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  1. thank you for clearing that up
  2. if this kid had an injury to one of his knees that kept him out seven months and then had THE SAME injury to his other knee in a scrimmage... how is he already back out there... please give me this kids name so i can shake his hand
  3. quit talkin smack to each other... that isn't what this is for... talk baseball or don't post... simple as that
  4. does anybody know how they are going to determine the winner of the hardball classic if they even are going to announce a winner
  5. east beat cocke 14-0... thanks for puttin me in my place frankenvol... i just got a little heated... what are the other scores from around the conference
  6. don't worry about the canes... just worry about your team cause the canes will be fine
  7. wow... nothing new here, just another West fan that thinks their crap doesn't stink... you know frankenvol, it's people like you that make me ashamed to say I am from Morristown... all you kind of people ever talk about is how West is so much better that everybody else and that they're foing to win everything... guess what. You ain't good. It's time you come down off of your high horse and stop disrespecting everybody else and talking this big game because i know everybody is tired of hearing how great West is when every year, you're not that good. You can not back it up on the diamond... Until you can, be quiet and just play/watch baseball or whatever you do... and get your facts right before you talk smack cause you can't even do that well... Tom Griffin did not get fired, he simply liked coaching college ball better... beating West was just not enough of a challenge for him... oh congrats on the tournament last year... every blind squirrel finds a nut sooner or later
  8. East beat Rutledge today 9-4... Any other scrimmages going on in the imac
  9. Morgan is playing this year
  10. 1. Morristown East 2. Morristown West 3. Greeneville 4. Cherokee 5. Jeff County 6. Cocke County It will be tough for Morristown East to win the conference this year with a new coach again but they feel like they have something to prove and will be tough come tournament time. Morristown West will also be very good as they have key starters Logan Wild, Erik Hazelwood, and Austin Bridgewater who are all pretty good ball players. West will give East a run for it's money. After West, it pretty much falls off. All of the teams have gotten better (with the exception of Jeff County which lost a bunch of great senior leaders). Still though, the main competition will be between rivals East and West. Look for Greeneville to surprise a couple of people this year. It looks like they will be battling an improving Cherokee team for third place. As for Cocke County....... best of luck.
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