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  1. Central's head coach, Traye Aric, has resigned, effective after tomorrow's game against Portland. http://www.wilsonpost.com/index.php?opt ... 0&Itemid=4
  2. Traye Aric has resigned, effective after tomorrow's game against Portland. http://www.wilsonpost.com/index.php?opt ... 0&Itemid=4
  3. Game against Portland has been moved to Thursday night due to the thread of rain on Friday.
  4. The number of flags was ridiculous. Should have been a flag for excessive penalties!
  5. Wasn't much of a game...2nd half anyway. Mt. Juliet outplayed Central from start to finish, though WC's 52 yard field goal was something else!
  6. Awesome game. Lots of photos to go through and get uploaded... Hendersonville didn't get a 1st down in the 1st half and Central gave up at least 3 scoring opportunities in the 1st half, including a fumble on the 1 yard line that Hendersonville recovered.
  7. I believe the punt was blocked by #8 and recovered by #49 but that is just a best guess it was hard to tell. As to the other question I have no idea which Stewart he is. Good luck to both teams on Friday night. #8 is J.D. Hutchings and #49 is Matt Manning according to the roster I have. The Stewarts are Alex (10) and Darell (29). I have no idea who blocked the punt, but just trying to help out with the jersey numbers given.
  8. I'd like to see WC get their first win, but if I were a betting person, I would put my money on Hendersonville.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up. I hadn't heard the full story.
  10. I heard that Coach Elrod quit, not that he was fired.
  11. I don't understand why the players would be skipping practice, they shouldn't be, but then again Aric shouldn't let them play after skipping either. That would put a stop to it. Honestly, I was very surprised to read that in the paper. Not sure what the thinking was there.
  12. Would like to see Central do good Friday night, but not too hopeful. Maybe if the players would quit cutting practice they would know what they're supposed to do on the field!
  13. I had contacted them last year about providing some images and was told they were discontinuing their Middle TN edition due to costs. The local papers seem to be the best way to keep up with local sports. The Tennessean can't cover everybody, but the locals (Wilson Post, Lebanon Democrat, Daily News Journal, etc) do a good job of covering their local teams.
  14. Thanks for resolving this so quickly!
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