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  1. Okay back into 5A after several successful years in 4A I personally believe the time is right as they have established the program better than it was previously... What I know which is limited: We have tons of experience coming back at the skill positions RB, WR, ect, and even though we are losing our QB to graduation the young man we have stepping in has good size, is athletic, and a big arm, I am actually pretty optimistic about the passing game... The big question is the Offensive line, we are losing some veterans at that spot, but I am sure we have some good ones coming up. I am not quiet as concerned with the D-line because I believe we are in pretty good shape there... The over-all talent level has improved and should continue to do so, also the improvements of the strength and conditioning program started to show on the field last season which should help tremendously provided it carries over... I know the season just ended but I am really excited for 2021 already.....
  2. Agreed!...unless mom or dad gets a new job and moves, stay where you are and show some darn resolve and overcome whatever adversity is in your way, I have never cared for switching schools for sports purposes, private schools included!
  3. You know I am not taking sides for ANY team, I have no dog in the fight for any of the games, I am a fan and like to see good games on championship weekend... It just seemed like to me, every time the losing team would make a play at a pivotal point that would make the game more interesting, there would be some flag for something petty... Now if my team is in it I just want to win period, I want to game in the bag as quickly as possible, BUT for the 99% of the rest of us setting at home watching on TV, we want to see decent competition, this year for example, 1 out of the 6 games were really worth watching, I personally dont care for, nor watch the private schools.....
  4. Yeah...we got these kids and coaches together on the field to play the game, BUT Heaven forbid they gather too close in a conference on the field, none of it makes sense to me.....lol
  5. Yeah watching the 2A game on delay right now and that call did it for me.....lol
  6. Have been a buzz kill... Just saying.....lol
  7. Right!...they are usually far and in between, I am loved this one!
  8. Didnt look like that to me, let Kelly get more opportunities and see what happens...
  9. Man I hope this isnt true, the kid does not need help getting into college, he has plenty talent, and hope he stays loyal.....
  10. AND the test results show...scores against common opponents mean squat... Also, #3 for CITY was clearly the best player on the field, look out the next 3 years... Just my opinion, BUT if CITY had more creative play calling they could have won by a couple scores, almost went to the well too many times, had they allowed their calls to feed off the success of #3 they would have found more success... At any rate great game for both teams and maybe some fans will finally learn NOT to count their chickens before they hatch...
  11. Alright here we go, I am pulling for Milan and believe their defense can keep them competitive in a "bend but not break" kinda way, on the flipside Alcoa's defense is one of the best I have seen. I see Alcoa will have more 3 and outs. Milan will keep it close for 2 to 3 quarters and then their defense will wear down and Alcoa will pull away. Good luck to both teams.....
  12. I wish my team was playing this weekend, anyhow, what does who they're playing have to do with what I said...
  13. At the beginning of the season no, but I will say it now, Milan would win by 14 minimum imo and I am not partial to either team, just call it how I see it. Peabody wouldnt beat Pearl Cohn imo, no disrespect to PB, Milan just got much better over the course of the season.....
  14. All I proved was you care way too much about past scores, I dont care who wins, but good luck.....lol
  15. You refer to past scores way too much, even if it was 2 weeks ago, matchups are different and there are many more variables to consider, just saying.....
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