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  1. tseals31

    Big 9 Confrence

    Flack played very well last night, as did DB. When he plays that well they probably aren't gonna lose many if any. I'm not trying to run the kid in the ground, I just don't believe he plays up to "the hype" or his own potential very often. The nonsecure comment mostly just confuses me because it makes no sense. And as far as pointing out individual players goes, I haven't glanced at this message board lately and seen anything but Keith Cradic is dirty posts. BTW, where is Bronson considering playing next year?
  2. tseals31

    Big 9 Confrence

    Bennett and Cradic are both very talented but I'm pretty sure that Volunteer's player of the game had to be Roby Witcher! I say this because he literally held Corey Young to 14 points. I don't know if he was just having a really good night or what, beacause he appeared to be extremely talented. Witcher continually told him to slow it down and run his offenses when Young appeared to be able to score almost at will. I feel for Young, he definitely appears to be underutilized. Poor kid...
  3. tseals31

    Big 9 Confrence

    Smashmouth basketball??? That is about the silliest thing i've ever heard. I'm pretty sure that all coach Whittemore asks of his players is that they play as hard as physically possible, they play smart basketball, and they don't allow other teams to push them around. Maybe if Charlie Morgan got Bronson Flack on that plan he wouldn't be the most embarrassing player in the big nine for a third consecutive year. All i've heard for the last three years is how "this" year is gonna be his year. DB would be in serious trouble if they didn't have those other three very talented post players to rotate and leave Flack on the bench. Jordan Edwards is biggest and strongest kid in the conference AGAIN this year. But anyway I would love to hear a case made for a coach who consistently gets the most out of the players he has year in and year out more than Coach Whitt. He is an excellent coach and anyone who calls him dirty is making a fool of themselves.
  4. tseals31

    Big 9 Confrence

    Its actually spelled Cradic, and i hear everyone loves to play Volunteer because they are all really nice guys...
  5. tseals31

    greeneville vs volunteer score update

    I am glad you think so highly of me. lol. I will tell you that i have never intentionally tried to "take" another player out any game. I have no problem with you not respecting the way we play, i personally could care less, but i understand everyone is entitled to an opinion.
  6. tseals31

    greeneville vs volunteer score update

    Snow, you can't be serious! How many games did your team win in the IMAC this year? The only team in the IMAC is Greenville,everyone else is a joke. On a personal note you are the softest guy i have ever played against and I am suprised you have time to practice and play with all the crying and complaining you do here. Get a life bro, and we are plenty man enough to stick up for ourselves, you can find us in church hill anytime you want mama's boy.
  7. tseals31

    Tennessee high VS. Science Hill Round 4

    Science Hill definitely has more talent and will blow out Tennesse High if they are allowed to run and gun, however Tennessee High plays a very, very slow methodical style of basketball and won with it in the district. Whichever team can impose their will and control the tempo of the game will win. Tennessee High is heavy on heart and Science Hill is pretty loaded, should be a good game. ...Science Hill by6 or more.