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  1. Well I guess the bank closed before the game last night. I really thought the Devils had a great chance to beat the mighty Rebs. What a great crowd, absolutely packed! I will say this...PA person is crazy if he thinks he can announce to stay off the hillside and people will listen. Why not bring in additional bleachers. Scoreboard not working...not real good when you got all summer to check it to see that all of the parts are in good working order. I don't believe our players are crybabies...I think they were so hyped up (probably by the pregame speech), that after the glitter wore off, we wore down. I will always remember this...you win the game in practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, then apply that to Friday night. The Devils should not be judged solely on what they did or didn't do last night, that is why you play 10 games. Now we are the first to say...just wait till next year!!! Good luck Rebs and Devils
  2. Prayers from the north side of Black Oak Ridge!
  3. Stay back from the restraining line. There are many times when someone is trying to take a picture and gets steamrolled by a player(s). Personally I think they should adopt the college rule, or I think it is a rule. Chains in the first 3 feet, coaches in the second 3 feet, players in the next 3 feet. Former player. current fan. What is your category, Deltavian?
  4. Maryville will be 6A next year. NOBODY can save them from moving up next year. Rumor I heard they have over 1500 right now.
  5. You got it, the Crossroads will be celebrating Friday nite. Coach J will be Governor after this win.
  6. Great rule - deal with it or go buy a better camera and film from the stands. Photo jocks don't need to be near the playing field anyway.
  7. ironman, I hope your comments are "tongue in cheek", cause I'm here to tell you and the world, the Devils are going to beat Maryville at the Crossroads Friday night.
  8. One question for the Panther nation - Why don't you play Webb any more? One statement for the Panther nation - Prsonally, I don't think Matt Lowe is the right person to have the title of Head Coach at Powell. I know, this is just my opinion and I know what opinions are like...
  9. You can bank on this...the 60 game streak will end, Maryville goes down. Matter of fact there have been a lot of streaks at the Crossroads!
  10. Put it in the bank - the streak stops on August 22. Record as of August 23rd...60-1
  11. First of all the T$$AA does not set the kick return rules do they? I think the NFHS sets those rules so they are the same for every state association across the nation. The one I think that should be changed is the summer dead period. Since we now have a mandatory 3 week dead period after your season have been completed, why not have a dead period after your school has ended in May/June. By doing this you wont have a dead period during the middle of the summer.
  12. Ironman80, You give the credit to Coach Williams and I agree some of the credit goes to him, but what about crediting the kids with there improved performance. Now lets don't get to carried away...how would Catholic do vs. DB? Last thing, did you say you watched the film last night after the scrimmage? You must be one of the coaches then, cause I dont think they allow parents or fans to watch the film with them.
  13. divercity, Anyone that expresses GLEE or JOY about Coach Ward leaving the coaching ranks of Halls is an idiot, pure and simple. The man has prolly forgotten more than many ever knew. I would be willing to bet if he came back right now the offense would be much better by this Friday. Like I said in an earlier post, I am CONCERNED about Coach Williams being the lead man in this offense. I hope I am wrong, if so I will stand up and sing his praises. haveityourway, Consider we only throw 8-10 times per game and most are go routes to a WR, how difficult can that be. The OL steps inside and block there gap, you block off the tackles butt. Run the waggle off the sweep and no one has to block they are in a route. Now if I'm wrong, show and tell me the intracities of blocking for the wing t.
  14. fairplay, How difficult can blocking for the wing t be? You block down on angles right? I'm sure practice was better, we were going against our own defense. I am a bit concerned, not scared mind you, but concerned. Loosing Coach Ward is going to be a bigger blow than either Kits or Dayton. And I'm not sure Coach Williams has the ability to lead the offense.
  15. I did not see the DB scrimmage, but after reading comments on this thread, from all of the geniuses here, I have some concerns about the Red Devils. The good thing is we still have a couple of weeks to get the situation corrected before the Rebels roll into the Crossroads.
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