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  1. if anybody has a membership to TNRUNNER.com, please post the A/AA speculative team results based on seeded times. Just curious. Thanks
  2. with a deficit like that going into the 2nd half, breaking even in the 2nd half only means the other team isn't really trying.
  3. Footlocker: (excuse me for speeking on behalf of those who do not wish for me to do so) 3 qualifiers from TN for nationals= pretty darn awesome Mahaney did a good job coming in the top 30= all south team. i'm pretty sure he wasn't pleased with his time but the conditions were messy. helton and i had not so good races. both of us got stuck behind a group of slower runners because we couldn't get out fast enough. and snyder had a pretty darn good day too. i think he pr'ed by quite a bit
  4. in that case i doubt there will be many people/ much competition at nike. everyone will be at footlocker
  5. isn't nike the same weekend as footlocker?
  6. i propose a seniors only distance run at the warner parks sometime over the winter. thus we can talk about our college aspirations and possiblities in secret
  7. I feel your pain coniglio. our joint performances were garbage. let's finish xc on a better note at footlocker: so our names shan't be shamed for eternity
  8. in saying this I would still like to say that i rank 1. MLK and 2. station camp (above DL). i just wish people would present accurate statements.
  9. ... this is getting annoying. raced Station camp once --TN CLASSIC raced (if you call it that) Macon County once ---- TN CLASSIC ... THAT"S IT. name your races that you're counting
  10. ??? down boy. dl hasn't raced macon county once this year and has only raced station camp once. ??? ...
  11. let's not all freak out. i still think mahaney is the best and will win. all i'm saying is that it won't be the blow out from last year. p.s. i saw both finishes and it did seem like mahaney had more competition at the finish if that makes a difference
  12. i smell potential competition for mahaney at state. i saw mark cole run a (roughly) 16:31 at steeplechase today (af bridges). he got 2nd
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