh, Ia teams. We would lose to Va, In, Mi teams by 20 + points. Now we are beating a lot of them and don't get embarrassed by anyone anymore. We will next travel to the VAC in Virgnia Beach Dec 8-10. This is the premier duals event in the country with 40+ mats going at once. Our top Individual results were : Braden Ivy 8-0 ( and even bumped up a weight and beat a beast in O.T ) Sam Herring 7-1 ( Beat 3 kids who had beaten him previously) Garrett Foreman 7-1 ( had several beautiful throws that pumped up the team) Calvin Eason 6-2 ( As slick and exciting to watch as any kid ive ever been around) David Dixon 6-2 ( just started to come into his own and will be a force in Hs ) Joseph Uhorchuk 6-2 ( One of our younger kids who just doesn't stop wrestling )
  14. Thank you ,but I had little to do with it. Coach Shane Turner is coaching both the Middle school and high school right now. Rabbit Turner, Jason Villers and myself do the youth program. A lot of the Ms kids do both school and club Aau with us but as far as any success the ms team has , that's all coach Turner.
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