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  1. RedDevil88

    Jo Byrns @ Nashville Christian

    Classless? Sounds like truth to me.It's not like the privates don't cherrry pick public kids.You know yourself we would have one more really good athlete now if it weren't for JP2.
  2. RedDevil88

    TC vs Sycamore

    Respect your elders woman!
  3. RedDevil88

    Perry [email protected] Collinwood

    WOW 7 turnovers,that's hard to overcome. 104.5 The Zone was reporting PC won 50-48....
  4. RedDevil88

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2012

    I hope they do prove us wrong. I thought coach Myers deserved another year,and IMO this was a bad move.
  5. RedDevil88

    Jo Byrns 2012 Version

    I agree 81,we got some tlent coming up,and if nothing happens as far as injuries I fully expect this incoming freshman/sophomore class to be our next real shot at getting a gold ball finally. This years Sr/Jr class is a big ???
  6. RedDevil88

    Gordonsville Tigers 2012

    Nobody is doubting TC,but I do think G'ville will be a force in the class A.
  7. RedDevil88

    Jo Byrns 2012 Version

    Nobody is "down" on you guys,but we lost a lot of people last year,plus 2 running backs moved. We will see what you've got against G'ville.I expect them to win it all this year. Don't get me wrong though,you guys are capable of going deep in the playoffs,but ya'll have to get more physical,play smart,and most of all gel as a team. If you guys will keep your heads up and learn from playing a tough spring schedule you can go all the way!
  8. RedDevil88

    White House Heritage

    Well he said he liked the Heritage team....I think JB will lose every game they play outside of the single A (except for Houston County)teams.We're very down this year and play a tough schedule outside of our district..We had several kids that just never developed,plus a few have moved off,or just chose to concentrate on other sports.I still think we can do well in our classification if the kids will learn from playing these bigger schools,and not go out and lay down like they did a few games last year. What we need is more kids like Ace Evans to step their game up and play with some heart.
  9. RedDevil88

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2012

    I don't blame you one bit.Springfield has a super rich tradition,and is loaded with athletes,but God and family must come first. Where are you going to coach at Chris? I apologize if it's already been said in the thread.
  10. RedDevil88

    Springfield Yellow Jackets 2012

    I gotta agree with everything you said Leon.Pathetic,Ignorant,and just plain stupid is what I consider most of the "cronies" you speak of.I hope the Jackets can find a good coach and rebound from this.
  11. RedDevil88

    Nan Duvall "Love Those Rockets" Passes

    She was a very kind person.I'm gonna miss Love those Rockets.
  12. RedDevil88

    Wayne Co. vs South Pitt

    It's all good South Pitt.We shall meet again in 2-3 yrs.....
  13. RedDevil88

    Jo Byrns 2012 Version

    Moto, Not enough,especially considering how many players we lose.
  14. RedDevil88

    Wayne Co. vs South Pitt

    Congratulations to Wayne County. I'm glad you guys didn't go down there and lay down for them like we did. South Pitt thought last years Jo Byrns team was going to show up for this game.... That didn't happen.
  15. RedDevil88

    Wayne Co. vs South Pitt

    Somebody will pay for that....you don't make Ricky Rice mad,and live to tell about it.