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  1. I'm with you. Its over. Good Luck to all of the teams in Murfreesboro. The Lady Tigers came a long way this year. They were not expected to make it that far. GREAT SEASON.
  2. Did not say one time they made trips to Bolivar to see. You jumped ahead. AAU Scouting.
  3. Believe me, she will be on the University of Tennessee at Knoxville radar. Just keep watching and listening. The University of North Carolina is not sinking because if I'm not mistaking I think they are in the top 5 along with UT. I know she is a good player and she is only a freshmen too. This child has played all year banged up. From a broken big toe, jammed pinky finger, severely jammed thumb, a very slight knee problem, and a bruised rib and when you feel like someone is doing something out of the ordinary, then what do you think. She does no more than any other player on the floor. Oh that comment about "push when the refs are not looking" was a joke, but it happens. Ask one of your post players from Waverly that was pushing one of Bolivar girls in the back to get the pass over their head. I told you it happens. If she is carrying the ball, then guess what the refs don't see. They see what they want to see. As far as the comment, she cost her team a trip to the 'boro, that one play did not. There were 3 possessions after that. The refs cost that game for making a critical call at a critical time of the game. They hadn't call all night and decide to call at the end of the game. Granted she shouldn't have pushed her but it is what is or should I say it was what it was. The refs should have talked to both and told them to stop, given both a technical, or let it go because he didn't see what happen before the push. A person sitting on the opposite side of the gym said the ref called a double tech but only one team got to shoot. It was a team lost and everyone could have done something better. When a team win, they win together. So if a team lose, then they lose together.
  4. Bolivar has a real BAD taste in their mouth. Not only from last year game, but from the team of 2003 with the last minute buzzer beater. GO TIGERS. We need a little revenge.
  5. Good Luck in the 'Boro. There are good people in Marshall County and good hospitality. Even though we lost, we wish you luck.
  6. Like you said, you were not there. The other girl was on her when the timeout was called. Therefore, I know she heard the whistle blow, it right there at her. She shoved her when the ref turned his head. She is a freshmen and she DID learn a lesson. NOT TO PUSH UNTIL THE REF TURNS HIS HEAD. As far a playing team ball, she does. She didn't win 20 games by herself. I think she had HELP. When you are the point guard, I thought you were suppose to carry the ball. I thought anyway. As far as ill-advised shots, you wouldn't know if they were ill-advised or not because you don't know the plays. Maybe they were set up that way. They lost and its over. They did a wonderful job this year on making it this far. GOOD JOB GIRLS, HOLD YOU HEAD UP, AND KEEPING PLAYING.
  7. Well, well, I'm back. First of all she does not have a temper. When you are on the floor and the defender is pushing and hand checking, as they call it, then she has the right to knock their hands off her. You have called ONE game that Bolivar played and that was against your team, so therefore you knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, SO JUST SHHHHHHHH!!!. No elbows were thrown, but if they were, then the defender shouldn't be riding her. And another thing, she does not even play defends most of the time, so how can she be playing beyond the usual style of play. Like I said, you knows absolutley NOTHING about her so therefore shut up. And as far as a radar, she is ALREADY on the radar of the big name schools. Would you like to know some? Ok. University of North Carolina, The University of Tennessee at Chat, Murray State, and the University of Missouri at Columbia. FIND YOU SOMETHING TO DO BECAUSE YOU KNOWS NOTHING.
  8. I got on this thread because "papatiger" is on every thread talking about Waverly and Bolivar. That how I got on it. ANything else?
  9. Hey, I like that name, Tigermom. I am a tiger mom also. I got one question. Do you work on the budget committee for the school district? Are the parents going into their pockets to put fuel in the buses? I dont understand why y'all are worried about the fuel in the buses. Our bus drivers are teachers at the school and are probably thrilled to drive the District 12AA Champions Girls and Boys to any destination. Are there not any teachers at Waverly that can drive buses? Once again, WIN YOUR GAMES AND YOU CAN PLAY AT HOME TOO! Oh, by the way, I dont think we are a minority school. You made the statement, "Everybody has to travel." When Waverly get 2 High Profile Players that plays in a BIG GAME, you will feel the same way.
  10. I'm glad to know you will get in and to know you have a media pass. We all also know you will be broadcasting the game. So since I know all of that, I will be there also. I will be on your right, almost at the halfcourt line, in the khaki pants and orange and biege shirt, and on the bottom row along with all of the other people that are blogging. It is not about the money for Bolivar. If it was so, then we would be trying to have ALL of the games at Bolivar such as District, Region, and Substate. We have to either go to Chester County or Lexington EVERY year which is about 30 minutes to an hour away. We, the Bolivar fans, DO NOT OPEN OUR MOUTH BECAUSE IT IS CALLED SUPPORT.!!! As long as my child is on the court playing basketball, I will go to the end of the world with her. You need to fill the same way about your team and stop all of this complaining because it is not going to change. Either come and watch and broadcast the game or stay at home and listen to our hometown broadcast 96.7 fm
  11. You must be talking about McNairy or Harpeth because Bolivar in no way shape, form, or fashion do our girls play on the boys team. But once the game starts, you will think they did. Like I said in my post before, it is all about the Kids. It is obvious that you do not have any kids on the team. I have a child on the team and you will have that name in your mouth ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! I tried to be civilized, but you are beginning to be irritating. LET IT YOU! YOU WILL BE IN BOLIVAR 2 NIGHTS!!!!! HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS
  12. Can you PLEASE SHUT THE H*LL UP! Tired of seeing the same thing on every topic you go to. You are on the McNairy and Harpeth topic and you are still talking about Waverly and Bolivar. Good, dont eat the food. If you dont eat the food, then you shouldn't have to use our restrooms either. Hold it until you get back on the interstate or however you go home.
  13. Can you please give it a rest? Win your games and this conversation would not be happening. Find you something constructive to do. Like it was said in a previous post, I'm shocked that TSSAA allowed that. And like I said, it is about the basketball team. I have a child on the Bolivar's girl basketball team and if I had a son, I would be at that game regardless of where it is and when it is played. IT IS ABOUT YOUR KIDS MAN!!!!!!
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