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  1. I heard first two offered turned the job down. Guy from Louisville and another from Jackson area.
  2. Have they hired anyone yet?
  3. I don’t think this decision was made by the coaches. Word is it came from over their head and they had no say so. Crazy I agree, should be up to the coaches you would think. It would’ve been a great rematch tomorrow, and good for both teams.
  4. Who will 3 and 4 be if Loretto and Summertown are the top two teams?
  5. That was someone else that mentioned Haywood. I personally don’t expect them to be that great... Also, don’t discount Pankey on matching up with opponents size last year, that kid was a stud. Again, SGC can’t blow Humboldt out, I think they barely win in a close one. Humboldt is ok, but not near as talented as years past. I think sgc is a little better than years past, that’s the reason I am picking the way I am. If I’m wrong, get on here and tell me after you whip up on them this week. I think it should be a great game to watch. Save me some popcorn.
  6. Look at the list of teams u mentioned. How many of those are quality teams in your opinion? Just curious westview is 3-2 obion is 2-3 liberty- 1-2 Arlington 1-2 They have a combined record of 7-9. I’m looking forward to Friday night, can’t wait to watch it. Humboldt won’t be able to guard south Gibson inside. The game will come down to whether or not Gibson can handle the basketball or not. Should be a good one and good crowd with such close proximity. South Gibson will be the best team that Humboldt has played so far.
  7. According to a close family friend in the area he says there are currently no D1 players at McKenzie. The big kid has gotten quite a bit of interest but seems intent on going to Union University and playing there if the opportunity is available. The King kid is a great talent but has no offers on the table yet. If he has a strong junior season I think some high level D2 offers may start to trickle in and who knows what else. D1 offers are not on the table for any kids as of this moment. All that said, I really like McKenzie's team and they look to be a fun team to watch this year. Last year they were almost all sophomores and the future is looking bright. I saw them during Christmas break last year and they were sure fun to watch, played very hard. We will see, ready for the round ball to begin!
  8. Talent wise you're probably right, GC definitely has a lot less talent than they've had in years past. And a lot less talent than Greenfield does this year. However, heart is hard to measure. Coach Wilkins and his girls will play extremely hard and be very well prepared. 15+ would be very shocking to me. Look forward to talking to you tomorrow night!
  9. Lamb had 19 in first half and 6 in second. Sounds like they made some type of an adjustment...
  10. Two really good teams. Game was hard fought. Officiating was poor and I'm surprised at this level that that's supposedly 3 of the best in TSSAA. Second day in a row I've been disappointed with that. Shame when the game is altered by calls made or not made in any sport. Anyways, good game. Enjoyed watching the kids compete.
  11. More well rounded this year. They don't really rely on any one kid. Last night they were something ridiculous from the floor. I wanna say 12/16 in first half from inside the arc
  12. I remember not too long ago when this district was dominant. CHS played in two back to back championship games. Tyrone Caldwell was such a great playmaker and had a couple shooters and a stretch 4 that was really good. Northeast had a long run of unbelievable talent even before poythress and made the final 8 numerous timeS. West creek got there behind a kid I can't seem to remember but he was tough?? Rossview had a kid named Jonathan Williams that led several good teams. Henry county had a couple strong seasons and finished top 2 a couple years. Had a 6' post that was unreal. Dickson of course with primm and cast made it to final 8 at least once I think. Seems like 5 or 6 years straight 13 aaa was represented at Murfreesboro with one if not two teams. But last several years this district really seems to have fallen off. What's the deal? All the talent gone in Clarksville ? Too much coaching turnover? It used to be one of the premier districts in the state....
  13. Congrats to both getting there as that's always a great accomplishment however the winner will meet a tall task in the next round. I'm afraid as usually is the case, the champion will come from the west. They are gonna run into a really, really good team in the semis. This first round matchup may be fun to watch and then again the champion between Mitchell and Uc should be worth admission. I don't think either of the semi final games will be close though...
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