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Everything posted by sum1uno

  1. I’m like you. I will take a good line any day. Hard to run or throw without winning in the trenches.
  2. Agree. Nothing to prove. Backups need the game experience to help later
  3. Hindsight 20/20. Could have got some good players hurt also. Red Bank is solid and although it was a good match up to build on, I don’t see SP missed a beat. I wouldn’t want a make up game now. It could possibly be the best chance at blemish on perfect season.
  4. I have looked closely at this game and after looking at all the possibilities I have come to the conclusion that this will be a close game.................... until SP gets their hands on the ball
  5. I saw a white cap official kick a fumbled ball away one time due to the players charging towards him for the recovery. All due to the fact that he was too fat to get out of the way.
  6. If SP is on and especially at home then they are a different kind of animal. Seen it before
  7. Greenback needs a running game.
  8. Didn’t you say that about Huntingdon last year? just joking. SP is solid
  9. Good to see Pirate Mike on the Main Event show. Still praying for you friend. Keep that Tom guy straight tonight
  10. Now ST you didn’t have to go and insult George like that. Them’s fighting words round here.
  11. Dadof2 ---------------------MC 33 > SP 21 Imthayeti------------------MC 35 > SP 21 CaptainJackRackam---MC 21< SP 28 Devilsx5--------------------MC 42 > SP 34 WarChant-----------------MC 20 > SP 17 RunnerUp-----------------MC 20 > SP 14 TheCommander--------MC 35 > SP 34 OmahaOmaha—— MC 28 > SP 14 Sum1uno————-MC 20 < SP 34 Add to this folks those of you who will add a prediction please. It will be fun to see who's closest to the final score.
  12. Good Luck Tom. I believe y’all to pull off big win Friday. Hope Mike is doing well.
  13. He rode in with Roy. There is a goat double parked out front
  14. Hate to hear this. He was the QB for Wayne the year they won title. Great family. Hope they find prayers answered.
  15. Good to see y’all not playing like them
  16. Lol. He does enjoy the smack talk but it’s all in fun. I have respect for every team we play that leaves it on the field. Past 2 years we’ve had some big games with both Huntingdon and LC and much respect for both. We have a lot of improvements to make before we can run with the stangs this year. I’m hoping we get there and give you another great game. Until then best of luck to y’all.
  17. He is a true fan. I enjoyed watching him play several years ago as well. Kid loved to lay the wood. As always he is good for a laugh or two. Much respect for him. Sic em Dawgs!
  18. I would have thought 33 would have won this game. Where’s the D?
  19. Maximum is cool cat. Met him last year up there. Hope y’all get a good game to watch. Would benefit both groups for a battle
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