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  1. Station Camp has a good young squad. A force to be reckoned with for sure in the near future.
  2. Birmingham, AL has an excellent indoor facility. Not sure about their tournament schedule, but not a far drive.
  3. The only game that has the potential to be close is CPA v CCS. The other three will be cakewalks for Greeneville, CAK and Notre Dame. CCS should win by 2. No disrespect meant to any of the other teams, just calling it as I see it. Semis will be fun to watch!
  4. Station Camp versus Brentwood moved to Monday at 2:30 (we have no lights). Field already saturated with lots of rain expected tonight.
  5. Anyone see this in the Commercial Appeal? Thursday, Oct. 29 Championship, Arlington at Brighton .... (Winner will be decided by coin flip) Thursday, Oct. 29 Championship, Collierville vs. Houston at Houston Middle School ... (Winner will be decided by coin flip)
  6. Station Camp 3 Hendersonville 0
  7. See that? But it's fine. I want to see if G copies mine or something... Hey college boy, get in the bed at a decent hour...helps with the studies!
  8. Which teams have come out of District 13 and 14?
  9. Farragut has also been eliminated.
  10. Station Camp 2 Hendersonville 0 0 goals allowed in district play. Excellent job girls!
  11. I am a firm believer that the rankings don't matter until the end of the year and you did not win State. Finishing in the top 10 rankings is some consolation and a feel good thought to carry forward. But now I am seeing the frustration with Eurosport rankings. No disrespect to the Hendersonville players or coaches, (you know I love most of ya), but how do they end up 8th in the Redmond poll (combines all divisions) when SC is higher than them in AAA. Oh well, hope we win State so I don't have to look back to Eurosport for anything but scores.
  12. Pretty much what I thought! Against weaker competition it is easier to get the ball yourself and score. Against stronger competition a teammate will have to get the ball to you. And what I saw of Page in preseason was not a team that could help in a tough game.
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