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  1. They probably wont be able to, I got MC 35-14
  2. The Bobcats will keep it close early but I believe the Jackets will pull away late and win by 2 to 3 scores...
  3. Jackets up 21-6 early in the 3rd...
  4. It was close and make no mistake, the Jackets are down this year, but it still could have went either way.....
  5. Congrats MC on the win, simply put, yall held on to the ball and we didnt.,.,...
  6. Typical fan talk from both sides, this will probably turn out to be a good game after all.....lol
  7. Jackets started off rough against the run but have picked it up since then. The offense is moving but seem somewhat retrained due to the inability to pass, maybe #7 gets a shot or they just stay run oriented with #5 and play good defense. I believe they will need to score at least one more time if not more.....
  8. I do believe the Jackets can win this game, but based on what has happened to this point MC should be the favorite at home. The Jackets have play makers who are unproven but play makers none the less. IF the the good version of the defense shows up they get the win...21-17
  9. HC should win but I believe it will be closer than some are thinking...
  10. Congrats on the win MC, not gonna make excuses, yall just whipped our tail tonight. I do believe we can play yall much closer than we did tonight, hopefully we get another chance this year, if not next year will work. You guys have a fine team and I expect a good run in the playoffs, thinking Nolensville and MC will be the game that decides one semi final on that side. Having said that, I really enjoyed the game tonight with the exception of sitting close to all the junior pro coaches who are experts and questioned every move our coaches made, will remedy that next time.....lol
  11. I would take him anyway, young man can play!
  12. MC up 14-0 at the half, defense playing well but gassed there half way through the 2nd qtr, offense has moved the ball some but their inability to pass consistently has left the defense on the field a lot. #70 for MC is a beast on the d-line, hopefully the Jackets can make up some ground in the 2nd half...
  13. Our coaches will schedule games like you guys or teams in higher classes opposed to cupcakes, some of the teams higher up turn out to be cupcakes like Station Camp but that's never the intention, they want to play teams that will prepare them for the playoffs...
  14. This is a tough one to call, IF the Jackets are on their game with home field advantage I say they find a way to win, 27-21 ish.....
  15. For sure that would be cool, hopefully you can make it and safe travels!
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