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  1. Just my sophmore, my other decided not to play. She has really improved and doing some good things. Very proud of her work ethic.
  2. Meigs looked solid last night! MCentral mixed and matched as well as Seq. Great opportunity to get some nerves out. Didn't hear anything on Sweetwater????
  3. Your (Meigs) girls looked really good! Good assessment, as I do believe that Central girls will improve throughout the season.
  4. Defiantly did more this year than I thought. I actually was looking for them to have their year next season. The Kees have done a great job of handling what was in front of them.
  5. If stopping the run is a problem, then McMinn is not the team you would want to see coming.
  6. I really enjoy this time of year. One gets to see what regions were the strongest. Sometimes it is so hard to gauge.
  7. Should be a fun year, ready for season to start!!
  8. Yes, she can play! That is why I say the future is bright for this young Chargerette team. I still feel, even though they are young, they can see success.
  9. I agree, those seniors will be missed. I just have been with this group since they were in the 2nd grade. I feel they will find there way. I agree, it will be interesting to how they adjust.
  10. When you see MCentral in the summer or play days for that matter, you rarely see top 5 or 6 in game at same time. Morgan always pushes those girls to fight for their positions every year, nothing is given. He looks for little things. I agree, Meigs should be the favorite for the next to years. Signal Mountain could be a thorn in the side, but they have to prove they can get over the hump. I agree SM will be tough. If those young Central girls can see success, they will be just fine. So many young freshman with experience last year due to injury.
  11. I stand corrected on my prediction. Congratulations to Loudon.
  12. I stream Todd and Chris on 99.5
  13. I think that if playing tonight, Red Bank would have the edge on McMinn. McMinn is a run heavy team, playing into what Central is best at, run defense. That was why Central was able to play them better. Red Bank passed the ball all over the field to open up run game. Anyway, guess it doesn't matter.
  14. I will not, but I will be listening for sure. After being at every game the past 8 years, I'm choosing to set this cold night out. Hoping the Chargers can pull it out tonight, and get on track in the future. Also happy for the Kee's on their successful season.
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