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  1. cougars130

    Best National Tournaments

    Now that the state tournament is over what are the best national tournaments for both Boys and Girls?
  2. cougars130

    Pin-tn.com female Wrestler of the year

    How many times has she been wrestler of the year?
  3. cougars130

    Day 1 upsets

    Oooooops touché
  4. cougars130

    AAA 138 lb Preview and Picks

    I bet Hernandez loses in the first round
  5. cougars130

    AAA Individual State Preview

    It’s there I just don’t want to call the kid out I’m just saying. How is it fair that their are some regions who can just walk into the state tournament when others work their butt off all year just to make it to the tournament why not bring back the drawing system where some weight classes got to have top four go to state and other top 3. The regions that can’t fill an 8 man bracket have to draw cards which tells them what weight classes get top 3 go to state and the other weight classes the top 2 go to state then region 6 and 7 get those additional remaining spots for the state tournament.
  6. cougars130

    AAA Individual State Preview

    I meant region 6 and 7 should have 6 kids go to state versus having kids walk into the state tournament.
  7. cougars130

    AAA Individual State Preview

    The fact there is a kid 0-23 in the state tournament blows my mind and also seeded higher then kids with wins is crazy. Some regions should also be top 2 go to state where region 7&8 get top 6 go since they actually have mostly full brackets.
  8. cougars130

    Girls Wrestling in Nooga..or lack thereof

    You forgot #10 at 200 - Catherine Palmieri, junior, Woodlawn, Tenn. Northwest High School (11)
  9. cougars130

    Region 7 Individuals

    I know it starts today just don’t see why the deadlines are not set the same for each region if they are happening on the same day.
  10. cougars130

    Region 7 Individuals

    Any chance the info can be released today on track instead of tomorrow other regions have already released weight classes..
  11. cougars130

    Region 7 Individuals

    Dickson County is in that region as well
  12. cougars130

    Ag Center

    Well in my opinion as a fan I like the view the cow palace brings instead of being in the nose bleed section anywhere you sat at UTC the wrestlers looked liked ants where as at the cow palace you can see pretty good across the place and watch solid wrestling the whole tournament.
  13. cougars130

    Girls East and West region tournament

    My only concern is since the West Imformation is realeased earlier then the East they have the opportunity to adjust wrestlers to different weights where the odds of placing are higher while the west has to wait and find out after the deadline for adjustments is over? Also if I team does not meet the deadline then what happens as far as entering a wrestler?
  14. cougars130

    Girls East and West region tournament

    The Deadline to change line up was the 22nd at 10pm it has now changed to the 24th there were a few teams who did not make the deadline until after it was changed. Kinda the reason this topic was started was because of the early release of information on the western region tournament but the Eastern region tournament does not release to public until the 25th but I also noticed a lot of teams did not enter wrestlers before the original deadline of the 22nd.
  15. cougars130

    Girls East and West region tournament

    So who is in charge of the deadline and when is it ok to change the deadline some west region teams did not meet the original deadline of the 22nd and now it’s the 24th interesting.