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Everything posted by sum1uno

  1. I know it. I don’t agree with transfers but if TSSAA ain’t got a problem then line em up and play. Don’t have issue with someone stating their opinion but once is enough. I believe that game between Meigs and Greenback is gonna be a good one. Best of luck to y’all both. Oh and lastly.....Go Dawgs!
  2. Agree and you could post this on about 75% of the threads lately.
  3. Another great show. Props to y’all both. The detail y’all go into is top notch. Very much appreciated. Best of luck this year in your travels. Look for my dawgs to make some more noise in a couple years.
  4. That’s bass when he was campaigning in Jasper
  5. Totally agree. That kid has some wheels
  6. Agree. With what Huntingdon returns they are my pick to win it all. They was the fastest team we faced last year. Need to get the ball outside in open field though. I just wished we had half their athletes with our staff.
  7. Nope. Game 2 will tell your capabilities
  8. I thought they made the cheerleaders shave. Maybe it was just for the playoffs. Anyway ole CB10 picked up a few over there last year. He showed them his corn dog and they grabbed up a bottle of mustard and followed him home.
  9. Miss ole Bobby Bare. One of the greats
  10. I can honestly say with what Lake Co and Huntingdon or as BPM prefers Huntingdung that both of these teams returns much and either one has a great chance to win gold. Other teams in west would be Mt Pleasant and Freedom Prep. Both teams have the athletes to keep a game close. Wayne will be unknown. New coach but very rich tradition. My bunch will be young but could make it interesting in a few games. On the east side I know SP returns quite a few and I would have to give them a slight edge over Greenback in the east. Greenback has the talent but will have to see how they come together as unit. This team lost a ton from last year but will still be solid and if they jell at right time could become the favorite. I wouldn’t overlook Coalfield either. Whitwell lost a ton also and with new coach I can see them making playoffs but don’t see the stars aligning again this year. My dark horse in east is Gordonsville. There has been no chatter about them but I saw them in spring. Good athletes and good size. They will be a handful as long as they stay healthy. Many good games early will settle everyone in. Should be another great year for 1A football. Still should come down to the big 4 though for the dance. Good luck to all and remember to always give a pat on the back for these players that give us old folk some Friday night fun
  11. Only 5? Y’all pulling starters at halftime?
  12. For most part agree. I have seen some individuals that made a huge impact. Gilbert was one of those. As far as the top 4 teams....could go either way. Injuries and a few breaks will keep any team in game. I’m not a big fan of transfers simply due to the advantages some teams have due to location but not gonna knock a team that does it by book. Hoping my boys get back to the show in a couple more years. We young but still hungry.
  13. I was pleased with our bunch considering all we lost to graduation. Young group but had several bright spots. Some things needing work but overall pleased. Best of luck to y’all Croz. Y’all have several good looking players.
  14. Summertown is strong but all the teams that make the show are good and a couple of errors can be a game changer. Best of luck to y’all Kees. It’s a big accomplishment just to make it.
  15. I take Loretto TCA Greenback Summertown
  16. SP always expects to win. The one thing our group learned the last time we played y’all was that’s the level we had to get to. GB, Huntingdon and Lake Co all are solid teams but SP will always be the measuring stick due to the longevity of their success. Our senior group has always said that SP game 3 years ago was a big part of their success the last 2 years. Look for SP back at dance this year
  17. Exactly. Parents may be loyal to a certain school but it’s the child’s life and the best decision for him or her is what needs to be made.
  18. I would let my child decide provided the academics was in line. I would not let him transfer from a top academic school to a small school with way less academic programs just to get playing time. Many factors involved but child must be happy in the end. Parents must work towards what’s best for child and not themselves. Daddy may have played for the Mud Dawgs back in the day but little Johnny might have a better chance in life playing for ole Red Beaulieu than Coach Klein.
  19. sum1uno

    District 8-A

    Agree. That group has been a pleasure to watch grow. I’ve watched them since they was first starting in sports 10 years ago and they was a gritty hard nosed bunch then. They never give up. Congrats on district title. Tourney should be a good one. Good luck, stay safe and have fun from here on out. Cooksey threw a gem tonight.
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