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  1. It's funny how "fans" all the way from East Tennessee, can judge sportsmanship when they haven't seen either team play? DeKalb has 15 girls on their team. So all the talks of playing your JV team, must be nice to have 30 players on your team. I guarantee the Watertown coach would agree that there was not much that could have been done differently to reduce the score. DeKalb had their most experienced four girls on the bench with his leading goal scorer as goalie.
  2. BigG, that's the point! The reasons there are different divisions is to make it fair. Divisions are set in place to keep this kind of thing from happening. Why should private schools be treated any different? If we use population density to determine the regions then this issue would not come up.
  3. DeKalb's population density - 57 people per square mile Chattanooga's population density - 1,150 people per square mile. I realize that some of Chattanooga's students will attend other schools in Chattanooga, but you must admit there is a big difference here. You should also consider that Chattanooga Christian and other private schools in metro areas will also receive students outside the city. I venture to say at times up to 50 miles away from the school's campus. So I believe that DeKalbsCoachK is trying to ask why are powerhouse private schools in the same region as rural teams? He is not trying to take away from Chat. Christian's win in no way, shape, form or fashion.
  4. so much for havin a heart....come on guys give DC a chance and stop bashin them ALL the time /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  5. Im not sayin that they will beat york or livingston...im sayin that if they try hard and listen to the coach and not listen these message boards they will win a district game soon! i predict they will beat cannon and end the streak!!!
  6. yeah i can feel that they will play their hardest too BUT that doesnt mean it will be good enough! DC will get their act together and play a close til the end and evidently come out on top by 4
  7. There isnt any hope if they read all the crap that is bein wrote about them....dc girls dont listen to all these message boards....this might sound corny but beleive in yourself and dont worry about what is bein said about ya! GO DC!!!
  8. AMEN...everyone needs to step aside and let him coach! Parents, stay out of it! It is good to support the team, but please let him do his job and don't give him un-needed pressure!!
  9. The popcorn is prob due to the new concession stand manager....he works very hard but will never ever be like last year's concession stand manager....DC's c stand is in neeed of some serious help....God bless them lol /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" />
  10. wow that is great.....hats off to coach!
  11. smith didnt have a team last year....does anyone know how good they are???
  12. Who all is playin and what times???
  13. we will see, but IF dekalb looses there is no way its by double digits....
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