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  1. Well, I'm hoping that coach Estus wear your girls down a little on Friday night at CAK. Just kidding coach. Looking forward to the game as well. Some mighty good soccer right now in the Atomic City. These young ladies are hungry!! I haven't seen ya since October of 2016...looking forward to catching up. Have a safe trip down G.
  2. Congrats to coach Corley on a great season. I spoke with Shane after we played early in the season as well as just before district tournament and told him the same thing both times...."go ahead and book your rooms at Murfreesboro." Very solid team and I definitely think the Lady Tornadoes will bring it home. We'll be pulling for you guys.
  3. CAK and Grace both travel to CCS for region semifinals on Saturday. CAK plays ND at 3 and Grace plays the class AA school at 5.
  4. Greenback is a big play offense. Good QB and pretty good receivers, has a decent RB....but will only threaten on big play offense style. Coalfield has better QB. Grace is a 90% pass 10% run team. The 2nd half Grace reversed that and ran it, and ran it and ran it right up the center with absolutely no problem. Coalfield by at least 2 TD's especially if Coalfield plays smashmouth football. Coalfield 35 Greenback 14 Mark it down
  5. I do understand that and I agree but.............the TSSAA sets the rules, guidelines....etc. Why have guidelines, enrollment cutoffs if they are not going to hold to them. Oh but wait.....it's out of the hands of the TSSAA because the board of control took care of them on this one. CCS states that no one would play them in the Chattanooga area and they will have to travel more....well, cry me a river you big babies. That is the exact same thing that Knoxville Catholic stated and they chose to stay in D1 because of it so instead of CCS whining and moaning, stay in D1. Your enrollment is over the cutoff, put your big boy pants on and just play. But no....we're special...we are CCS. There's nothing no one can say to justify why they should be able to play down in classification. To my knowledge, this is the first time in TSSAA history that this has been allowed.
  6. CCS has an enrollment of 458 students. At least you guys did the right thing and are playing in the correct classification and not whining about it like CCS and appealing it with the TSSAA. But...now that you know....maybe Ensworth should do the same thing since CCS has already opened up that can. Matter a fact I hope every school in D1 and D2 that are on the bubble of a larger / smaller classification hits the TSSAA with this too since the door has already been opened.
  7. Yes sir, I totally agree with you. The TSSAA sets the rules and guidelines but they can't uphold them while letting the board of control agree to this nonsense. Yes, CCS can play with Baylor and the other D2 class AA teams. I so hope that people, AD's, principles, headmasters....bombard the doors of the TSSAA state office and let them hear about it. This whole deal was swept under the rug, was a behind the door closed meeting and was not published in any of the TSSAA minutes. CCS is a joke and the AD is a coward. OK, I feel better now.
  8. Thank you sir. I would say that the fans were not disappointed as they definitely got their money's worth tonight. Yes I agree about the goal line save, she definitely sold out for us. I told her after the game that it should be on the ESPN highlight reel....lol. Definitely a great hustle play. Like I said in a previous post, I feel very comfortable defensively but we just cannot find the net right now. When our starting forward is released to play.....hopefully right after Labor Day....I think we will start seeing results but until then.....we have a tournament this weekend, then travel to Oak Ridge and Anderson County High next week. Just hope defensively we can hold up? We are now 1-0-2 and those two ties are both 0-0 scores. We definitely like playing you guys as well because we know that it will be a test and will help both teams. You have a classy bunch of hard working young ladies and we wish you the best of luck the rest of the season. I will say this, we have now played a good, and huge, class AAA team (Jefferson County), a really good class AA team (Knox Central), and a very talented and very good class A team (Alcoa), hands down, the Lady Tornadoes were the best we have faced thus far........I don't see anyone in class A that can hang with you. We made it to the Elite 8 state tournament last season and we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at the Boro.....I'd say go ahead and give them a call and book it because if your girls stay healthy...it's a sure thing. Thanks, we will be pulling for you guys.
  9. Yes sir...appreciate that. Unfortunately we have one gone for the season (ACL) but outside of that, hopefully we can all heal up as the season progresses. But like you, we are so low on numbers this season that it's going to be tough but all any of us can do is just show up, lace em up and play. Lol, I gotta mention this though. So we travel up to Jefferson County HS (class AAA) this past Tuesday (1st game) and we were only able to sub 2 players due to our situation. Jeff Co had a roster of 37 and it was like an assembly line moving his girls in....lol. It was a site. I have 26 uniforms and would love to fill them all someday. Once again, prayers to your team as well, hope they heal up soon.
  10. Can we join the walking wounded...lol. Last year we had 20 healthy players all season. This season we started with only 17, and.....our defensive player of the year (last season) shredded her ACL, she's done for the season, our main starting forward (23 goals last season) that played beside Allie Dunn last year... well, she broke her collarbone, another one of our defenders broke her foot last week, our other starting forward can barely walk due to a knee bone issue...very limited, midfielder with severe quad issues and right back with an injured knee...very limited. And all this came in pre-season. Yep pre-season was brutal for us. Out of our starting 11, only 9 are somewhat healthy. We started 5 freshman and 2 sophomores last year.....this season may get to that point again. Wheeeew, what a year makes. I'll get the prayer chain started for all 3 teams if you two can jump in too. Good luck this season.
  11. You're welcome and thank you for the kind words too. Did you happen to come to the Alcoa at Grace football game Thursday night? If so, not sure which gate you came in but I was running the gate at the top of the hill beside the weight room, not the main ticket booth. Was a really good game for a little over 2 quarters, I thought our boys played really well. I know that fumble we had inside the 5 about to score really hurt us and seemed to let the air out of us. Still, no shame in that loss against you guys. We are really glad to have coach Bradley at GCA. Sure thing, I'll ask for a coach Terry next Tuesday. I hope we can find the back of the net, we tied Knox-Central tonight 0-0. That just seems so different to us as we could score on anyone the past 3-4 years but when you lose a young lady that scored 76 goals last year in a single season....it kind of spoils you....lol. She's currently playing at the University of Arkansas on a full ride.....and doing really well. Hey, that's what they call graduation though....it's gonna happen to all of them. For right now though we just have to get healthy and I'm hoping by Labor Day I will have a couple of my girls back before we hit our district schedule. Good talking to you and I wish the Lady Tornado's the best of luck this season....except for next Tuesday of course.
  12. Alcoa is one of the largest class A teams in the state.......and in my opinion one of the best. I think the Lady Tornado's will be at the Boro in October. We are down a little from last year...especially right now with 4 injuries and 2 of them are strong starters. Pre-season was brutal on us. We are coming to you next Tuesday, look forward to a good game. I think it will be a close one.
  13. I'm not sure exactly what you mean but the HS enrollments were sent in to the TSSAA first, well before the 450 cutoff was decided by the TSSAA. Did this answer your question?
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