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  1. https://www.robertsoncountyconnection.com/opinion/columnists/thank-you-yellow-jackets-for-what-you-have-taught-us/article_41beef2a-264c-11ea-9970-ebfcd7777d47.html?fbclid=IwAR2wYqrDnaHpTjVZVj3iJf0g75PlSsOwlLwkqRCyGFYytgXbeV1f03xtx7Q#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_ Good read!
  2. Appreciate it, you guys have a fine program, we are very proud of ours and will continue to strive for that ever elusive state title, good luck to you guys in the future...
  3. It is all good Roman, we just dont want to see our kids not be appreciated, I understand that was not your intent... True BC16, the main difference being we just didnt have the capability to throw like you guys did, and against a team like you guys you have got to be able to do more than just run...
  4. Its is $9.99/month but well worth it, subscribed for about a year now, but you can watch playoff games and state titles from every state, I check out lots of recruits this way. Highschool sports fans will love it, includes prttey much every hs sport... https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/
  5. Great comment...I couldnt be more proud of our Jackets, I have a deep rooted family history in this football program (1930s). It really hurts hearing some of the comments that somewhat degrades what our young men accomplished to include some small victories they had yesterday, such as "they coulda scored 50, wasnt trying, etc etc", well you didnt...lol; anyway congrats to you guys, clearly had the better team and you got a gold ball. Being somewhat restrained on throwing the ball we had no choice but to heavily rely on running the ball which is what got us here. Tried passing more early in the year and it just never clicked. We eventually found our identity running the ball because this team just didnt have the capabilities to throw. It worked for the most part because we could move the ball enough to compliment our defense which got us to Cookeville. Betsy was just too good defensively to line up in a box set and run right at them. You all basically schemed the way I would have playing against us. Once again congrats to you guys and hope to see you again!
  6. Congrats Etown, the inability to throw the ball and being 1 dimensional was too much to overcome, the defense was on the field way too long...
  7. Feels so much better than just saying you were wrong.....lol
  8. Forget the game, let's just talk about the zoning, Betsy posters, Springfield fans aren't even bringing this up, people with no relevance to this game are, we have no issue with you guys. Feel free to not respond to the outsiders...
  9. Can we please just give the zone/recruiting and all that mess a rest, us Springfield fans really do not care about that, we will play who they put on the field...period
  10. Appreciate the support and congrats on your teams great season, I fully expect you guys to be in the mix again next year!
  11. Appreciate the kind words GD87, and good luck to you guys as well FBF26, both should be great games!
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