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  1. Having been in Shelby county coaching for 35 years, I can tell you that rarely does a "quote" zone come into the situation. The only stipulation that matters is where the athletic record starts, the year it starts, and if the child can get a fake address to attend a different school after an original athletic record. People say Memphis does it's own thing and that is true. We put forth an attempt to get a handle on the situation that was voted down in by at least a 3 to 1 margin. Everyone can just shut up complaining about the transfer stuff in Memphis till they decide to take meaningful action at the regional administration meetings. Shelby county will do as it pleases till then.
  2. Will Shelby county teams be able to play tonight? Will it be on an individual school situation or a district wide policy?
  3. Being enrolled and moving are two different things. Most SCS schools will enroll students without regard for where they live because they have open enrollment or are optional schools. Once you have an athletic record with a state organization, there must be a change in residence, custody change, or parental job change for a student to be ruled eligible. Ryan is a good kid. He will be successful anywhere.
  4. Are Boyce's parents moving from Collierville. There are limited ways a student athlete can transfer.
  5. Yelp, we have exhausted this conversation. It is what the boards are for though..... DM
  6. Our field at Collierville is pretty good.
  7. kwc, I was coming from the recruiting athlete standpoint and you know as well as I do that there are cases where the coach is left to gather info and they don't do a complete job or manipulate what they give administration. You can't go live with an relative (without a one-time guardianship change) or just rent an apartment (without selling old residence), live with a friend, or the myriad other ways the system is manipulated within the metro area. I am not just talking about city schools. ETHICS are on a decline and ADULTS are not ACTING like RESPONSIBLE ADULTS. Not directed at you, just a general comment.
  8. If you allow a kid to transfer to your school and there a circumstances that are suspect in that transfer, that athlete will take the place of another kid. Are you doing right by the replaced kid. There are always people who are hurt by the change. You can justify it by situational ethics all you want. There are some kids that don't get to play because you allow the transfer. You look at the situation where this kid just left. There were many non-district kids on team that are transferring out and what do they have to replace them. Additionally, you believe that there won't be a stink about this when it gets to the season. My let them play 20 games and then complain. It has happened before. i.e. Hamilton
  9. kwc, I just don't understand the mindset of allowing what is wrong to go on. Civic, social, and professional responsibility has fallen by the wayside, and allows what can only be called corruption of the process, not just in this setting but in society in general. Granted this is from a WASP perspective.
  10. restrictions by who? The TSSAA if that was true Penny wouldn't be on bench. Most play together on AAU. It is not a matter of money it is a matter of that is what AAU is for.
  11. Sorry, where does it stop at. One team goes to this tournament the second place team goes to something else. It is like AAU, YBOA, and how many other type of youth organizations. You move down the competition level and you can find additional tournaments for everyone. If your team is willing to play the money they can play some more. I firmly believe East will win the State Championship, but They will get their chance to play these other groups in AAU. This will not be a popular post. LOL
  12. Most of you don't know, but the TSSAA staff do not make the rules. There is a 12 member legislative council and 12 member board that make the rules and guidelines. Those folks are school administrators. The staff at TSSAA are employees of the the state school districts.
  13. If you remember when we had spring fling in memphis they played softball at Snowden Grove parks I believe.
  14. It probably has to do with TSSAA regulations. 3 week dead period after season is over and underclassmen playing in all-star game type stuff. DM
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