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  1. Both of these teams are really strong and have shown great determination this year... it is a shame that they have to face each other this soon in the playoffs. Will be a great match up that is a given... Keep up the great work warriors!!
  2. A TRUE WARRIOR NEVER GIVES UP!! I will continue to support Riverdale NO MATTER WHAT.. does that mean I have to support all of the coaches.. NO WAY.. but I will continue to support the school and its sports. It is a shame that the program has fallen as it has, but to give up and not support just bc they are in a slump or someone is making really bad decisions.. well thats just not in my blood... GOOD LUCK WARRIORS!!
  3. Is there any way to change the e mail address you have on file?
  4. OK I have sat back and read everyones post and I have to make my own statement now.. 1st let me say I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a fun and Safe New Year! Now on to the Warriors: If they do not get rid of Coach "A" now I do believe he will then have tenure and will be there until he chooses to leave (not good). I have said all along that the problem this year was LEADERSHIP AND MOTIVATION! Both start with the Coaches and that starts with the Head Coach. Now I have and will ALWAYS be a WARRIOR.. but changes need to be made. And yes I was at some practices and noticed the fact that if you were not on the "starter" squad it really did not matter what you were doing... NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE PART OF THE TEAM AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE PARTICIPATING! You never know what kind of diamond in the rough you might find unless you give everyone a chance. So the coaches only gave input to the starters who really had a hard time stepping up since so much was put on their shoulders. Dang when you have that many guys surely you can find some that truely want to play with all their heart and soul and will give 150% to learn the skills. Sure the others might have the skills but w/out the heart and the soul is means nothing. That is why you have coaches.. Teach those that have the desire. Make it a competition to be on the team. But the coaches were not concered so why should the players be? Will I continue to support them.. HECK YEAH!! Do I think some changes should be made HECK YEAH!! will they? who knows..
  5. WOO HOO congrats Oakland /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  6. Come on Oakland keep things going.. You have had a GREAT year.. just keep it going! Best of LUCK /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  7. WC and Smyrna both have Great teams this year! this will be one amazing game!! Both coaches are great at going back to the tape and making adjustments. Have to support the Rutherford Co Teams but .. yeah but, with the way WC has been playing it will be one tough one to pull out. Come on Smyrna.. keep things going for the County!
  8. I am just a bit confused on this one... So does he not live w parents? he is the adult at the house and that is why he was the one arrested? If thats the case then he shld not be allowed to play. If there are adults in charge of the house then its their responsibitlity to keep the house safe. I am sure the school is doing an investigation on this just as the county is.. lets quit assuming anything!!! Let those that get payed to handle these type of situations handle them and let the players focus on school and football.
  9. Discipline breeds respect. Coach A did not bring discipline when he came on board and I truly believe that the guys on the team did not respect him or his vision. He might have brought alot of recruiting to the area but he sure let alot of guys pass by the wayside at the school. You also have to have leaders on the team to step up and I dont think anyone wanted to take on that role. I do not blame the guys I do blame the entire coaching staff which does start at the top. YOU HAVE TO MOTIVATE! any good coaching staff knows this. Please understand I am and will always be a warrior supporter no matter who is coaching, I just think a change needs to be made while it still can be. Good luck for a better season next year WARRIORS!
  10. i am glad the warriors ended with a win... just wish they had stepped it up earlier in the season! congrats guys
  11. Congrats to Smyrna.. great game.. Now as for Riverdale.. dang still hard for some of us to believe you are out of the playoffs. Earlier in the posting someone referenced the coaching situation at Riverdale and LOD stated it is up to Mr. Nolan.. Well if the supporters go away because a program has gone from having a target on their back to not even being looked at as a threat, then I do think Mr. Nolan should and will look at the coaching staff. For the last 3 years you have had amazing talent but for some reason they have not been able to pull it out and show it in games. That is a "COACHING" issue. We have to remember these guys are still teenagers and are looking for guidance which it seems evident they are not getting it. Yes Coach A has been getting the recruiters to come .. great job for that but they were only wanting to come because they knew what kind of powerhouse Riverdale WAS.... now lets see how many recruiters will show up or be calling. Will the head coaches be coming out like before (doubt it). and this team has some great guys that could (when given the right leadership) do some amazing things. Warriors keep your heads up! True Riverdale supporters (including myself) will always be there and wanting nothing but the best for each one of you!
  12. BlueRaiderfan u got this sooooo right... Lack of discipline.. lack of motivation.. lack of leadership.. all of this has been gone since Coach A took over. Now anyone that has been on these boards for any period of time knows that I have tried with all my might to support him but this has gotten out of control. the previous 2 years Riverdale had amazing players but fell short. This year they did have some drop out bc they did not want to go thru the crap that was going on. But the players that are there are GREAT, just not stepping up on game day. Now as for the game.. Smyrna at Riverdale.. This will be one heck of a game no matter what the score! You can guarantee that both teams are gonna pound each other as hard as possible. Riverdale has ALOT riding on this game so if the passion is there and the players can hold onto the ball then the game is theirs. But its up to them to pull this one out bc Smyrna is gonna want to beat Riverdale at home thats a given. Now come on WARRIORS! step up.. hold on to the ball.. and Coach A.... pound it and pass it and make this team a TEAM again!
  13. WTG WARRIORS!! great team win.. and man was it needed..
  14. congrats LC .. ID have any clue what is going on at Riverdale and evidently they dont either /dry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=" someone needs to pull this team together.. this is just blowing my mind! Still backing them of course but something has got to give!! step it up WARRIORS.. you have the players that is a given, but they are just not playing up to potential. LC pulled it together when it counted, great job. NOW COME ON WARRIORS GET YOUR FIGHT BACK... MAKE SOME CHANGES AND GET SOME WINS!! GET HUNGRY AGAIN /hungry.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":hungry:" border="0" alt="hungry.gif" />
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