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  1. I understand the pick, but I also believe WC is much better than we anticipated, that bad loss may turn out being what they needed.....
  2. So what does everyone think of this one, Springfield coming off a beat down at the hands of Wilson Central 37-7, and Clarksville a 24-10 win over Rossview. I think the Jackets will be alright if they can cut down on turning the ball over and get the QB situation figured out.....
  3. Given that Dyer Co is not very good, I think LC will be alright, not sure by how much but they should win.....
  4. I don't really fault the freshmen QB too much tbh, he had a big, fast, and quick defensive line in his face all night, I don't care how experienced a QB is, that's hard to deal with.....
  5. Probably a little both, WC is better than everyone thought they were, and the Jackets were breaking in new bodies at all the skill positions to include the QB, they got work to do but I believe they will be alright.....
  6. My guess would be on the ground with an occasional pass completion to keep drives alive, they are not great throwing the ball.....
  7. I cant find an updated score, Beech still might win by 14, but I expected NS to test them.....
  8. 30-0 in the 3rd, we are getting the breaks beat off of us......
  9. No one is interested but it is 20-20 in the 2nd.....lol
  10. I am seeing 23-0 now, what in the world is going on, no coverage on YouTube yet.....
  11. It's all good, I am passionate about my team as well, it's all in good fun.....lol
  12. Yeah, BigEdMo enough with trying to give them ANY credit what so ever in the 3rd qtr of this game, these fans on these board crack me up, even talking about scrims, "we beat them 42-14", but dont leave out "they scored the 14 on out reserves", take the freaking win and be happy.....lol
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