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  1. Is there anybody out there that know were james is let me know cuz I have to see him run
  2. Yeah that is true, but it is hard to find one in tennessee that run a 49 in the 400 meter. But Thomas Yates is coming up and before you know it his will be running a 47, 46 in the 400.
  3. Every year there is a under classman doing his or her thing who is the best 10th grader in the state this year.
  4. Every year there is a under classman doing his or her thing who is the best 10th grader in the state this year.
  5. But did you know that Laray Foote little brother Thomas Yates is a up coming Tenth grader. He has ran a 49.78 in the 400 meter and a 1:59 in the 800 what 10th grader you know doind that
  6. He and LaRay are very good friends, they have talk to each other and love to run next to each other!!!
  7. Well Bad coaching at Mitchell High. Laray has run some fast times in 05 his lowest was a 10:57 at the MIAA City meet. But MIAA dont post the meet time i dont know why. But I would Love to see Jame run again he is one and a million. He is one of the best state champions i have seen in a long time hope he finds out wat school he wants to go to.
  8. Yes the from Page High school. What college does he go to? And Laray Foote is the fastest person he just did not have a good coach for track in high school. all of Foote times were not even on tennesseerunners.com. The meet before state 2005 he ran a 10:77 and a 21:45(fat). That was best time in the state. James is a good runner but laray is better!!!
  9. How good is he going to be once he get back on track? And if he get the right coaches in his life can he go far?
  10. Does anyone know were James Vaughn goes to school at cuz i would love to see him run again?
  11. Has he been playing or running track
  12. Laray foote was the best high track and field athlete. I know i saw him on the side lines at a Kentucky game but since den nothing I know he has be havin some family problems. has anybody seen him!!!!
  13. I watch Mitchell since 2002 and they were on the come up and plus laray foote became the man how will they do this year?
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