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  1. logcabinman

    If the tournament was set up like the NCAA...

    Yes, I like your plan. I just think the best teams to be at the boro. I realize that you do have to beat what's in front of you, but there have been years where weak regions send teams to state tournament and better teams are knocked out in close games. I think better teams need to be rewarded for their body of work. Football wise, how many times have you seen the two best teams being from the east. I remember years past when CAK and Alcoa were top AA in state. A mid or west team ends up with the silver ball, when they are not the better team. The argument is, you have to beat what is in front of you. I still feel the same way in football that top 4 football teams should play in Middle Tennessee with a flipped bracket.
  2. logcabinman

    If the tournament was set up like the NCAA...

    What would you propose?
  3. logcabinman

    If the tournament was set up like the NCAA...

    I would take the top 16 teams left in the state to the boro'. I think this would create a more competitive state tournament. This would keep teams from having to play the same regions in the substate from year to year. I would eliminate sub-state game all together. Probably come in to time problem, but it sure would be a lot more interesting. A committee at that point could set tournament teams by their body of work, ie. strength of schedule, power rankings, and such.
  4. logcabinman

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    Good games so far, nice to see in a state tournament!
  5. logcabinman

    2018-19 TSSAA Boy's State Tournament Teams(Class A-AAA)

    Could someone please give some updates? No broadcast for this one
  6. logcabinman

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    Congratulations to Dekalb. That was the first substate game that I have been to that the officials didn't just take over the game. Felt like we had our chances, but that is just how it goes. This Central team fought through so much this year to make to where they did. Coleman was missed this year and I hate it for her she had to miss her senior season. Good luck to her at TWU. Freshman had to grow up a lot this year which will help in the future. M. Baker, C. Runyan, and A. Smith - will be missed, they have given us some great moments. Finished last year with 5 juniors, looking like a 5 senior season to finishing the year with 3 seniors, 3 sophomores, and 5 Freshman, I would say this team performed well. Great Job, Chargerettes, looking forward to the upcoming season.
  7. logcabinman

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    He'll do both! He knows his strengths and he'll know other teams weakness. Sounds like Dekalb coach knows how to prepare as well.
  8. logcabinman

    Macon vs. Meigs

    Yes, and the community loves their tigers. It will be a packed house!!!
  9. logcabinman

    District 5aa

    They were the team to beat in that region in 90 and 91. They were region runner up both of those years.
  10. logcabinman

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    I would say many would say they did not see Dekalb playing in a substate game either. Truth is, it took the Chargerettes a while to find themselves. They were set to start the season with 4 seniors. Unfortunately when one of them went down she was a tough one to replace. A sophmore and freshman have stepped up a filled the role very well, but I feel if we had that senior, this team would be a lot stronger. Depth would be there. It is what it is though.
  11. logcabinman

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    I would say the same about Central, although we have had some bad losses, such as York and Bledsoe. I guarantee they are a different team now than those losses. I do understand what you are saying, but I think at this point all of that is out the window. It is about match ups. You can look at records all day, but at the end of it match ups cannot be determined until the game begins.
  12. logcabinman

    McMinn Central vs. Dekalb Co.

    Thought I would go ahead and see where this one goes. The Chargerettes have played two back to back solid games. Dekalb seems to be peaking as well. The roundhouse is a tough outing for anyone especially a sub state setting. What are some thoughts?
  13. logcabinman

    Region 4 AA

    Dekalb and Central should be a good one. Central is capable of beating anyone and also capable of not playing so well at times. I will say this, when it counts the most, Morgan gets the most of his girls. Meigs is a really talented team, Central played a solid game last night. Central went toe to toe with Maryville and Bradley, which are two really strong AAA teams. Morgan has always had of way of peaking his teams at tournament time, so we shall see. Dekalb obviously is a worthy opponent. You don't come out of that region without being good. IMO one of the best Regions in the state year to year. Safe travels to all, looking forward to it.
  14. logcabinman

    District 5aa

    Was Tyner AAA that year. 89-90 season we beat Howard to win the region. We beat Livingston Academy to advance to the state tournament. We beat Fulton 1st round, and was put out by Brentwood Academy in the semis by 2. I was pretty sure Howard went to the Boro as well that year.