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  1. Seems to be really calm slobber. Good kids moving up this year. Anybody know how many will actually come out for the team? The juniors team at Madisonville was loaded and some athletic kids at Vonore. If they will be dedicated,they have the potential to turn this thing around. Good luck to all who give it a try!
  2. Polk is very disciplined, they only average maybe 2-3 penalties a game. BTW you should be thankful for just 8 or 9. Your RB #5 was falling forward on every play the first half anticipating the snap. I'm not whining your line beat us on both sides of the ball and the better team won last night. You should have had at least one unsportsman like for a player pushing after the play then yelling at the ref in the third quarter. I don't like to complain about refs, it is a hard job and I wouldn't want it. But you cannot honestly believe one team has 5 holding calls and the home team has none, this could be called every play if they wanted too. But then again, I believe those guys were from Monroe County, what do you expect..... Nope. What do you expect exactly? I saw a great game last night and enjoyed it with a friend of mine from Loudon. Never heard one slam against Monroe County. Why now? Don't put them off on us. Good luck against Alcoa. Straight at them and control the ball with sure tackling defense and you've got a shot!
  3. I read with interest about your son at The Citadel. I wasn't aware that was where he had chosen to go. How does he like it? Is he doing well? Good luck to him! That has always been a place I respect and anyone who chooses to go there. Update please.
  4. Wait to see before you make up your mind. He coaches a good offensive scheme (very effective) and actually quite fun to watch. For me, just trying to find who had the ball each play was at times challenging and very much enjoyable. Keep an open mind, you'll see. Good luck coach G.
  5. Congratulations,Jake! I'm glad to hear you have decided to play and at UT-C is so much the better! Good luck and go wear them out! Dave, Hink would really be proud, as I know you are. Congratulations on making the hard work pay off in such a good way for a great kid! We're pulling for you,Jake.
  6. My thoughts and prayers are with the Loudon community. Bruce was a good man who will be greatly missed!
  7. I'll always admire him because of Brentwood Academy! Say what you will, I believe he was always trying his best to be fair to all. A good man who will be missed for his strong leadership. He did what had to be done regardless who criticized him. Agree or disagree, it doesn't matter. I only hope this man replacing him will try to be just as fair as Ronnie Carter.
  8. Congratulations to Coach Satterfield's son, Marcus. He was named offensive coordinator at UT-Chattanooga this past weekend.
  9. See what you started. I'm going back into hibernation now.
  10. Dude, I don't need your anti-help to say anything. I mostly mind my own business,so don't go getting in it. It was not slobber who called me this morning,so stop guessing about my cell phone. In case that is not clear enough for you,and so you can understand,I don't mind saying who called. Caleb Bowers called me. Want his number to set up a place to meet him so you can accuse him in person? Any of the rest of you can talk to him also. I don't know who slobberknocker is,it doesn't matter to me,but IT IS NOT CALEB!! At the lot?
  11. He's not slobberknocker. The one you are thinking of is concerned the real sk will offend someone he doesn't want offended, not that he wants to offend anyone. He will say what is on his mind out loud,and doesn't need a computer to write about it on. He had issues he tried to deal with personally. I've known him a long time,he's a stand up guy,and he IS NOT slobberknocker.
  12. Dave, I received a phone call this morning. If this off-tackle and expert reference is referring to a conversation at a game this year and this is who you think slobber is, trust me, it isn't. I have nothing in this, have somewhat enjoyed watching and reading as you guys go back and forth, but I promise it's not him. Jeff should know that for sure,also, as they had a conversation about this very thing before. If it's not what you're thinking, I apologize for butting in.
  13. Those so-called professionals in Oakland are no comparison to college kids on scholarship. Give him a chance. I think he will do very well no matter what Mark May says!
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